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Since I sat down with Nick and Tom from this next band, View From An Airplane, I'€™ve literally watched them blow up in the local Boston scene. From opening for Sparks the Rescue and Gold Motel to The Rocket Summer, their songwriting and live performances have skyrocketed them to the top of the local scene. Along with opening for these bands and writing great songs, they have also collaborated with one of the biggest names in their scene right now in John O'€™Callagahan, the front man for the Maine along with producing their debut EP with legend Ace Enders.
View from An Airplane at first was a solo project for Boston local Nick Conway and has now blown up into a full performing band. They released their debut EP '€œAll The Right Words'€ and have been playing shows all over the area since! Recently I got the chance to sit down with Nick and Tom from the band and we talked about everything from their writing process to their musical influences and their favorite part of the touring experience.

So View From An Airplane just came out of nowhere?
Nick: Yeah, I was walking and it popped into my head. I was like '€˜I should use that as a band name sometime!'€™ because I was just playing acoustically as Nick Conway and I was like maybe I should have a band name sometime and then you know once I decided to make the project a band, it worked!

And then how did you first get together? I know you'€™re still relatively new!
Nick: Through Nate! Nate and I went out to get some coffee, so a coffee date and we had talked about just music and all that stuff and I was like '€˜Yeah, Yeah I want to get a band together'€™ and he was like well I know some guys! So, he introduced me to Dan the drummer and then Brian the guitarist and then he messaged Tom on myspace or face book or something.
Tom: Somebody was like '€˜Hey we like you!'€™ and I looked them up and it was like '€œHey, we need a bass player!'€™ and I was like '€˜Hmm maybe I'€™ll look'€™.
Nick: It was kind of funny the first time he came to practice cause he was like bouncing up to us and we were like '€˜That'€™s him, that gorgeous long hair of his'€™.

You guys are relatively new together in music, I'€™d say. What inspired you to start doing this project?
Nick: Mainly, just being in bands that failed. You know, wanting to be in a band with musicians who want to do it and just trying our best to make a band that can actually not suck. That'€™s pretty much it, he was in bands with kids that, you know were not really 100% into it. I'€™ve been in bands with kids that just talk about wanting to do things but they never actually act on it. Like the second you talk about money and putting money into it, they'€™re like '€˜Ooh! I have other things to pay for.'€™ It'€™s like okay, see ya! That was pretty much to answer your question because it'€™s about nothing but the money clear.
Tom: Just the fame, money and fourteen year old girls.
All these girls here!
Nick: You know how it is.

What made you personally both start getting interested in doing music?
Tom: I was fourteen years old and my friend was like, '€™Hey! This girl that you like, she likes dudes who play instruments'€™ and I was like '€™Oh man! I have no clue what they are but sure!'€™ And he was like '€™You should play bass'€™ because he really just needed a bass player for his band and then I didn'€™t really play for like a year after that, just put that in my pocket and then I don'€™t know. We started playing shows. I think for me it was always the shows. The second I started playing shows it was like crack. It was like I couldn'€™t stop playing shows. It'€™s just fun.
Nick: I started thinking it was just cool. I mean he played bass and I was like '€˜Oh man, that looks cool. I want to play bass!'€™ So, I started out on that and then taught myself guitar and through like teaching myself guitar, started playing shows. After my first show, I didn'€™t want to play anymore after because I was nervous. I got up there, sang and I was like thinking that was one of the worst experiences of my life and not to mention, Nate actually made fun of me after my first show. Like, he was only kidding about it and he actually really enjoyed it.
You took it seriously?
Nick:I took him very seriously, I was like '€˜stupid hardcore kid. I hate hardcore'€™.
Tom: Didn'€™t he wear like short shirts?
Nick: Yeah, with really baggy jeans. Now he wears skin tight things but once I, once people started to really enjoy the shows, that'€™s when I was like '€˜I actually really enjoyed playing'€™ and kind of got over those nerves of singing in front of people.

And then you'€™ve put out your E.P. but it'€™s already been compared to people like Dashboard Confessional and even Early November who'€™s old lead singer Ace Enders actually produced your album so that'€™s kind of crazy. Could you even imagine a response like that, already being compared to those guys?
Nick: No, it still surprises me when like some one says that because the usual comparisons we'€™re used to is Mae and I mean, I love Mae but I got real sick of that one. You kind of want to hear comparisons from different bands, like everyone says '€˜Yeah man! You sound like Mae,'€™ and I'€™m like uh kay thanks. Then someone is like '€˜You know who you sound like?'€™ '€˜Mae?'€™ To hear comparisons of other bands, it'€™s always awesome especially when it'€™s a new band, like a band I'€™ve never heard of like at one of our shows in New York. Someone said we sound like Further Seems Forever from Boston and I was like '€˜'€¦okay!'€™ We'€™ll take that!

