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When I first interviewed this next group in AM Taxi, I knew I had found something special. You don'€™t see too much dirty '€œreal'€ rock these days and I especially wasn'€™t expecting to see it on a tour with The Spill Canvas and Tyler Hilton but it couldn'€™t have been any better. Over the last five months, I have had the chance to talk to the band twice and have really seen them grown over just that short time. As well, just over these past few months AM Taxi has become one of my favorite bands to interview yet! Growing up in the Chicago music scene, I still listen to plenty of bands that are really trying to break out nationally including The Frantic, State and Madison and the one closest to my heart Treaty of Paris but AM Taxi is the latest band to really make their mark from that city.

As well as being musicians with a whole lot of heart and being incredibly hard workers (Jason and Adam from the band have been playing music together in Lucky Boy'€™s Confusion since 1997!), they couldn'€™t be more modest, charming and real. Luckily, Music Remedy has had the chance to really watch them grow over these past few months and their success has been insane! I first interviewed the lead vocalist Adam Krier during their tour with Spill Canvas along with doing the interview on the same day their first record as AM Taxi was released at least digitally. Later that night they found out they had hit number one on iTunes and since then, playing all of Warped Tour and continuing to play shows and tour through out the fall, these boys have literally blown up! We got the chance to sit down again for a quick interview with Adam and Jason at Warped so watch for that as well but for now read on for your exclusive all bases covered introduction to AM Taxi with Mr. Adam Krier!

I know your new record was digitally released today. How excited are you to have out a full length record?
Well, it'€™s nice to have it out, sort of out you know. It comes out officially June 8th on CD and vinyl but you know it'€™s great to have it out. It was recorded so long ago, it was recorded back over this last summer so we'€™ve been sort of waiting around for people to hear it. So this whole time, it'€™s sort of frustrating because we were really excited and wanted all of our friends to know and the people that have been you know following us and supporting us. We wanted them to hear it but we had to wait nine months. Now it'€™s out so buy it for 6.99!

Then a little soft one. If you could hit the road with any two dream bands, who would they be?
I think it would have to be The Clash. The Who just because Keith Moon is crazy.

And how did you go about the writing process for this record? Did anything differ from the past releases?
Uh no I mean actually this is the first full length. It'€™s also our major label debut so a lot of the material from the eps that we put out independently we did major label kind of quality so it'€™s a lot of material from the first two Ep.'€™s and then three new songs.

Then how did you originally come together to be the line up you are today?
Well, it'€™s always been the same five but we were three for a little while. It was just me, our drummer Chris and Jason our bass player and then once we got together and you know recorded our first E.P. and decided to start doing this, we made a myspace so we got the word out and people wanted to see us. We were like '€˜Well, we should probably do some shows'€™. I hadn'€™t really thought about that so on the recording, I did like a lot of multiple guitar parts and keyboard parts and me and Chris did a lot of vocals so we were like '€˜Well, we'€™re going to need some people to help us out with that'€™ so my neighbor Johnny and his brother Luke filled in with guitar and keyboards and back up vocals. I'€™d actually known both of them from high school but I hadn'€™t seen them in years and I had just come home from doing a lot of touring and Johnny had just moved into the neighborhood so it worked out perfectly.

I think you were originally American Taxi, how did you originally come up with that name in comparison to AM Taxi today?
It was originally American Taxi because a lot of the songs were written about people I met on the road all over the place in America. Traveling from town to town so it'€™s sort of inspired by a lot of people, a lot of different places.

What made you maybe personally want to start doing music as a career?
I don'€™t know. It'€™s really the one thing I was ever really good at. I don'€™t know, I'€™ve always loved music or been a music fan you know since I was a little kid. I just always loved what I did from a very, very young age. You know I didn'€™t do much else and I don'€™t know, I guess I started doing it and started realizing that it was pretty much the only thing I could do right. So, I'€™m pretty lucky to be doing it still I guess.

