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Recently I got the chance to cover the Transmission Fest which hits two cities every summer in Worcester and Hartford! It'€™s a bunch of bands that come together to play one date and this year'€™s line up included Dance Gavin Dance, Let'€™s Get It, Stephen Jerzak, The Sleeping, Transit, We Came as Romans, Silverstein and Emery just to name a few. At the show we talked to several of the bands but one in particular that really stood out to me was Emery.

Emery first began about ten years ago and since then have released five successful records with Tooth & Nail over time. They were one of the bands that were on the Scream It Like You Mean It tour all summer that combined with another tour and several other bands to play this date. They released their latest record '€œIn Shallow Seas We Sail'€ just over a year ago and have plenty of music coming to you including both some acoustic material and some much heavier material then in their past. Read on for our exclusive interview with Devin who has been playing drums for the band since the beginning. We talked about everything from how they feel they'€™ve matured over time to their journey with Tooth & Nail to what we can look forward to in the future from the band!

So we'€™ll start with a little soft one. Now that this tour is almost over, I think you only have a few dates left. How did it go for you guys?
Oh the tour'€™s been great. A lot of kids have been coming out. There'€™s a lot of bands on the tour so it'€™s kind of a long show every day but it'€™s been great like great turn outs and super cool crowds so we'€™ve had a good time.

You'€™ve been around for about ten years now-
Yeah pretty much. We started right around the beginning of 2001 like 2000 so yeah pretty much about ten years.
And another band who is headlining the tour Silverstein have been around for that same landmark too. Were you guys aware of each other before this tour? Had you worked together before?
Yeah we have. We toured together in 2004 so it was like one of our first tours that we did like when we first started touring full time and so yeah we did one of them. It was funny. It was Silverstein, Alexisonfire us and Hawthorne Heights and so it was kind of funny to see how all of those bands kind of went on and had long careers. Everybody'€™s still going I guess so it'€™s kind of funny because we'€™ve known about each other for a long time but we'€™re still trecking it out.

When you first started this band, did you have any idea you would get to this point today as a band?
I don'€™t know if we thought it would happen or we just kind of hoped. We were like hoping we could make it to the stuff going on in like Seattle and we just wanted to be able to make music and play shows and so we recorded our first album and decided to play some local shows around the Seattle area. We hoped that we would build a little fan base and we were able to get signed and stuff, touring so yeah this is kind of here we are five albums later.

You'€™ve been on Tooth & Nail pretty much since the beginning which is a pretty independent label. What'€™s been your favorite part of being a little bit more independent and not going to a major?
It'€™s been great! Like we'€™ve had a great experience being on Tooth & Nail being independent. I think being with an independent label you always don'€™t have to worry about being lost in a big pool you know but as far as being on a major label we'€™ve never had that experience. So I don'€™t know exactly what it would be like for us but I'€™ve heard good and bad. I'€™ve heard you get swallowed up, you kind of just get lost in the midst of it all but also it can be good because you probably get more radio exposure, possibly more fans but it just depends you know. Some bands have gone from independent to major and their career has ended or some people have gone from major back to independent so it just kind of depends on the band I guess. We feel like it'€™s been a good fit for us.

Your last full length record '€˜In Shallow Seas We Sail'€™ has been out for just over a year. How has that record seemed to grow on kids over time?
It'€™s been going well. Like we were super happy with how it turned out. We felt like it was a good compilation of like all our albums in the past and just who we are as a band. It'€™s sold great like we'€™ve had tons of good reviews like from kids who have bought it or downloaded it. They seem to really like it and we'€™ve kind of had like pretty much a hundred percent positive feedback and with some albums, you usually get a little bit of bad, little bit of good but this one has been like all great so we'€™re super happy about that.

And then are there plans to start writing/recording a follow up to the record yet?
Yeah we'€™ve been writing and recording parts. We'€™ve kind of been all on and off tour for the first part of the year and so yeah we recorded for a couple weeks at a time and we'€™ve probably got about half recorded but we want to do like a couple different things. Like really heavy kind of music type album and also an acoustic type thing so we wanted to kind of mix it up. We'€™ll see how it goes. We'€™re not sure which one will be released first but we'€™ll get that figured out.

So you'€™re going to do like two musically themed style records?
Basically yeah. We'€™ve got to figure out the details of it and see when but when we'€™re done with this tour, we'€™re going to finish those songs so we'€™ll see how it goes.

And then how do you feel the band'€™s sound has really matured or changed over time now that you'€™ve released five records/lps/etcetera?
Well basically we feel like we'€™ve changed as a band just because as you get older, your influences change. When we first started, we were probably more influenced by like hardcore, emo kind of sounding stuff you know the early stuff and then over time my influences were anything from just pop radio country anything so we like to change it up but we feel like if we made the same album over and over again it would be kind of a cop out and kind of a rip off for our fans. So we like to, even though we sound the same and have our elements in it, we always try to change it up a little bit and so we feel like we'€™ve been pretty successful at that and hopefully our fans can appreciate that over time.

And what can kids look forward to in these next few months from you guys? Are you going to be back on the road, taking a little breather?
After this tour, we'€™ll probably, well we'€™re going to be home for a while for at least a couple months or so. Just to finish the album and spend time with our families and stuff like that. We'€™re doing some festivals, spot shows, we'€™ll probably do another tour probably like in the late fall but we just don'€™t know exactly what that is yet so we'€™re going to figure all that stuff out. I mean we will get back out at some time.

If you could hit the road for a dream tour with any three bands that you'€™ve toured with in the past, who do you think they would be?
One tour? That'€™s tough. Well for bands we'€™ve been on tour with that'€™s tough. We'€™ve toured with Story of the Year before who we'€™re touring with today and that was one of the best tours we'€™ve done. We played with them in Australia for like a couple weeks and that was awesome because it was just really fun and we had a great time. So Story Of The Year would be fun. I mean we'€™ve toured with a lot of cool bands from Tooth & Nail like MeWithoutYou. We'€™ve always had a great time with those guys. We really love some of the Canadian bands. We had fun with Boy'€™s Night Out and Alexisonfire. We had a lot of fun with those guys so I would say we had a good combination of some of those bands because usually every band we tour with, we usually enjoy hanging out with. It'€™s fun!

Then clearly to end it off you'€™ve been a musician for a long while but was there anything else you wanted to be at all when you were younger?
When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a athlete. Like I played a lot of sports growing up so when I was really small I probably wanted to be a professional baseball player and then I kind of got into basketball and all that stuff. Really I sang my whole life from the time I was like four years old and I always did it like, not because my parents wanted me to but because they knew that I had some sort of talent. They wanted me to sing any time and every time that I could so I got a little burned out on it. A little bit but then as I got older, I realized that I could write music, could do all this different stuff with music and it wasn'€™t just you know this one little thing I had to do. Now I love music, it'€™s definitely my passion but I guess if I had to choose a career, I maybe would have done something with sports or now I love playing golf so if I could be a professional golfer that would be the best thing ever but that'€™s not going to happen.

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