How did that come about working with Ace?
Nick: Um, We got in touch with him and he was pumped to record it. We had heard from his manager that he thought it was really good and he wanted to do an awesome job on this. So, working with him was just almost surreal because I listened to the Early Novembers when I was sixteen. I remember seeing them at Warped Tour on one of the smaller stages and seeing Ace'€™s huge hair and going like '€˜Wow, this dude can sing!'€™ and thinking now going like '€˜His voice is insane!'€™ I'€™m jealous but it was unreal working with him. To hear him like sing words that I wrote was like '€˜Wow, I love Ace and he'€™s singing words that I wrote'€™.

And how do you think that'€™s been doing, like kids coming out wise?
Nick: Um, I hope it'€™s doing well. I mean we can'€™t really comfortably walk up to someone and be like '€˜So, did you come for us?'€™ It'€™s just not worth us worrying ourselves you know we'€™ll play a show in front of like one person or we'€™ll play a show in front of a ton of people. In our heads, we like to think that they'€™re there for us because it'€™s just a way to think about it. If you go up there thinking none of these people are there for us, it'€™s just going to be a miserable show. We played with Vanna and we knew that every single one of those kids were there for Vanna but we went out there and we played it like they were there for us! It was fun!
Tom: Got a water bottle thrown at us. That was my favorite part.
That'€™s a good time!

How do you normally go about the song writing process? Like one person, more of a collective effort?
Nick: Um, I don'€™t know. Tom hasn'€™t really been in the band for that long so, he'€™s like a newbie, the squid.
Tom: I still feel like a baby.
Nick: But I'€™m the only one who doesn'€™t drink so sometimes I have to be like the dad. I didn'€™t get my drinking tickets today because I didn'€™t want him to go too overboard. The songwriting for the E.P. was mainly like this. Three of the songs was me, two of them were primarily Dan and I but the new songs are going to be a collaborative effort. It'€™s going to be everyone and hopefully we'€™re going to come up with some rap track next. You know, once we get new brain waves into it. You know, like Cypress Hill but no we'€™re not turning into a rap group.
That'€™s good.
Nick: You know, if it happens.

So, are you guys working on the first full length or are you going to do another E.P.?
Nick: Um, we'€™re hashing out ideas you know. We haven'€™t done anything like demos or anything just yet. We'€™re sort of getting ideas, we want to get a lot of options, lots of ideas then just kind of go through them and pick out which ones could be songs. I stole that idea from Aaron Marsh (lead singer of Copeland). I watched their DVD. He calls his ideas nuggets so I'€™ve got like ten nuggets in my head.

If you had the option to tour with any three dream bands, who do you think they would be and why?
Nick: Oh man! I knew like the answer to every other question except for the dream bands.Toughest one, uh'€¦uh'€¦uh. It'€™s weird for me because I don'€™t usually listen to this kind of music. If you were to be like '€™What bands do you want to go on tour with?'€
Well, it could be personally too because that happens all the time with bands. It'€™s like look at Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, what he'€™s doing.
Tom: It would be really fun with like Blink 182 just because I want to see how stupid backstage they are. It'€™s really all I want to see is like all the shenanigans they have. I mean, like growing up, Blink 182 was when I was like fourteen years old and they were like blowing up but Blink 182 was one of the bands that were really like gods. In terms of their music, but they really motivated me to really want to do it because of how much fun they were having. Everything they do and like they totally took the whole look at everything. It wasn'€™t like '€œOoh! How we can look pretty today?'€ I just would really like to have fun with them. Um, it'€™s a really hard question.
Nick: I can only think of two.
Tom: What two can you think of?
Nick: Copeland and the Get Up Kids. Blink would be amazing too, I mean I grew up on Blink. It'€™s like a go to answer. Growing up with Blink I mean, because anyone that'€™s a little bit older, they'€™d be like well Blink sucks but we at our age are like their perfect target audience.
That was like our generation.
Nick: I think if I had like a hot tub time machine, I'€™d go back and hang out with them. Just to be like hanging out with them, like the Ramones in the Jacuzzi.
Tom: Dude, I was watching this thing with like the eighties hair metal stuff. I totally should have been born in the seventies so I could have played music in the eighties. It was sick! It was awesome.
Nick: I could believe that!
Like everyone always says Jimmy Eat World and you'€™d be the kid that would say Poison.

