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Funny how it works but at Warped Tour like I said I had the chance to catch up and talk to bands that it only had been a few short months since our last interview. One of those bands? Anarbor. The phoenix raised boys who have been a band since they were in high school and haven'€™t changed or added any one to the line up since which is definitely something very rare. In between the time we talked to them during their tour with This Providence just this past Spring, their debut album '€œThe Words You Don'€™t Swallow'€ had dropped, they had toured the UK along with a tour in Japan that was cut short due to an accident and had played quite a bit of their first full length Warped tour jaunt.

This time around, we talked to Slade and Adam about everything from how the record has been doing both abroad and in the US to what exactly what down with Greg when he broke his jaw in Japan to what we can look forward to from the guys this fall! Read on to learn a little bit more about this talented group of boys and look for them on the road near you soon enough! Maybe the rumor's true that they'll be out with fellow Music Remedy interview VersaEmerge this fall but that's up to you to believe!

So being your first full Warped tour, how has it been going so far? I believe it'€™s your first full one right?
Adam: It is! We did about two weeks last year, two weeks the year before but this is our first full one. Yeah, it'€™s a lot of fun. It'€™s definitely crazy.
Slade: Definitely crazy but so good for our band! It'€™s the best tour that we could possibly be on.
Adam: It'€™s not like any other tour. There'€™s just so many kids that come out.

Then last time we talked '€œThe Words You Don'€™t Swallow'€ was just about to come out, maybe a week before. Now that it'€™s been almost three months, how do you think it'€™s been doing from maybe the kids at Warped'€™s reactions?
Slade: It'€™s been good! The kids seem to know most of the words and like this is our first US tour with the record out and we'€™ve been in Japan and the UK before that but I mean it'€™s been going great. Like kids are really responding online like they all love the songs and it'€™s good.

And then I know something happened in Japan with Greg I believe.
Slade: Yeah he broke his jaw.
How long were you there for when it happened? A day of the tour?
Adam: It happened on like the second day and we were there for like a total of four days because we had to stay for like an extra two days.
Did he fall? what happened?
Slade: We were at a rest stop and he actually fainted. We all were stopping at the rest stop like I said and he just passed out and fell on concrete like chin to pavement.
Adam: He broke it in like four different places.
Oh wow! Is he okay?
Adam: Yeah he'€™s fine, he'€™s in the dinner line!(laughs)
Slade: Yeah he'€™s good, he'€™s good. He had to have his jaw wired shut but he'€™s alright.

Good! And then where can kids find you this summer at Warped? What stage are you playing, what'€™s going on?
Adam: The AP/Advent stage.
Oh yeah I did hear/see a bit.
Adam: Yeah it'€™s usually the amphitheater stage.

And then what can kids look forward to post Warped tour? Are you going to be back on the road, what'€™s going on?
Slade: After this, we'€™ll definitely be touring off this record. Probably for a year and then we'€™ll start, you know, going into the studio and stuff.
Back into the studio? Oh yeah that'€™s normal after a year considering you just put it out.
Slade: Oh yeah definitely and we'€™re always writing so you know it'€™s good.

Then you put your first video out, the tour video I believe for '€œGypsy Woman'€ but if you could pick like any other track off the record, what would be the craziest concept you could think of?
Slade: For like a video concept? I don'€™t even have a video concept but I think a cool video for Mr. Big Shot could be fun. Maybe Drugstore Diet could be cool. I'€™m kind of weird so it could be fun!

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