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Jive Records is known for main stream established names like Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Ciara to name just a few but there are two extremely talented bands out there on the roster right now being JLS and Hot Chelle Rae. Both talented groups of boys just finished off a Six Flags tour together across the US and I got the chance to talk to both at Six Flags New England! We rode some rides, talked about what'۪s going on musically for both and their plans for the future! Look for the interview with Hot Chelle Rae with in the next two days but for now check out my latest where I caught up with Aston, Ortis̩, Marvin and JB from UK fan favorite JLS.

We last talked back in April when they first started their journey into the US and since then the boys have played shows, attended the incredibly known MMVA'€™s, performed for Ryan Seacrest, played Wango Tango and released their first material in the US! Past X Factor competitors, the boys will be writing/recording their third full length release in the UK to be dropped later this year and hopefully coming back to the US very soon! Catch this quartet next time they come through town, you won'€™t regret it!

So since we talked in April, you guys have been all over the states. You did Wango Tango, you went to the Much Music Video Awards pretty much everywhere. Doing press, playing shows, how has that journey been going for you guys as well as having physical material out too in the US. How is everything going?
Oritsé: It'€™s really amazing right about now for us because you know we'€™re back in the USA and doing the Six Flags tour. A tour of all of the Six Flags theme parks around the country and you know we'€™re promoting our song that we'€™re going to be releasing out here called '€œHey Mama'€ and we'€™ve also now got an American album right here that people can buy on iTunes and get at shows so for us it'€™s really an exciting time.

And then what'€™s been the craziest moment so far in your time in the US?
Marvin: These theme parks! We'€™ve been going on like some of the craziest rides and it'€™s just been like a dream tour for us because you know we get to play to loads of people and we get to sing some of our songs then we get to go on all the rides in the theme park. We get to go in the exit entrance so you don'€™t have to queue up which is great so this is just incredible like people back home we keep tweeting everything about our time over here and everyone'€™s saying like '€˜oh you guys must be having the time of your lives right now'€™. We are, this is great for us!
Oritsé: What'€™s really, really great for us is that the last time we were here, there weren'€™t many people that knew who we were but since we'€™ve come back a lot more and more people know who we are and naturally they'€™ll come back. At one of the shows, there was some one wearing a banner that said '€œI'€™ve drove four hours to see JLS!'€ and it'€™s something that we see at home and now we'€™re seeing it over here and I think that'€™s super crazy.

Then your first album, like you said it dropped just over a week ago. August 3rd, so it'€™s still really early compared to when your first record came out in the UK but how has it been doing so far? Are there good things happening, what'€™s going on?
JB: You know what, to be honest we have to find out from the label what the stats are but you know it'€™s had a really good reception when we'€™ve been doing these shows at Six Flags and people have been watching our show and going over to the merch stand and picking up the EP and people telling people to go buy it and stuff like that so it'€™s had a really good reception from the show point view. I mean obviously we'€™re performing all the songs or most of the songs that are on it so obviously we'€™re going to see I guess over the next couple of weeks or the next couple of months exactly how well it'€™s going to do.

Now that you have physical material out and you'€™re on tour with Hot Chelle Rae right now, what'€™s the next step for you guys? I know you have a tour planned in the UK and Ireland for December I believe but are you going to be coming back to the US? Are you going to be playing more shows?
Marvin: Yeah we'€™re entering the studio at the end of the month with Swizz Beats doing a track which is going to be great. We'€™re going to be back here at some point in the fall, probably doing another video and also more promotion and hopefully we'€™re going to be having another single coming out over here real soon. So yeah then back home we'€™ve got great stuff happening. We have a big tour! A fourteen date arena tour of the UK and another album coming out back home so lots going on all around the world for JLS. It'€™s a great thing!

Then a little goofy one. You'€™ve been featured on Face Invaders which has become a really popular clip but if you could pick one celebrity to face invade, who would it be?
Aston: We'€™ve seen Eva Longoria quite a few times and I'€™d like to face invade her for a little while.
Orits̩: For me, I don'۪t know. I think I'۪m going to have to go with Nikki Minaj. I'۪m really feeling her at the moment so yeah that would be quite interesting. She might bite back so that would be interesting!

And then considering you'€™re at Six Flags today and you'€™ve played a few dates so far. What'€™s been your favorite ride so far?
All but Aston: X2!
Marvin: At Magic Mountain in California, that was crazy! Youtube it! You tube '€œX2 Magic Mountain'€.
Orits̩: I don'۪t know if that'۪s my favorite ride because it isn'۪t fun! It is a very interesting ride.
Aston: Not fun!

I know you'€™re putting out '€œJLS: Just Between Us'€ next month. How did you guys decide to do that project?
JB: Well we had a book out last year which was '€˜JLS: Our Story So Far'€™ and you know it had done really, really well. Went to number one in the book charts and I think it was on the best sellers Christmas list for a while and our publishers'€™ Harper Collins talked to us and said we should put out another book because it did so well and maybe you should do like a diary style entry kind of book. We were like '€˜Yeah that'€™s a great idea'€™ so obviously we wanted to make it JLS private diary '€˜Just Between Us'€™ and it speaks in different bits from our point of view of us being on tour and things like that and how we felt at moments of our journey thus far. The Brits, how we felt after the Brits and what it was like being on tour. It was our first headlining tour and how it was like coming out to the states doing things over here and you know all the different bits that people don'€™t get to see and don'€™t get to hear and obviously from our perspective from what we read about in the papers and sometimes it'€™s accurate and sometimes it'€™s not so we just wanted to put it straight and give them our perspective.

If you could collaborate with some one you'€™ve met, who would they be?
Marvin: Alicia Keys.
Alicia Keys?
Marvin: Yeah that would be amazing. We met her, we went to her charity function back in the UK a couple of months ago and she'€™s a great woman man. She'€™s massively inspiring and she'€™s you know beautiful and she'€™s got a incredible talent, amazing voice, great musician so that would be great to work with someone like Alicia.

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