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The fall shows happening in Boston this year are already making an unbelievable list and schedule for me be it bands I'€™ve interviewed in the past to new ones I can'€™t be more in love with (hello Jimmy Eat World and Mike Posner?) and one of the ones that I'€™m looking forward to seeing live is Pierce The Veil on the new Artery tour this December! I may have had the chance to sit down with the quartet at Warped but wasn'€™t able to catch their live set that day but after listening to a bit of the music of off their latest record '€œSelfish Machines'€, I was sold as you will be too!
During our interview, we talked about everything from the new record to their time on Warped to what exactly they were up to during the pretty long delay between records for the band. I also learned about what they think about in the catering line and their plans for the future, but most importantly I met a hilarious group of boys who are sure to make a name for themselves and keep being '€œon the road again'€!

Obviously the new record just came out so I'€™ll get to that but a little soft one. If you were to cover any band on this tour, who do you think it would be and what song?
Vic Fuentes: Probably The Bouncing Souls '€œNo Regrets'€, that song.
Jaime Preciado: Did you say cover a song? I didn'€™t hear the question.
Vic: If you were going to cover any band'€™s song on the tour, which would it be?
Jaime: Oh on this tour. I would like to cover Alkaline Trio'€™s '€œStupid Kid'€ because I love that song and I heard it when I was eating catering and it was amazing.
Mike Fuentes: Oh I would say Andrew W.K.'€™s '€œParty Hard'€.
Tony Perry: Um, shit. Who was just playing when we were walking in?
Vic: The Reverend.
Tony: I want to cover one of their songs.

Then '€˜Selfish Machines'€™ has only been out for about three weeks. So new but you'€™ve been out on the Warped tour. How have the kids been reacting to the new songs?
Vic: Ah, it'€™s been great. A lot of kids singing so far. It'€™s kind of like a big pay off for us to finally see kids singing because that'€™s like kind of the whole reason why we did it and this is like the first real tour on the new record. It'€™s been amazing. Very cool.

Then it'€™s been about three years since your first record. Do you feel the sound has changed at all or matured like over those years?
Jaime: Yeah, I think we'€™ve all progressed like as band mates, people, musicians, all that stuff so I think the record did the same thing. It kind of progressed in that way.
Tony: Mike lost the beard which I'€™m pretty sad about.
Mike: Yeah I grew my beard out for the record and it was pretty nasty.
Vic: I miss the beard.
Mike: It was named Chewy. Chewbacca!

How do you guys normally go about the writing process? Is it one person, more of a collective effort?
Vic: Um, I did a lot of writing at home and then when we all got into the studio that'€™s kind of when we all kind of came together and had a big old jam sesh on the new songs.
Jaime: Yeah it was really cool because we worked with like Mike Green and it'€™s the first time I think any of us ever like sat down and had somebody watching us play and critiquing everything so it was kind of a week and a half of just pre production. Which is kind of cool you know. It was like we were in band class or something. It was kind of cool.
Mike: It was cool. He worked a lot with me about just changing beats up like put a kick there, put a snare there, like just different stuff like that. He was really good at knowing what he wanted to hear on my part too.
Tony: By the time it gets to me, it'€™s like all been covered.
(all laugh!)

Now that Warped Tour has been going on for almost three weeks now, what'€™s one of the crazier things you have seen so far. Maybe not necessarily at a show but just in general.
Tony: I didn'€™t see it, but apparently some one had a knife at the show the other day and someone'€™s hand got cut from their fingers down to like here (points on arm). Shit was hanging off. Some kid just decided to like mosh with a knife in hand. That'€™s what I heard the other day.
Jaime: Mine'€™s not as cool but I definitely gave a Oompa Loompa a high five.
Mike: Yeah, that actually happened.
Vic: I think Bring Me The Horizon'€™s wall of death is pretty insane if you guys ever get a chance to see that.
Jaime: As a rebuttal follow up that is also not insane but it'€™s hilarious and amazing.
Mike: I saw Kyle from Breathe Carolina actually on a surf board crowd surfing the other day. There'€™s some killer waves bro, ya know?

Then where can fans find you at Warped Tour? Like what stage are you playing, are you doing signings, are you going to be around?
Vic: Ah yeah we'€™re on the Altec Lansing stage. It'€™s the big stage with the balloon blow up tent kind of thing and then we do signings every day at different spots. So you just kind of have to check our merch tent, it will be different every day.

Then I know you guys are going to Australia with the Take Action tour then some dates in Japan but what can kids look forward to here? Are you going to be taking a breather, are you going to be touring in support of the album?
Vic: Yeah, after Japan we'€™re coming back to the states for a full U.S. tour so we'€™ll be announcing that pretty soon.
Mike: We'€™ll be on the road a lot so we'€™ll be back.
Jaime: On the road again-
Tony: Keep your motor rolling..isn'€™t that a song?

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