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Recently, I'€™ve been covering everything from screamo rock to dance pop and I have plenty coming from bands like Haste The Day to Asking Alexandria but currently there is a sweet indie tour happening with Tv/Tv, 2 Am Club and Menya coming across the country and a show couldn'€™t be more fun. With grooves that you can'€™t help but dance to, I knew I wanted to cover this show and talk to the bands that make this party happen. I sat down with lead vocalist of Tv/Tv Josh Ocean at the show the other night and it was clear that a lot has been happening for this band since the last time I got the chance to catch up with them.
With a new record coming out this fall and lots of touring in the plans, this band is sure to be all over your radar the rest of this year. They recently came off a tour with Chicago favorite Empires and are currently rocking the dance clubs on this run. They'€™ll also be recording a live EP that they are giving to fans for free at their upcoming Webster Hall show in New York City on Wednesday night. Check out our interview for what'€™s in the works for all the fans, silly band robberies and their songwriting process amongst other things!

So a little soft one to start, I know you have a new record coming out really soon but if you could do like any other song from one of the EP'€™s or the new one, if you could make a video for one what would be the craziest concept?
Oh the craziest concept? Well, we are going to be shooting our first music video in July which I guess starts tomorrow and we'€™ve been debating the concept and there'€™s been a few but one that we'€™ve been talking about amongst ourselves and thought would be really funny is to just take an eighties party and recreate it as authentic as possible and like not in a joke way but like in a very authentic eighties idea. Like a beach party, something like that.

Then obviously you played the Warped Tour all last summer with a bunch of different bands but if you could pick, now that the Warped Tour is going on again, any band to collaborate with that you toured with on that tour, who would they be?
Well, I really liked 3OH!3 a lot. Those guys were really cool. I really do like their songs, I think that they'€™re doing something really cool. Who else? Definitely the band TAT, we always love those guys and I mean a band like Bouncing Souls I really liked. I love those guys so much.

And then what made you personally start getting interested in doing music?
What made me? I don'€™t know, it'€™s kind of just I'€™ve always been into music like my whole life. I don'€™t know, just going as far back as I can remember. I just always loved music, getting tapes, watching shows.

Then the first single has come out-
Yeah we put a song out. We haven'€™t officially released it. It'€™s definitely going to be, I think '€œMuch Too Much'€ will be the single. Have you listened to it?
I have listened to it!
Do you like it?
I like it!
I'€™m excited to see it live. I got to catch a bit of your live show at Warped last year when I was coming in.
Oh cool! Well we actually have a new drummer and keyboard player now so we'€™re a lot different then we were live and we'€™re actually going to be recording a live EP which we'€™re recording on July 7th at Webster and we'€™re going to be giving that out for free so we'€™re pretty excited about that.

Good! How has the song been doing like how have kids been reacting?
I think people have been reacting really well. I mean we haven'€™t, you know, been pushing it. We kind of just posted it up so people can hear some new stuff but everyone that'€™s heard it has been like '€™wow'€™. It'€™s gotten a very positive reaction, let'€™s put it that way and I'€™m happy with it.

And I know you'€™re really active on Facebook and Ustream and you guys have been really trying to be like active with the fans. How do you think that'€™s affected where you'€™ve gotten to today?
I think it really helps. I mean I think in this day and age in 2010, it'€™s really important to just have a connection because everyone is so used to getting as much information as possible. I mean something like the ustream is really fun for us. We haven'€™t done it in a while because we'€™ve been kind of busy with a lot of other things but we'€™ll start back up.

When can kids look forward to this new record?
It'€™s going to come out in the fall and I know like we originally said Spring and then we said summer but it will definitely be done. Like, it will be out in the fall.

And then, is it different from the EP'€™s? Has the sound changed?
It'€™s completely different. I don'€™t know, what do you think of Much Too Much? Is it a lot different then the past?
I really like Much Too Much. I'€™ve listened to the last EP and I heard a few songs from before like Indie Rock Girl but it'€™s different in a good way.
Yeah. I mean we always liked change and stuff and now that we'€™re making our debut album like we kind of wanted to do it the way that we wanted to do it and we just wanted to make sure it was what we wanted. The new songs really represent us a lot more versus the stuff in the past where we were working with producers that I don'€™t think really hit the nail on the head but we just love recording music. So we'€™re really excited about it.

