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While watching this next artist'€™s set on his first date back, I was unsure what to expect. Honestly, I was blown away. Every single band on the tour who are still relatively new in their careers with Down With Webster, The Bigger Lights and The Friday Night Boys, were singing along to every word as was the crowd. When we read about ,in all those alternative websites, the hardships the prolific band went through with the break up and everything, I think a little bit of our generations'€™ hearts had a hole in them but Shaant is back and bigger then ever.

It may just be him and the original members have left the band but his new band and himself killed it the first night of his '€œcomeback'€ so to speak in Cambridge that night and a few hours prior, I got the great chance to speak to Shaant about the new music he'€™s putting out, how social online media has helped him this time around and his expectations (he doesn'€™t have too many) for his supposed comeback. If the Cambridge tour opener was any sign of what is to come for this talented young man, old Cute and new Cute fans as well should be plenty excited! Read on for our exclusive!

A little soft one to start. If you could hit the road with any three bands, who do you think they would be and why?
I'€™d definitely go with Queen because they'€™re flawless. The Beatles because they are the biggest and Ace Of Base.

What made you personally first start getting interested in doing music?
I didn'€™t want to get a job. I thought what would be the most fun way to live but it could really be seen as the hardest way ever because it'€™s so finicky. I think you could say that but yeah I mean not to mention I loved music! The real world was too scary for me.

Then I believe this is the first real tour you'€™ve done being '€œback'€œ per say. With the new members of the band at least and it'€™s going to be the first show. Not to freak you out but what do you think the kids'€™ reactions are going to be?
I don'€™t know. We have done as much on our end to kind of make this transition into playing music even better then we have in the past but we'€™ll find out. As long as I know I gave it my best and those around me did as well, it doesn'€™t matter. You know we want to make people happy but there'€™s something to us besides self gratification.

Then how do you feel you'€™ve grown since the first record? I know there'€™s been a lot of hard times obviously so how do you think you'€™ve grown as a musician from the first record?
I know what measures are now and that'€™s not a joke but the music for me was kind of a side show because unfortunately the drama and the turmoil was the main focus. So I mainly have grown as a person and kind of by default, the music has come along because I'€™ve been immersed in it for the past five years.

Who would you say are some of maybe your bigger musical influences or for the new direction?
No influences for the new direction, none at all. Really just to have fun. Me personally, I don'€™t know, I just listen to music. I never really think to myself '€œoh I need to do this'€ but I think if I did, I'€™d fuck it up so bad that there would be no point so yeah I hope that answers your question. I don'€™t really have influences. I just love listening to music.

How do you typically go about the writing process? Is it always different?
Always. There'€™s no method. Sometimes it will start with me tapping my foot, or having a few lines, or the drummer playing a beat. So many people spend so much time in their craft and that'€™s fine but when you switch it up, you become more versatile. What happens is that when people have a method, well what do they do? Do they just stick with it until they write something? I'€™ve always thought you'€™ve got to make it happen.

Then the first track released from the new set up is '€œHarbor'€. How do you think that'€™s been doing?
The reaction is way more than I thought it would be to be frank because it'€™s been two years since anything new has really been released. I haven'€™t really heard any thing negative and there'€™s been naysayers in my past so it'€™s been great. More importantly, I don'€™t care. I care that people enjoy it but if people hate it, it'€™s back to the drawing board.

Then the track was exchanged for free on twitter. How do you think these forms of social media have affected you in general as a band?
Well, without social media we wouldn'€™t be here. We were in the myspace generation but without it we would be nothing. I think any artist that tells you differently is a liar.

Then what can fans look forward to when coming out to these live shows this summer? I believe this is a national tour.
They can look forward to singing along and throwing your cares to the wayside. For that hour, it doesn'€™t matter what you look like or what you sound like, it'€™s just about how you feel. If people can feel as good as I do with my guys up there, then that'€™s what I hope to give. I don'€™t know if that'€™s what they can expect though. If that makes sense.

With the tour, what can fans look forward to with this year? Is the new record going to be released this year?
Yeah, it'€™s definitely going to come out this year. Thinking mid summer, hopefully. It'€™s just a matter of touring. Just being able to play music to audiences. It'€™s a luxury that a lot of people will kill for.

If you could collaborate with any other band you'€™ve toured with, who would they be and what do you think the song would be about that comes out of it? I bet there'€™s a lot of bands on that list, maybe like a hand ful!
Um, Lights? She'€™s incredible and I don'€™t know, just because of the twelve year old kid in me, maybe Blink. They were the coolest dudes ever and I would just wear dickies shorts.

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