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Quite possibly the band that current Massachusetts music lovers are most proud of, Four Year Strong has made their mark and don'€™t plan on going anywhere any time soon! The Worcester based band has grown so much in the underground scene with in these past few years including signing to Decaydance Records and playing all of the Warped Tour this summer. Being one of the fellow bands'€™ favorites and definitely a fan favorite, they rocked the tour every day!

Playing covers of famous songs like '€œLowrida'€, '€œStory of A Girl'€ and '€œSemi Charmed Life'€ to having songs named '€œIt Must Really Suck to be In Four Year Strong Right Now'€, the jokers'€™ live shows are insane and the crowd eats up every word and riff! You'€™ll be able to check it out in person if you haven'€™t had the chance to on their new headliner tour this fall with Comeback Kid and The Wonder Years. For now though, read the interview below that I did with Alan Hitt of the band when we were at Warped Tour in Hartford!

So the latest record dropped in March and it had been a while since a new record. How has it been going so far from the kids reactions at the tour?
New record'€™s been going great. I mean sales have been good I think but more importantly the shows have been great. Kids have been reacting very well to the new material and it'€™s a dream come true!

How did the writing process go for that record that maybe differed from the past?
It was very different actually because when we did our last record, you know we had been writing for a really long time and then it was like a compilation of our best material over the years I guess but with this one, we specifically wrote for this record and a lot of it we actually wrote in the studio and we had never done that before so that was really cool.

And then you'€™ve covered several tracks like '€˜Semi Charmed Life'€™ and '€˜Story of A Girl'€™, some pretty classic songs there! If you were to cover any other band on this tour, who do you think it would be and what song?
I think it would be-. Well I actually did cover a Sum 41 song when I was in middle school at a school dance so I did do that but if I was going to now..probably Andrew W.K!
Do you know what song by any chance?
Any of them! Any of them would be great!

Then being on Warped for the whole thing this summer is pretty exciting. How has it been going so far?
It'€™s been going great. Warped Tour is just the best tour you can do really for a million reasons. You get to be outside all summer. You get to hang out with some of your best friends. You get to make tons of new friends. You get to play great shows. I mean it'€™s just endless reasons.

And then this is a little goofy but everyone loves the catering on Warped Tour. What'€™s been your favorite meal?
Yesterday was pretty good because we actually served the dinner yesterday. I was the whip cream and pie guy so I ended up putting whip cream on a lot of people'€™s dinners which they didn'€™t like but it was chicken and pork chops, mashed potatoes. It was really good!

Then what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen so far this summer, maybe at one of your sets?
Every show has been really great. I mean way better then I ever expected. It'€™s just been awesome but I can'€™t think of one that sticks out but they'€™ve just all been great!

Then where can kids find you this summer? What stage are you on, are you doing signings?
We'€™re on the Altec Lansing stage which is the one with the big inflatable thing on top and we do acoustic sets. We'€™re doing one today at 3:20 I think at the Altec live tent and we do signings at our merch tent after our set all the time. I'€™m walking around every day hanging out.
So they can find you, they can stalk you?
Oh yeah!

Then what can fans look forward to post Warped Tour from you guys? Are you doing more touring, what'€™s going on?
We'€™re taking a little bit of time off. Like about a month and a half I think we'€™re taking off then we'€™re doing a headliner which isn'€™t fully planned yet so I can'€™t give anything away but it'€™s in the works and it'€™s going to be great. Yeah that'€™s all we got planned right now.

Perfect! A little goofy one to end it off! You just put out your new video for '€œIt Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now'€, but if you could pick any other track off this new record which one would it be and what'€™s the craziest idea you could think of for that video?
Well we actually just did a new video.
You just finished the new one?
Yeah for the song '€œOn A Saturday'€ or '€œTonight We Feel Alive'€ which was the second song on the record and we did a awesome video for it. Best video we'€™ve ever done.

That'€™s exciting and I don'€™t want to know what'€™s it about!
Yeah, you can be surprised!

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