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Did I just say I was holding onto my Chicago scene a little? Well if any of my past interviews with Boston bands show for anything like View From An Airplane, The Bay State and Lannen Fall, the biggest example of me following the Boston local scene would come across in my coverage of A Rocket To The Moon. Writing up my latest interview with them, I'€™ve realized that since November Music Remedy has really followed this talented band'€™s career over such a short time through our conversations with them!

Dropping their debut full length, touring with everyone from We The Kings to Hanson who are their current tour mates, this young quartet has quickly grown. Catching sets from the boys over the past few months while covering local shows, I definitely was up for sitting down with Eric Halvorsen via the interwebs while two of the other tour mates were on Warped Tour this summer playing acoustic sets! This time around, we talked about both the serious and the silly. The boys have dropped the news that they'€™ll be both be touring as main support for All Time Low this fall along with announcing the release of their new EP on November 5th that features both re-done tracks from '€™On Your Side'€™ along with a cover of '€™Single Ladies'€™. Also get a sneak peek of the new Rocket video concept that Eric and James Cameron have been collaborating on! It'€™s a winner.

Last time we talked with the band, you were planning to put out some new music and I know you'€™ve put out a new song. When can kids maybe look forward to new music?
As far as a new album, kids might have to wait for a little while for that. But we are planning on releasing some special stuff like an EP of songs from '€˜On Your Side'€™ that we re-did with our friends in Larkin Poe. I am not too sure when that is coming out though.

Are you writing/recording a new album/ep maybe?
Last tour that we did we were throwing around a lot of ideas for songs! Justin is always writing stuff too because he is a machine haha. Hopefully we can get back in the studio soon.

You'€™ll be hitting the road later this summer with the iconic band Hanson. What are you most looking forward to from this experience?
I personally am looking forward to playing to a different audience. I know that our fans will be there as well but Hanson has such a dedicated fan base and I'€™m really excited to see how they react to us. I am also looking forward to watching them every single night. They have so many great songs and seeing those live I'€™m sure will be quite entertaining.

Since this band originally started as a solo project, how do you feel now that it'€™s a full band the sound has really matured?
I am just happy that we finally have a solid line up. I was the first permanent member to be added and before Justin and Andrew joined up, there were a lot of line up changes which can wear on the band a lot. So now that we are all on the same page, it feels really great. I definitely think things have matured a lot too. If you come out to a live show, you can tell just by watching the set. I'€™m happy with how things are moving.

You recently put out the video for '€œLike We Used To'€. If you could pick any other track off the new record to do a video for, what song would it be and what'€™s the craziest concept you could think of?
I would like to do one for '€œShe'€™s Killing Me'€ because I think it'€™s a fun song that would work well with a video. As far as crazy concepts go, I'€™m thinking of maybe signing on James Cameron and doing the most expensive video ever. 3D obviously, hover crafts, aliens, the whole deal. Be on the look out for that.

Finally, what can fans look forward to within these next few months? More shows, touring, new music?
Fans can catch us this fall with Hanson and then we will be releasing some more shows for the rest of the fall. So come catch us on tour!

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