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The Rescues just released their full-length album "Let Loose The Horses" in June. The band had a couple of great songs on TV-shows Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives and One Tree Hill. I had a chance to talk with the band and discuss their chemistry, 'more of us'-collabo's, a how-to express beauty, etc...

The Rescues interview
[Q]: First off, great song 'Let Loose The Horses'. What's the story behind the song?

It was actually the first song we wrote for the record. The night before our first writing session, my brother and his wife had to evacuate their home in Boulder because of a brushfire, knowing that they might lose everything. I called my brother the next morning and luckily their home was safe and he told me a story about how the owner of the ranch where they lived had to open the gates and set all the horses free in order to make sure they lived. We all in the band thought that image and metaphor was so moving and the song "Let Loose the Horses" came very quickly after that.

[Q]: Will the new album be in the same style or can we expect something new?

We released an EP back in the spring to give a taste of what the album would be like and then the full length album was released on June 22. It's online and in stores everywhere now. It's bigger in every way from our last record...the lyrical themes are more epic and universal, sonically the arrangements are more subtle and complex and we actually added a fourth member to the band since the last record so you could say we're literally 33% bigger and better since the last record.

[Q]: How did you guys landed your songs on TV? What happened afterwards?

Living in LA has the advantage of being able to meet and develop relationships with music supervisors. We had all had success with having our solo songs licensed so a number of music supervisors were really excited to hear the band and became fans and early believers in us. Those first placements on Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives and One Tree Hill were very successful in getting the word out about the band. We love that it just so happens that our songs seem to fit perfectly behind doctors fighting, people dying and hearts getting broken!

[Q]: How hard/easy is it to create band with all successfull singer-songwriters?

It's both. It's difficult to have four distinct personalities and insure that all of them come through, not only on a record and in a live performance, but even in an interview. Everything is extremely important to each of us, down to the t-shirt colors and sizes, so having four people involved in each of these decisions can be challenging. At the same time, it's exciting to be able to come together and negotiate and compromise and fight for what you believe, as opposed to having everybody say "Uh, I dunno."

[Q]: How would you describe your bands chemistry?

Sublime. Fascinating. We all come at music from different directions. We come at writing from different directions, as well. Even playing live - we've developed a comfort level with each other on stage and in writing that is mostly about trust. I know that the other people in the band will be nailing whatever thing they're about to do in terms of performing a given song, and I know that when we get together to write they'll each be bringing something unique and amazing to the table. We're also, at a very basic level, fans of each other. We love being able to listen to each other sing and play, so in that way we're able to be fans of our own band. Is that weird?

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as an artist?

I just want to be able to have the time and freedom to write and perform and record the music I want, and to go on vacation when I don't!

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

well when we go into record a song, the song is about 90% done. the lyrics are pretty set, though sometimes we'll change a line or a word here and there after hearing the song more flushed out. musically we'll often times write the musical hooks while we're producing the song, though lately when we write we've been focusing a bit more on instrumental hooks during the writing process.

[Q]: What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future?

More of us! Haha. We have toyed with the idea of involving other writers or producers for the future, but for now we're not going to mess with the recipe. We think it's working out well so far. (-:

[Q]: I noticed that you strive to find new ways to express beauty. So here's a real 'school-exam' question: Name three and explain... (one at least please)

Wow. Good one. We like to expose the underbelly of beauty. The imperfections. The tension and release in happiness and sadness. We constantly are somewhere in between. And I think that's usually where you find the most beauty, the truest beauty.

[Q]: Which World-Cup soccer team would you like to win the Cup 2010? Why?

Well, I picked Spain from the beginning, and they won, so i think i win a tapas dinner for two here in LA at a little dive in echo park called Ole! But, for the record, I pick Texas to win the big 12 and I pick the Cowboys to win the super bowl.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

We have been spinning a lot of plates recently. We finished a 7 week tour, then the album came out, so now we are back in LA awaiting the new tour dates and rehearsing for that. We have been editing a video, a concert video, we are just beginning the writing of the new album, the website redesign, interviews, and then we go to lunch.

[Q]: Final words?

Quit your job. Join a band.

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