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At Warped Tour as we have all seen now through my interviews, I talked to musicians from all over the spectrum be it electronica like Breathe Carolina and Breathe Electric to hard rockers like AM Taxi to screamo like Of Mice & Men to pop punk like this next artist in Mayday Parade! Strangely enough, it'€™s not the last time that kind of tour is going to happen this year! The first annual Fearless Friends tour hits pretty much every major city in the US this fall and the line up? Go Radio, Artist vs. Poet, Every Avenue, Breathe Carolina and finally headlining it all Derek and the rest of the band!

The band recently dropped their latest record '€˜Anywhere but Here'€™ and have been touring in support of that record all over the country including headlining the Ernie Ball stage all summer on Warped! Which is where I recently got the chance to speak to Derek about everything that has to do with Warped Tour, the definitely controversial video that was and has been released for their current single '€œKids In Love'€ to their plans for the future!

Check it all out below and catch the boys and their record mates coming to a city near you this fall!

Alright so a little soft one to start. Your newest video '€œKids In Love'€. Originally there was a way more uncut version. Was it originally the plan to put that out and then the cut down version? What happened with that?
Yeah that was kind of the idea was to put out the, you know, uncensored version first. The x-rated version and then you know later on obviously that one wasn'€™t going to be able to be played on any tv stations or anything so we made the edited or censored one but I think both are great. I'€™m a big fan of both.

Then another soft one, if you could tour with any three other bands currently on the tour with you who would they be?
Any bands on this tour? Got to pick three?
You could pick three, you could pick a handful.
Okay. I would say and there'€™s so many good bands on this tour, I'€™d love to tour with Pierce The Veil again because I love that band and their new CD is so good. Four Year Strong, All American Rejects would be really cool. There'€™s a lot but those are the three that come to mind.

Then '€œAnywhere but Here'€ came out in October so it'€™s been a year in a few months. How has it been doing so far now that kids have had a chance to grow on it?
It'€™s been good! It'€™s been really good. Yeah it'€™s cool because you know we play the shows and it'€™s cool to see kids react to both old and new stuff and not just a lot of the older stuff. So yeah it'€™s been really good, I'€™m very happy with it.

Perfect and then how does the band typically go about the writing process? Is it one person, more collective, how does it happen?
It kind of depends. I do a lot of it and then Jake our drummer does a lot of it so it'€™s kind of like both of us and everyone kind of contributes a little bit.

Then where can kids find you this summer? What stage are you playing, are you doing signings, what'€™s going on?
Yeah well we'€™re doing the Ernie Ball stage. We'€™re playing today at 6:30 and we do signings every day usually like at either the Glamour Kills tent or like the Alternative Press tent or the Trojan tent or just wherever you know.

Then what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen so far?
Um nothing too wild. I'€™ve seen afterwards every night there'€™s like a big party at Warped tour and usually everyone'€™s pretty crazy and drunk and everyone has these little like motor scooters they ride around on and I'€™ve seen a few people just like wipe out on those but nothing too wild.

And then what can fans look forward to post Warped Tour? Are there more plans to tour, what'€™s going on with you guys?
After Warped? Yeah I think we'€™re going to take a month and a half to start writing and then it looks like there is a good chance we'€™re going to be going to the UK and then we are going to be doing a fall tour that I don'€™t think we'€™re allowed to like say anything yet about it because it hasn'€™t been announced yet but I'€™m very, very excited about it. It'€™s a US tour, a full US tour. It'€™s going to be great! I'€™m really excited about it.

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