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I first saw this band play on the last Fall Out Boy headlining tour (RIP..miss you more every day!) and it was the first time I had even heard of them. We'€™ve seen it a few times now with the front man/girly rocker but Cassadee Pope and the rest of the band in Alex Lipshaw, Jersey Morairty and Mike Gentile but this new EP that just hit the shelves today blows away any past stereotypes people may have said about this band's music. The band'€™s sound has matured incredibly for how young this band still is today and '€œBeneath It All'€ is nothing but solid tracks that have really become much more organic and more musically focused.

The band just finished off a summer on the highly known Vans Warped Tour and played to huge crowds every day on the Altec Lansing stage which was a pretty difficult stage to be a part of considering some of the other bands who partied on that stage every day with Parkway Drive and Whitechapel just to name two but they preservered and were one of the most popular acts every day. At my stop of the tour, I had the chance to sit down for the second time with Alex Lipshaw where we talked about the new record, the songs they had previewed so far and a little bit about their time on Warped Tour this summer. Read our last interview to compare their expectations to what really happened!

Now that you'€˜re actually on the Warped Tour in comparison to the last time we talked on the AP tour, how has it been going for you guys so far?
Um, every single day gets a little bit better and it'€™s kind of crazy. I guess like now our label is pushing some new music and stuff and you can see it and every single show there'€™s a few more kids. Like every day is amazing, it'€™s one of my favorite tours that we'€™ve ever done for sure.

And if you could tour with any three bands on the tour with you, who would they be?
Sum 41, All American Rejects and Motion City?

Then '€œBeneath it All'€ was announced for August. I knew there were a few rumors swirling that it was coming out earlier but now what can kids look forward to with this record? Are they getting more pumped like is it obvious to you?
Yeah we just released like a new song on face book. Well we'€™ve released two songs '€˜Wish You were Here'€™ and this song '€˜Hangover'€™. '€˜Hangover'€™ is on our face book like when we reached 200,000 friends, they released it but it'€™s kind of like the album is a little more organic and diverse like every song is different and a little bit more mature. I think our fans will like it for sure.

Then what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen so far this summer?
Damn! I mean the Warped tour. That'€™s probably the craziest thing I'€™ve seen. It'€™s insane! There'€™s probably like sixty buses on the tour, I don'€™t even know. It'€™s ridiculous like every single day is an adventure like there'€™s so many people on this tour doing so many random things. Every one'€™s got a mind of their own so it'€™s just craziness!

Then where can fans find you this summer? I think you'€™re playing the Altec Lansing stage, right?
Yeah! It'€™s called the Altec Lansing stage. We find out every day what time we play so it'€™s always different. We'€™re also doing like an hour signing every day at the Kia booth or Kia tent and that'€™s probably the best place to come like meet us and hang out and stuff like that. We also go to our merch tent every day and just kind of mingle a little bit and we don'€™t want it to get too crazy out there so we only go for a little bit but the Kia signing is what'€™s up!

Then with the new album coming out, can kids look forward to more touring, are you guys going to take a little breather, what'€™s going to be happening?
Full tours again, just going to keep touring. We'€™re young so I don'€™t have a family or children so it'€™s just us. We'€™re just going to keep like touring the world I guess for as long as we can.

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