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Next up is one of my last interview'€™s Asking Alexandria'€™s dream tour mates and in particular in the US. Another incredibly fast moving band over this past year, I was in shock as I walked up to the venue. The line was about 2,000 strong around 5 in the afternoon and the show was a hundred percent completely sold out..about a month and a half prior? I knew I was in for a incredible opportunity interviewing the headlining band A Day To Remember and got ready for a great show.
Only about two hours before they took the stage, I sat down with Kevin and Josh from the band where we talked about everything from some of the craziest things they'€™ve experienced while on the road to how their next album is on a insane fast track to hopefully be released this December/early January. They'€™ve grown so much since they started and read on for everything from them be it how they believe their last record is doing to their writing process to how both really wanted to get started in music. This is a band you definitely should keep an eye out for but it won'€™t be hard since they'€™ll be all over everyone'€™s radars!

If you were to collaborate with another band on this tour for just one song who would it be and what would the song be about? So Silverstein or August Burns Red, Enter Shikari or Veara? I know Go Radio comes on soon.
Josh: I'€™d say, just because we'€™re listening to them right now, I would say Enter Shikari because anything else might be predictable. Pop punk or something heavy.
Kevin: Yeah.
Josh: I would say them because they'€™re weird, they'€™ve got like I don'€™t know techno dancy weird stuff going on so it just would be fun and interesting. And what would the song be about?
Kevin: Probably peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Josh: I feel that.
Kevin: Yeah.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
(Both break out in laughter).

And then like I said how has it been going so far for you guys? I mean, this is unreal.
Josh: It'€™s crazy. The entire east coast is sold out. All of the mid west is sold out and then some of the dates in California are like a month away and they'€™re starting to sell out already. It'€™s our first A Market headlining tour ever so it'€™s crazy weird but it'€™s cool.
Kevin: It'€™s crazy!

Then what made you first both start wanting to do music as a career?
Josh: Just, you know, growing up with it with parents being into music and then just watching tv and being like '€˜Who are these people? They'€™re fricking awesome!'€™ You know, '€˜I want to be like Blink 182, I want to be like everyone you see on tv'€™. That'€™s really what makes you pick up a guitar. You don'€™t pick up a guitar because like '€˜I can'€™t wait to learn how to play guitar'€™, you play guitar because like '€˜I can'€™t wait to be in a band'€™.
Kevin: Yeah. Definitely, I remember on MTV one time, they had like a behind the tour thing of Blink 182 and they were like screwing around with golf carts and stuff.
Josh: Yeah!
Kevin: Whatever, I know that'€™s on their dvd, I saw it on MTV and I was just like '€˜Dude, that looks like so much fun, I want to do that'€™ and then just like local shows, like people bringing bands, bigger bands and stuff through and I was just like '€˜All these kids know these bands lyrics like I want to do that'€™. So kind of the same thing!
Josh: It'€™s something that can be timeless. Like making music forever. Like if you look at Bono and all those really old rockstars and they haven'€™t aged a day. It'€™s just a way to stay, I mean youthful for your whole life.
Kevin: Yeah. Kind of cool.

Then '€˜Homesick'€™ just came out this past year. How do you think it'€™s been doing, this is an obvious sign of how I mean but like by kids coming out?
Josh: Yeah, it came out. Well, last February so it'€™s been out for just a little over a year. In a year'€™s time, I really think that the scene has just grown and made so many big moves and helped us. A lot of people became more interested in what we'€™re doing, coming out to more shows and stuff. I don'€™t know, it'€™s insane. We knew we were proud of the record, we knew that we liked the record but we had no idea it was going to take off like it did and things have just been really fortunate the way they'€™re going right now.
Kevin: Sweet!

And you recorded with Andrew Wade on this past album. How did that go for you? He'€™s done quite a few albums over the past year.
Josh: Yeah! He'€™s actually just a friend from our home town. He was doing local bands as well, we'€™ve just always done stuff with him and we were just like '€˜Let'€™s just track the record with Andrew!'€™ Andrew did it and it was easy just because we did it in our home town and being friends with someone makes it easier to work with them. You know exactly what you want to get accomplished and you'€™re stoked to do it so it was just sweet.

And how did that writing process maybe differ from the past? Like how did you guys all go about the writing process?
Josh: I would like Kevin to answer more of these but Kevin actually, I don'€™t know if you'€™re aware, is newer to the band as of like this last year. Right when Homesick came out, Kevin joined the band and our old guitarist left so that'€™s why I'€™m answering the questions pre all of that. So I guess the writing, it was a little different then we had ever done it. Jeremy, our singer, writes a lot of the stuff and now Kevin writes a lot too but what would happen is he would write a lot of stuff and our old guitarist would do the same and we were on tour with New Found Glory and we actually had Andrew come out with us to record and do like pre production stuff on the road with all the songs we had ideas for and stuff. So, Jeremy would be like, '€˜Alright this is what I think a song should sound like'€™, '€˜This is what Tom'€™s ideas are'€™ and me, Neil and Alex would just go in the back lounge and be like '€˜Alright, this sounds cool but what if we did something like this?'€™ We just always like brainstormed in the back so pretty much it was demo-ed out in the back of the bus and then when we got home, we just put it all down and that was it!

