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I'€™m pretty sure the reason I cover so many bands coming out of the Chicago scene is because secretly I wish I was able to attend all of these shows, listen to all the bands and really immerse myself into it. Slowly but surely, I'€™m falling more in love with the Boston music scene every day but for now I take it back to the good old days doing interviews with bands like AM Taxi, The Graduate and today'€™s in Gold Motel. Even though the band is based in California, the lead singer Greta is a famous main stay in Chicago. Being the lead singer of the extremely popular Hush Sound who toured with such pop punk legends like Fall Out Boy and Motion City Soundtrack, her fame carried on to her current project and is something I'€™m a little more into.
The summery tunes that they sing really get caught in your head and their style about them completely complements it. During my exclusive interview with Greta, the rest of the band were strumming their guitars while sitting on a blanket in the warm air and provided a soundtrack to everything Gold Motel. Get excited for the new project and catch them when they play a show in your hometown!

If you could tour with any three, say dream bands who would they be and why?
Okay, I'€™d say my top three as a band would be Spoon, Vampire Weekend and Wilco. Those are the bands we'€™ve been listening to or that we do listen to a lot in the van. I'€™d say those are the three.

Then what made you first personally start getting interested in doing music?
Well, I started playing music when I was a really little kid. It was never like a decision. I just started writing when I was like three or four years old. Then my mom put me in voice lessons, so I'€™ve just been writing music forever. It'€™s just more like a natural state of being then it is something we really have to try to do or I really have to try to do.

Then your first full length '€œSummer House'€ comes out this summer. What can fans look forward to with this record?
Well, it'€™s really energetic. It'€™s a good soundtrack to summer time. You know I kind of wrote all these songs envisioning people just driving around with their windows down listening to the songs and just kind of like blasting music, having fun with their friends. So, I think it'€™s fun and it'€™s smart and it'€™s poppy, energetic and I just think it'€™s a really solid album.

How do you normally go about the music writing process then? Are there some collective parts to it?
Well, I wrote all the songs on our EP, the first five songs that we released. Then, the band brought a few songs to the table. Our guitar player Eric wrote '€˜Safe in L.A.'€™ and he and I kind of cowrote the lyrics and then Dan and I wrote a song called '€˜Stealing The Moonlight'€™, both of which are on the full length album. Pretty much I write and then we collaborate a little, you know that'€™s what we did for this album and then hopefully we'€™ll collaborate more in the future.

If you could collaborate with any other artist, maybe say someone you'€™ve toured with personally, who would it be and why?
With The Hush Sound, I toured with a lot of people I'€™d like to collaborate with. Personally, let me think, oh that'€™s such a good question. I love Ok Go, they'€™re really awesome. I love the Phantom Planet guys, I would love to work with them. They'€™re really good friends so that would be fun.

Who would you say are some of your bigger musical influences as a band?
Well, personally, as a band we all overlap. We all love Elvis Costello, The Beach Boys, The Kinks, The Zombies, the Motown music, all the good pop stuff. Personally, I also grew up on Dylan and Peter, Paul and Mary and a lot of folk stuff like that.

What would you say kids could look forward to when coming out to one of your live sets?
I think it'€™s very energetic, I think it'€™s very authentic and it'€™s just fun. I don'€™t know, it'€™s just fun music and we perform it with a lot of energy.

What would you say is your favorite part of touring?
Touring? My favorite part is actually playing and it'€™s unfortunate on tours that that usually ends up only being about a half hour to an hour a day but I like meeting people at shows. I like observing new towns, trying new foods that are specialties in all different cities and just kind of having new experiences.

You'€™ve put out a few videos so far. If you could pick any other song to make one for, which would it be and what would be the craziest concept you could think of?
Well, I would love to work with Michel Gondry. Eddie O'€™Keefe who did both of our videos is an amazing friend and he'€™s making the videos for the rest of the album but I'€™m talking like dream directors. It would be really cool to make a video with Michel Gondry, doing something involving us all painted in gold like blue men are painted in blue, we'€™d all be painted in gold and it would be just Michel Gondry'€™s crazy vision and it would be for the song '€œSummer House'€.

What can fans look forward to in these next few months? I know you have the new record coming out, are you planning more shows? Touring?
Yeah, we'€™ll be touring a lot this summer. We'€™re about to announce some dates that will fall right around the album coming out and we'€™re just going to take over the world in a very nice way.

Some goofy ones to finish it out. I know you'€™ve been in music for a long time, if you weren'€™t in music, what do you think you would be doing?
If I wasn'€™t working at all in the music industry, I'€™d probably be doing something in literature. Like whether it'€™s teaching or writing, or being an editor, probably something like that. I don'€™t know, I like English and like the language. I like speaking (laughing).

Then what was the first CD you bought and the first concert?
The first CD I bought with my own money was The Get Up Kids '€œRed Letter Day'€ EP, think I was about eleven and then the first concert I saw was Weezer at the United Center in Chicago.

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