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With crowds of up to 1,000 kids on the regular, Artist vs. Poet has come so far in just the past few months with their debut full length record '€œFavorite Fix'€. Cited as one of the most listenable records so far this year, it'€™s no wonder why they were one of the biggest hits on Warped tour! Knowing the buzz about them going into the tour, I knew they were one of the bands I wanted to talk to!
Being our first time around with the band, I talked to Tarcy about everything AVP. Be it how they first began to what their plans are for this fall which actually have just been announced! The boys will be heading out on the Fearless Friends tour with four fellow label mate bands so be sure to catch it! We also talked about their experience so far on Warped including the craziest thing they'€™ve seen which included the All American Rejects just like we had with the Summer Set. Tyson Ritter crazy, what are you guys talking about? Read on for our exclusive and catch the boys when they come through a town near you!

So '€˜Favorite Fix'€™ came out in March. It'€™s been a few months since it came out. How do you think it'€™s been doing, maybe from kids'€™ reactions at Warped?
It'€™s been good! I mean Warped Tour has been the most receptive tour we'€™ve ever been on. I mean we get at least around six to eight hundred kids watching us a day and in Canada, there was like a thousand kids watching us and we just got back from Japan on it and it'€™s been going really, really well!

How did that tour go in Japan? I know fellow tour mates here too Anarbor had to drop off unfortunately but how did the rest of it go with There for Tomorrow and Valencia?
Awesome! It was so good! There were kids waiting for us at the airport, it was crazy! It was amazing. They didn'€™t know the language but they knew the words to the songs so it was sick.

Then how did Artist Vs Poet first come together?
Um, through myspace! I posted a bulletin after my old band broke up and I was just like '€˜I want to write some new music'€™ and our guitar player responded to it and we wrote three songs within like the first night and it just kind of came together from there. We found our other guitarist on you tube, our bass player used to be our merch guy. It just kind of all came together really weird.

Then How has Warped Tour been going for you? Like I believe you'€™re on it for the whole thing and is it your first time?
So as a newbie to the tour, how has it been going?
It'€™s been going amazing! I mean it'€™s tiring, it'€™s really tiring. I get up at like seven in the morning and I probably won'€™t go to bed till 2, 3 in the morning so the off days are when I get to sleep but it'€™s been amazing though. It'€™s going to be a great experience!

And then what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen so far this summer? I know it'€™s only been a few weeks but maybe at one of your shows.
I'€™ve never seen this just because the bands we tour with are not huge but during All American Rejects a bunch of girls just took off all their clothes. Yeah that was probably the craziest thing I'€™ve seen. It was like three or four girls just took off their clothes. Stupid people!

Where can fans find you this summer? Are you doing signings?
Yeah we'€™re doing signings everywhere. We do one at our tent every day and we'€™ll do one at a sponsor'€™s tent. Like today we'€™re doing the Wonka tent.

Fun! Then what stage are you playing this summer? Where can they find you?
The Glamour Kills stage!
That'€™s a great stage, a lot of fun ones are on there like The Summer Set and Sum 41!
Amazing bands! Enter Shikari which is one of my favorite bands let'€™s see and then the stage that'€™s right connected to us is the Ap stage with like The Rocket Summer, Never Shout Never!

And then what can fans look forward to after this tour? Are you going to be back on the road, what'€™s going to be going on?
Yes, we are! I can'€™t announce what it is just '€˜cause I'€™ll get in trouble? The headliner should be announcing it this week so it'€™s going to be a sweet time!
So it'€™s going to be a fall tour?
Yeah, it'€™s going to be a fall tour!

And then I don'€™t think you put a video out yet for a song on the new record. Is there one coming though?
Yes, there'€™s going to be one for '€˜Adorable'€™ and it should be out hopefully within the next month. Yeah we should be getting a rough mix pretty soon so we'€™re excited.

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