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Due to how crazy Warped Tour is, I think there are two methods to doing interviews wat Warped! You either do a handful or so and make them regular length or you do my crazy method of about forty interviews that last about five minutes. We had the chance to catch up with a lot of old Music Remedy friends and one of those bands was Breathe Carolina!
It had been a while since my last interview with Breathe Carolina taking it back to November but at Warped, I quickly caught up with David Schmitt from the band who provides the vocal contrast to Kyle Even'€™s screaming. Cited as one of the hottest bands on the tour this summer, I watched them kill it the next date in Boston as they were surfing the crowd to end off their set! I'€™ve had the opportunity to now watch this talented group three times now through writing about music and it just gets better and better every time!
I caught up with David about everything from the digital deluxe release of their latest record '€œHello Fascination'€ and their plans to start recording the next record (David actually just tweeted about heading to LA to start today!) and everything in between. Though their party reputation preceeds them, he said nothing too crazy has been happening for them but I'€™m sure to them Warped is just the normal life! They do have a song called '€˜IDGAF'€™-that should be enough of a sign! Read on to see a little bit more of what'€™s going on for these boys as of late!

You'€™ve just released the deluxe digital version of '€œHello Fascination'€. Why should kids pick this up, what'€™s added to this release?
We have a song that'€™s on there that is actually only on our Japanese release and it features Austin Carlile, Jeffree Star and Dave from Every Avenue and that song'€™s on there and we have a remix version of a cover we did a long time ago of U2 and it has a couple remixes of Hello Fascination. It has one of our like very, very, very first songs we ever made '€œDon'€˜t Forget Lock The Door'€ that'€™s also on it. There'€™s 21 songs on it!
Oh, wow. That'€™s definitely quite stacked!

And like I said this is the second time around on Warped Tour? Over time, maybe what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen so far?
Oh, um, I don'€™t know. I think not so much crazy but just like awesome! I mean I guess it is crazy just to be in like one area with all of your best friends. I think that'€™s just crazy enough I mean just every day is so awesome you know what I mean. Like makes it to where it'€™s just crazy. Crazy parties and stuff so it'€™s a lot of fun!

Then where can fans find you this summer on the Warped Tour? What stage are you playing, what'€™s going on?
We'€™re playing at the Altec Lansing stage. Also on that stage is Attack Attack, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Emmure. Great line up so we'€™re stoked!

And then what'€™s going on for you guys? Are you going to maybe start writing/recording a new record, what'€™s going on?
Yeah after Warped I think we'€™re going to take a little bit of time at home and then we'€™re going to go to the studio in LA to record for a while. Do some pre-production, maybe start recording for the actual record I'€™m not sure. I know we'€™re going to do some writing and stuff.

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