Then how do you normally go about the writing process? Is it one person, is it more collective?
The writing process, it usually starts with an idea that either I'€™ll have or Doc will have or we'€™ll take both of our ideas and kind of push them together. Then, we kind of do a demo and we bring it to the band and we just kind of all feel it out.

Then I know the recording process for this record was a little crazy. I watched a couple of the you tube videos like recording in an abandoned church and with all these insane tools. How did it go for you? It was obviously different from the ep'€™s.
Oh yeah. Well, we actually recorded parts of it on analog tapes in a church in upstate New York. That was really cool and it was just like a real cool experience to take a step back from like all the digital stuff and it kind of stepped up our game. I mean we love recording so it'€™s been great.

Then you recently did a tour with Empires and before that it had been a while since you'€™ve toured because you'€™ve been working on the record. How did it feel to be back on the road and now going back on?
Absolutely amazing. We love touring so much and Empires are awesome, really great guys. We all became such great friends and it was really awesome. That tour was one that we'€™ll all really remember.

Good! What'€™s your favorite part of touring?
Um, I think there are a lot of favorite parts. One of them is obviously getting to play our music to people.

What'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve experienced or seen while on the road?
Oh man! Um, well today while we were standing outside Good Goose (of Menya) got robbed. He had one of those silly string..silly bands and this kid came over and was like '€˜oh which one is that?'€™ and he pulled it off his wrist and just walked away so that'€™s one of the crazier things we'€™ve seen. I don'€™t know, I feel like we'€™ve seen a lot of crazy stuff. (Turns to the rest of the band who was in the booth next to us) . Yo, what'€™s one of the craziest things we'€™ve seen on the road?
- I feel like we'€™ve seen some crazy stuff. Oh the drag race!
The fast and the furious! Like we were coming home from the Empires tour like the last day. We were coming home over the bridge coming back to Manhattan and all of the sudden like the highway just closed down and there was like, we thought it was an accident because there was all this traffic and like a few cars up ahead. We see this smoke and people running out of their cars'€™ and there'€™s like all this noise. Then we look down both sides of the highway and there'€™s like two cars and they'€™re yelling at each other and we were like, holy shit we'€™re going to see a gang fight or something because we were like up in the Bronx I think or whatever you know. We were on the bridge but we were like '€˜oh my god, what'€™s going on'€™. We were like a few sections apart from it and all of the sudden, the cars start screeching and they go straight off and they shut down the highway. These guys like planned out shutting down the highway and had a car drag race like right in front of us. It was pretty crazy.

Then what can kids look forward to coming out to a live show from you guys? I know you said it changed quite a bit since they probably saw you last.
Definitely, our live show is a lot different. We added a few more players now and I'€™ve kind of focused more on singing, not playing as much guitar. We just have such a great time and the chemistry with the guys in the band right now, we all just feel really great. We'€™re all just having a really great time and I think everyone feels the same way. That'€™s why we'€™re really looking forward to doing the live EP.

What was the first record you bought and the first show you went to?
Oh well the first show I went to, well like the first show show, was one of my favorite bands when I was in high school with Face to Face in 1999. The summer before like high school and the tickets were 9.75 and Alkaline Trio opened for them and Kid Dynamite also played. Kid Dynamite was awesome and it was when they had just released the Ignorance is Bliss album and they played a lot of songs from that and when it was the four of them but then Chad like dropped off and they became a three piece so that was really exciting.
Then like the first concert I went to was like a few summers before. I saw Counting Crows and the Wallflowers. I like loved the Wallflowers.
Then the first CD you bought.
Oh yeah the first CD. Well I remember the first like group of CD'€™s I got for Christmas and they were like Surf'€™s Up music which I guess my mom bought for me probably and the Weezer Blue album. The Weezer Blue album was one of my first like Cds I remember in that I listened to like every song and one I still have. Also, Nirvana Unplugged was one of those first Cds that I like really rocked because I always loved Nirvana.

Do you think it has any influence on what you'€™re doing today musically?
Oh yeah absolutely. Everything that I'€™ve ever listened to has an influence on me for sure.

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