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I'm a big of fan of bands that can both be incredibly serious when it comes to their music but allow themselves to laugh as well and one of those bands who fits that description perfectly is this next one in Hot Chelle Rae. I had the opportunity to catch up with these Tennessee raised boys during their recent show at Six Flags New England where we talked about everything HCR related. Be it their pretend stories of how they started compared to what really happened to how they'€™ve stayed strong and focused through out their careers, we talked about everything! Along with the serious questions, I also learned who of their influences they'€™d want to cover musically and how their experiences were both on Warped Tour this summer and their time in Australia with Boys Like Girls!

Dropping their debut full length '€œLovesick Electric'€ in October of 2009, the band has been constantly on the road since it'€™s release and will continue to do so this October where they will be playing as direct support for Parachute. With the record close to hitting it'€™s one year anniversary, the boys are sure to just get bigger and bigger in the music scene and hopefully we'€™ll be able to watch their journey as they grow and so will you. Catch them in a town near you with the tour starting October 19th! For now though, you can find our exclusive interview with R.K and Nash below!

You just finished a run on the Warped Tour. How did that go for you?
R.k: It was good! Yeah I think it was successful. We got to play for a lot of people that we'€™ve played for before and a lot of new fans. It was really, really, really hot. Almost unbearably hot.
Nash: Yeah I think it was one of the most difficult things to go into because we came straight from Australia. Landed the night of the sixteenth and the seventeenth was the first show and so there was no like time with the jet lag thing going or to acclimate so we just went straight in to full on days. It was really rough but once we got the swing of things it was really good.
R.k: We had been in the forties in Australia and then we came back and it was just in the one hundreds which is quite a temperature change.

Were there any bands that maybe you were able to see or meet on that tour that you had listened to?
R.k: Yes we had previously toured with Mayday Parade and The Rocket Summer and we love both the bands. Like we love their music and especially we became pretty close to The Rocket Summer and it was really good to get out there and hear Bryce and hear them every day. It was a good hangout and it was fun. Definitely fun!

Then maybe what'€™s one of the crazier things you saw? There are some insane bands on that tour lots of troublemakers!
Nash: There'€™s definitely some troublemaking bands on that tour. It was actually during the shows that we saw the craziest stuff. There was one band that ordered the crowd to part like the red sea and then all order them right after that to run at each other and knock each other over.
R.k: Like The Lord of the Rings.
Nash: It was like a battle scene.
R.k: I saw a girl walking around during the day in a thong and she had her butt cheeks tattooed in tiger print. That was kind of weird and then I also saw a dude like pass out of heat exhaustion like right next to me during one of the shows on the last date. It was like 113 degrees in Kansas and it was like really, really intense. I watched this guy pass out that was pretty crazy.

And then you played like you said in Australia with Boys Like Girls right before Warped. If you could play a show in any country, which one would it be?
Nash: Australia!
R.k: Yeah (starts laughing).
Nash: Australia was sick. It was super cool. The fans were amazing like we would literally walk back to the dressing room afterwards and kind of be hanging out. Get on face book and we all just have like forty friend requests just to our personal ones that are like fairly hard to find so they'€™re super intense, diligent, amazing like they scream louder then anyone.
R.k: They'€™re pretty high up on the list. Japan as well. We'€™ve never played Japan so that'€™s definitely up there too.

Then maybe not a dream tour with anyone but maybe a dream tour of like three bands that you'€™ve toured with in the past, who would it be?
R.k: I think we all, we haven'€™t toured with them in the past but I think our dream tour would be to like go on tour with Maroon 5. It doesn'€™t really show in our music but we'€™re heavily influenced by them. They all kind of really hit us around a time in our lives musically where we were just really sponges and it'€™s music that we all just loved.
Nash: For bands we'€™ve toured with in the past I think definitely The Rocket Summer with Boys Like Girls and you know Third Eye Blind was really sick when we got out with them. The Academy Is was cool and kind of like any combination of those bands would be really cool.
R.k: Good pop rock music, we'€™ll go out. We'€™re down!

