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There is no doubt in anyone'€™s mind that the Goo Goo Dolls are a long lasting band and they'€™ve proved it. Currently on the road this summer on a headlining tour and with their ninth studio record hitting shelves this fall, they have no plans of stopping. Recently, I got the chance to sit down with one of the hit makers themselves in Robby who has been in this project since the beginning with front man John Rzeznik in 1986.

Robby explained to me how he never believed he would ever get to this point in his career and through being in this band, he has been able to meet and marry his wife who was from the opposite side of the world and be able to visit so many countries. He also explained how they'€™ve grown as a band over time through the hardships of the music industry amongst other topics. Look for the record this fall and catch the band when they come to a city near you! Also, remember to bring food items for the food drive the band is doing with USA Harvest on this tour. By participating in the drive, you have the chance to meet the band at the show you attend!

Currently you'€™re on a huge summer tour across the US with support from Switchfoot, GRO and Spill Canvas. How has that tour been going for you guys?
We booked a fifty show club tour to really just fill our time while we were waiting for the record which we recorded six months ago and we had it planned to come out right before our summer tour so we were playing new songs. Surprisingly, everyone has been singing the songs back to us which shows us the power of the internet really because the song we open our set with, we only played once prior in television back in December and the audiences have known the words.

Your ninth studio album comes out August 31st of this year. I know you released greatest hits record but it'€™s your first release of new material in four years. Do you feel the sound has matured/changed with this new release?
I get asked this every time we put out a new record and really we just have fine tuned our vocals. We try to make everything better and more improved lyrically and musically with each record.

You released an EP that exclusive to the tour. What made the band decide to do that?
Yes we put it out because the record delayed. We'€™re trying a bunch of new things now. There is also going to be a offer where you can buy the remainder of the EP with a lot of bonus tracks. We'€™re trying a bunch of new things.

What can kids look forward to when coming out to one of your live shows?
Well these shows have been going well. We have about fifteen tracks where we really have no choice but to play them and we have this brand new record coming out. So we have to fit it in. We pretty much just have a list written down and then just move them around in place but now thanks to computers we have a pretty sweet computerized lights show and everything so it'€™s a pretty great show.

You'€™ve been in this band since the beginning in 1986. Did you ever imagine when you started this band that you would get to the level you reached today?
I never thought that we would get to this point because when you start anything you always see it as a project. I remember once a long time ago I was like on the side of the stage and thinking '€˜great I have to do this all over'€™ but I can'€™t believe that now. I have really made a career and been in this band for twenty plus years and get to do it all my life. Through it, I'€™ve had the chance to marry my wife who lived on the other side of the world and I never would have been able to meet her if it wasn'€™t for this. I'€™m never in a place for more then two days at a time and that'€™s great!

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