Then I know you'€™re playing all of Warped Tour this summer. That doesn'€™t normally happen when you haven'€™t put out a record yet, what are you most excited for from that experience? That'€™s a huge honor!
Yeah a huge honor! It'€™s going to be fun! I'€™m excited to see all the other bands you know. I'€™m excited to get to go to a few places I haven'€™t been before. I'€™m excited to get to meet all the people and sort of soak it in. It'€™s going to be a long summer but it'€™s going to be a lot of fun.

Is there anyone maybe you'€™re excited to see?
Bouncing Souls, our friends in Deal'€™s Gone Bad from Chicago, our friends in The Frantic from Chicago.
Love those guys (The Frantic!)
They'€™re actually in our new video, they'€™re extras. I like those guys. Like Face to Face I think should be pretty good. I'€™m sure we'€™re going to find a whole bunch of new bands we'€™ve never heard before so that'€™s what I'€™m looking forward to also.
So many different bands.
I hope to come home from that tour with like sixty cd'€™s.

What can fans look forward to when coming out to one of your live sets, if they haven'€™t seen you yet?
I think just straight up hard rock and roll which you know sounds sort of boring but these days, it'€™s sort of like every one'€™s sort of latching on to different trends here and there and there'€™s no drum loops or coders or not much screaming going on. It'€™s just good old punk influenced rock and roll. A lot of energy.

What would you say is your favorite part of touring?
I think the traveling and the people. Performing of course is the highlight of our day but we get to meet a lot of people, sometimes not even at shows! Sometimes we just meet people in hotel lobbies or airport bars. It'€™s just a lot of fun. It'€™s fascinating actually. The variety of people there are.

I know you guys probably see a lot of crazy things so maybe what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve experienced?
I mean we do see a lot of insane things but nothing too out of the ordinary. Strangely enough, had multiple people on bicycles almost kill themselves driving into our trailer. We'€™ve seen our fair share of car crashes, accidents and things like that but the main thing we see the most of is because we'€™re playing clubs every night, there'€™s a lot of alcohol going on so there'€™s been some amusing drunk people that are maybe over served. It'€™s kind of fun to watch them go about their ways for a little while. Not to say that we'€™re not in that category because we'€™re definitely just as bad. Sometimes, it'€™s just fun to watch each other stumble around a bit for a while.

There'€™s a lot of bands in the local Chicago scene that don'€™t even make it to touring nationally unfortunately. What advice would you give to bands that are like trying to break into that scene?
I don'€™t know, I'€™ve got a lot of friends that are in really, really great bands that I don'€™t understand why they aren'€™t doing that good. I don'€™t understand what it is about us that we'€™re doing better but I think the main thing is just to be persistent and be patient. Tons of people work hard, it'€™s because people get discouraged and it takes a while. Sometimes it takes a really long time so I guess my advice is to stick to it.

If you could collaborate with maybe any band on this tour even, so Spill Canvas, Tyler or New Politics, who would it be or anyone from like your past tours?
Well, we just toured with Company of Thieves and we had Genevieve come sing on our record. Genevieve was in town, the whole band was in town in Austin and we had them stop by before their gig and she sang on our record. That was awesome. I'€™d love to work with them again. This tour'€™s insane because it'€™s so all over the place, all different styles of music so it would be fun even to get somebody from every band to do something together. It'€™s sort of all over the place, it'€™s fun though. It makes it interesting for us.

Then the last two. What was the first record you bought as a kid and the first concert you went to?
I'€™m trying to remember. I know definitely like when I was seven or eight years old and getting like a Bon Jovi tape and maybe Skidrow but I was really heavily into like fifties and sixties music when I was young like The Animals and The Rolling Stones then like american garage rock like Paul Revere & The Raiders. I was basically given my parents records, just like Bob Dylan and The Supremes and the Beatles and you know. The Stones, stuff like that. First concert? We used to see like all the festivals in town but I think officially the first concert I saw was probably a local gig in like a church basement somewhere. I remember seeing a band from Naperville and that was pretty much it. It was like if these guys could do that, I'€™m doing this.

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