This is kind of a goofy one. What'€™s the craziest thing you'€™ve seen or experienced on the road? I know you guys are always on it!
Kevin: This is like a really hard one to answer because I always feel like touring flies by so fast, I can'€™t remember anything from it. Craziest thing. I liked throwing pizzas at that one girl'€™s car.
Josh: Oh wow, that was a good one! There was just some drunk girl being so annoying, not even like a fan, just like a random annoying girl. She was in a car next to our bus, everybody had already left the venue and stuff. She just was like intoxicated driving around the parking lot-
Kevin: She wanted to just fight this girl that was on our bus at the time. She'€™s like '€œAhhh! Get her off the bus.'€ We started throwing these like pizzas that we had on the bus just at her car. They were sticking to her car and she didn'€™t even notice.
Josh: No. Or care. I don'€™t know what it was, yeah. That was a good memory for sure.
Kevin: All the rest of them are a little over the top that we can'€™t really talk about.

What can fans look forward to if they haven'€™t come out to a live show from you guys? I mean you played at the Warped Tour this last summer I believe but like if they'€™ve never seen you play before, like their friend dragged them along tonight.
Kevin: They'€™re in for it.
Josh: If you'€™ve never seen us, and you'€™re seeing us on this tour for the first time-
Kevin: Yeah.
Josh: It should be a show then because this is new for us. This is all new production, all new like stage stuff.
Kevin: And I would say somebody new to like our show if they come, they got to watch out for our fans because kids crush each other at our shows. It'€™s insane. We love them for it!
Josh: There you go. I'€™d probably stand in the back.
Kevin: Yeah. It gets pretty insane.
Josh: You might even want to stand in the back anyways because we have this new huge video screen, video wall that'€™s behind us. You can'€™t really see it like if you'€™re too close anyways so it'€™s kind of better to watch it from the back.
Kevin: It'€™s flying today though-
Josh: Which makes it so-
Kevin: Everyone can see it.
Josh: Yeah Yeah Yeah. They call it flying. It'€™s like bolted up if it'€™s hanging sometimes we have to have it on this trunk that'€™s on the ground because the venues aren'€™t big enough.

If you could tour with any three dream acts, who do you think they would be?
Kevin: Well, we all agree about Blink 182.
Josh: Yep.
Kevin: That'€™s for sure. Josh, want to add one?
Josh: This is weird because I knew two. I would have said like, I guess, a year and a half, two years ago or however long it'€™s been. I guess it'€™s been a year and a half? I don'€™t know, anyways, I would have said New Found Glory and Blink 182 but we actually got the chance to tour with New Found Glory so I don'€™t know. Two more.
Kevin: I'€™m gonna say Limp Biskit man!
Josh: Yeah, that'€™s cool! I think we all could agree. That'€™d be fun.
Kevin: It would just be fun.
Josh: Definitely would be fun! Limp Biskit, Blink 182, A Day To Remember and who else? Let'€™s name one more. Um, any rap groups that we listen to? Three Six Mafia.
Kevin: Three Six Mafia.
Josh: There we go, throw Three Six Mafia in there!
Kevin: That would be sick!
Josh: That would be an awesome tour.
Josh: For us!
Kevin: Everybody else would be like, '€˜Why are we here?'€™

Perfect! And then if you weren'€™t in this band or if you weren'€™t doing music, what do you think you would be doing?
Kevin: I would be a history teacher to be honest with you. I'€™m really stupid.
Josh: Um, I think I would have kept playing baseball or just going to college and then after, I don'€™t know. Probably something with music business wise though. Yeah, I'€™m not sure. Something at a label or something like that.
Kevin: You probably would have been a manager.

Then, besides this tour. I know you'€™re still on it for a while but what can fans look forward to this year? New music, new shows maybe stuff you can'€™t talk about yet ?
Josh: You named two of them. New music, new shows.
Kevin: I mean we have like European festivals this summer.
So you'€™re playing all of those. You'€™re playing Reading & Leeds?
Kevin: Yeah Reading & Leeds! We'€™re playing both, and Download. Rock in Park.
Josh: In Germany, those festivals are crazy!
Kevin: Yep! They'€™re insane.
You'€™re pretty much doing all of those.
Kevin: We'€™re doing ALL of them!
Josh: It'€™s pretty much a month'€™s worth of like just festivals.
Oh really? That'€™s going to be crazy!
Kevin: And plans to record a new record after that.
Oh yeah?
Josh: If all goes to plan, try to get it out this year maybe!
Kevin: Maybe Fall 2010.
Josh: That'€™s tentative, you can put that.
Kevin: Or early 2011.
Josh: For sure here within the next, I don'€™t know, year. Hopefully.
It'€™s close, we'€™ll say that!
Both: Yeah!
Kevin: It will be here shortly!

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