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The next band from our Warped Coverage is the one and only Confide. We had the chance to sit down with their drummer Joel Piper where we talked about everything from how they are accepting the loss of their prolific manager, how they believe the new record is doing and how Warped has been going for them. Every day, the band killed it on the Skullcandy stage bringing in some of the biggest crowds of the tour and pulling through despite the hardships the band has had this year.
Already writing for their next record, the band can be found currently as main support on the new We Came As Romans '€œBand of Brothers'€ headlining tour (find them tonight in Indianapolis!) and will be traveling to Japan as well. We also got the scoop that they will be heading out with Miss May I shortly after as support on the band's headlining run! The band's going to be all over the country so make sure you make it to at least one of this band's extremely dynamic live shows!

Alrighty. '€œRecover'€ just came out a little while ago. I know it hasn'€™t been out for long at all but how are the kids on Warped Tour?
Our crowds have actually been twice the size that we expected. Yesterday was like over a thousand kids watching us and it was actually the biggest crowd of the day for our stage so it'€™s been insane. Like we'€™ve had a bigger crowd then we ever thought would happen at Warped so it'€™s been really cool. We'€™ve been the main draw, us and of Mice and Men have been the biggest crowds every day.

Such good guys but that must be big competition.
No, no. There'€™s plenty to go around. We'€™re like best friends so it'€™s cool.

Then how do you think your band'€™s sound has matured with this release?
The sound, we made it a lot simpler. It'€™s a whole new band line up so it'€™s basically our first record again. It'€™s Confide'€™s second record but it'€™s basically our first record. None of us knew each other the first time and the record? I think it came out very mediocre personally but kids are digging it and this next record is what we'€™re really excited about. I'€™m surprised the kids are taking it in so well but the next record, I'€™m personally most excited about.

So you'€™re already thinking about it.
Yeah, because we already know exactly what we'€™re going to do and stuff.

So you'€™ve already started the writing process for the next follow up?
We'€™re always just writing.

Then I know you went through a very tough time, like a lot of people did with the loss of Stewart Teggart. How do you think that'€™s affected how you really go about your music today? I know he was a big influence for a lot of people and was your manager.
Well Judi, Stewart'€™s wife still works with us daily. She'€™s our day to day manager. She moved over to Artery Foundation so Eric Rushing is now our manager and it'€™s been awesome. Like it really made us hold on to Judi a lot more like the band'€™s really kept her kind of sane you know because we just distract her and we'€™re really all just hanging in there. Just making the best of everything you know.

Then how is Warped going for you guys? Maybe what'€™s the craziest thing you'€™ve seen so far?
I don'€™t know, I'€™ve seen so many insane things that you'€™re just like '€˜Oh, am I going to be able to tell people this? Like is that repeatable?'€™ but no it'€™s been awesome. It'€™s like your Woodstock. You just see crazy things all the time.

Perfect, then where can kids find you? What'€™s your stage?
Are you doing signings, etcetera? Like what'€™s going on for you guys?
Yeah we'€™re doing signings every day. We usually do our signing after we play. If we play late, usually we'€™ll do the signing before but we usually do it after we play. Usually, sometimes it'€™s at different tents but usually at our merch tent.

And then what can fans look forward to? Are you going to be back on the road? What'€™s happening?
Yeah we only have about five days off after Warped tour and then we do a full US tour with the band We Came As Romans and then right after that we go to Japan with Pierce The Veil. Right after that, we have another full US tour with Miss May I!

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