And then how did the band come to be? I know you'€™ve been together for about five years now.
R.k: Yeah we'€™ve been out about five years.
Nash: It was a stork that flew over at one point.
R.k: Yeah.
Nash: And it dropped us off!
R.k: No I met Nash at a music store that was like the place you used to just go to buy gear and he was doing like a singer/songwriter thing and I was doing a very similar kind of project and a friend of ours kind of suggested that we get together and work together and you know we kind of started playing a little bit of music together. Then we started writing and as soon as we started writing the band happened very, very shortly after we started writing songs together because we enjoyed writing together so much. We went through lots of drummers and bass players through a period of time. Jamie'€™s obviously my brother so he had been practicing and playing while we were working and trying to hone our craft and the whole time Ian and Nash were friends as kids and Ian'€™s a really good musician and he just picked up the bass and joined the band. It'€™s just like four best buds decided to be in a band together. Pretty easy!
Nash: Yeah it was pretty cool just the fact that we were all hanging out anyways! Like minus whoever was drumming and bass playing you know at the time. They'€™d leave, we'€™d all be done with rehearsal and then it would be like us four. So the fact that we ended up being the ones in the band really helped the camaraderie and like the brotherhood aspect of it.
R.k: It was difficult to get to that four, to that line up but once we finally got it, it was so obviously the right line up. We knew it right away.

Then there are multiple stories about how you got the name. What do you think is like the craziest thing you'€™ve made up when someone asks you that? I know you had like a myspace stalker-
R.k: That'€™s actually true!
That'€™s true?
R.k: It'€™s true! We did go through a period of time where we were like making up stories when we first started.
Nash: I think that the best story we came up with was, we only used it a couple times, that Chelle Rae saved us from a shark attack and an ex member had had their leg bitten off but we all survived.

And then like I said this is the five year anniversary for the band as Hot Chelle Rae. Did you ever think you would even get to this point today because a lot of bands stop after like two years?
Nash: There have been many points in our journey so far I'€™ll call it that were full of uncertainty but the thing that kind of brings us together is that none of us give up and that we don'€™t stop until we achieve our goals and our dreams. So I don'€™t think there was ever a point where we ever thought we were just going to like disband or you know stop what we were doing. It'€™s kind of like we'€™re going to go until we get what we want.
R.k: There'€™s a lot of blind ambition in this band like there'€™s definitely moments where like you really have to put yourself in check but most of the time we just kept our heads up and like just kept working. We knew this band was just going to be a perennial thing for us. It'€™s going to be forever so that kind of helps you along.

And then Lovesick Electric came out in October of last year. Your first full length I want to say. Since you'€™ve been touring a lot since then you did the Warped Tour, the Boys Like Girls tour, Rocket Summer, how do you feel the record'€™s really grown on the kids? How'€™s the reception been?
R.k: It'€™s been good so far. I think it'€™s spreading slowly but surely. I think the more people that come to the shows realize that we tried to make a record that'€™s worth buying and not just a few singles that are trying to cut a great full length short but I think it'€™s going good so far. I mean I feel like the people that are buying it are really receiving it well and we'€™re making life long fans that we'€™re really, really happy to have.
Nash: Yeah I think one of the coolest things to see about the record is that every one, whether it'€™s twitter or face book or what not, they tell us that their favorite songs are different songs. So hearing that you know, it'€™s like eleven different answers for that question is great because it doesn'€™t mean that you have a couple obvious good songs and the rest are kind of just thrown in there. We'€™ve worked hard at every song and it'€™s cool to see that at shows.
R.k: One thing so far that I think as far as the record goes that really made me proud of what we did is that when we were on the last day of Warped Tour. This girl came to our merch table when we were like signing posters and like taking pictures with everybody that came to the show. She went up to our merch girl MJ, bought the CD and she'€™s like '€˜I already have the CD but I accidentally left it at home and I wanted to listen to it on the way home'€™ and I was like that is the coolest thing that I think I'€™ve seen a fan do is to be that dedicated to a record. That'€™s so cool!

Then the last few. If you were to cover one of your major musical influences growing up, who would they be?
Nash: We'€™ve talked about covering Cheaptrick and in the past, we'€™ve messed around covering Queen and Katy Perry and stuff like that but one of our influences? We'€™ve talked about doing Third Eye Blind. It'€™s really hard because like our tastes change week by week so one week we might want to do you know a Beatles cover or the next week we may want to do a Muse cover.
R.k: I think that if we were to cover an actual influence, we were all very influenced by the Beatles. That'€™s like one that we all just agree on completely. Every single one of us just kind of started with The Beatles. I'€™d like to take like one of their songs and try to make it different. It would be cool!

And then on this Six Flags tour, what would you say has been your favorite ride so far?
Nash: Well we did, I can'€™t even remember the name of it, but it was a wooden roller coaster and it was dark because it was after the park hours and we took off and couldn'€™t see anything for like the first bit of it and it was really cool. Like just not being able to see where you were going and not knowing what the next turn is going to do was a lot of fun.
R.k: I liked X2. X2 was insane. There'€™s fire on that roller coaster!

Then the last one. What can fans look forward to within these next few months?
R.k: Hopefully lots of shows!
Nash: Playing as much as possible and getting to every area of the country so hopefully people can come out.

Well I think that'€™s all I have for you guys!
R.k: Cool well thank you so much!

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