What would you say is your favorite part of playing shows and I don'€™t know how much touring you'€™ve done?
Tom: I like waking up in the morning after shows because I feel like right now like we'€™re playing shows and you really want to connect with everybody after but like I have to wake up at six Monday thru Friday. So, if we play Sunday night or any day during the week, I feel like I want to be able to get all my time just hanging out after shows and meeting people but I can'€™t do that during the week. I try, but I can'€™t. There'€™s a limit to it and then touring is awesome because you'€™re meeting new people every night, you'€™re meeting new people from different areas. Everybody is completely different. So, that'€™s my favorite part of touring and the malls! I really like walking around malls. I'€™m down with the malls, malls are always fun!
Nick: Ooh, we'€™re getting the stink eye! (Danny from LANNEN FALL was watching as we did the interview). What'€™s this all about? Hi Danny! I think it'€™s a give in, just playing, doing what we'€™re doing but the part that I think about the most, the happiest part is not going to my crappy retail job. That is the best, like I'€™ve had four days off and played shows three out of four of those days. Supposed to be four out of four, but one got canceled. It'€™s such an awesome feeling! I have maybe ten dollars to my name but it'€™s awesome. I'€™ll make it work!

What can fans look forward to when going to a live show from you guys?
Nick: Um, I think to just have fun. Like, I don'€™t know. I don'€™t really hear a difference because we'€™re in the band . I think they can expect to hear something that's not like everything else? I don'€™t know I mean I'€™m hesitant to say that because then it kind of sounds like we'€™re putting ourselves out there on a limb. Maybe they came to expect to see a pop punk band then find a band that they never thought they'€™d like.
And now they will!
Nick: We don'€™t scream! We don'€™t yell!
Tom: I think my biggest thing at shows is like meeting bands and they'€™ve all played crappy shows for like two people and you have those shows where you'€™re totally down. You don'€™t want to move, you really just don'€™t care. Even if we have those shows where there aren'€™t a lot of people there, We really just kind of give 200 % and like not go too crazy but have fun and make sure people see that we'€™re having fun. You see those bands and you know they'€™re having a bad night and you totally get turned off. You feel like, '€˜they'€™re really bummed right now'€™ and they don'€™t play as well.
Nick: These kids came out to the show to have fun. Just because you know, hundreds of other kids didn'€™t show up doesn'€™t mean they shouldn'€™t have a good time. Like they paid the money, they should get the same show they have when we'€™re playing in front of hundreds of people.

What'€™s the craziest place you'€™ve played?
(both look at each other!)
Both: Palladium!
Nick: As a band, we collectively all agree that we never thought we would play there. Never once thought we would play that stage.
So you played it that night with Vanna?
Both: Yeah!
Nick: It was the stage I saw Blink 182 on for the first time. That was my dream stage to play! It was a dream come true! Unreal.
Tom: I would have to agree. Like me growing up, I went to shows there all the time back in high school and stuff. I'€™ve been there more times than I can remember. Just to finally actually play there was really cool. So weird how different it looks from the stage. You look at the stage and you'€™re like oh my god that looks huge but when you get on the stage, you realize how little the stage is with the entire crowd. Like you'€™re really not that high up, it'€™s insane.
It'€™s so much different than the upstairs. In comparison, the upstairs is like tiny.
Nick: Yeah, definitely it is!

Then let'€™s say what would be your dream venue to play if Palladium is your favorite?
Tom: I'€™m gonna say the Comcast Center.
That can happen, at like Warped.
Tom: No no, I want to play just the Comcast center, like the official stage. Saw Blink 182 there. It holds like 12,000 people or something ridiculous!
Nick: I feel like the arena is the go to answer but even realistic or unrealistic I don'€™t know but House of Blues in downtown disney.
Tom: Oooh!

What would be your favorite treat?
Tom: Like if someone were to bring us a snack? Funfetti cupcakes! Totally, not the knock off fun fetti, it needs to be the real frosting.
Nick: Orange Monster drink! Like that'€™s all you need to do, just bring me a four pack of orange monster and it will be amazing. And you'€™ll save our lives, because we'€™re driving late nights and we'€™ll stay awake! You'€™ll actually be saving my life and ending it because you'€™ll be aiding me getting diabetes.
Tom: And then I won'€™t crash, because he'€™ll be awake so he'€™ll keep me awake.

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