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I'€™ve been on a trend lately covering singer/songwriters and I'€™ve found quite a few extremely talented ones. Be it people who write about young love to death and back again, but the most recent is Christofer Drew and The Never Shout band. That name might be not quite as familiar as NeverShoutNever but it'€™s one in the same. It started off as a myspace phenomenon but since then, the music has tilted all over the spectrum and now we'€™re feeling quite the folky rock vibe which is something I think a lot of fans will appreciate. The music that is sure to be a hit on '€œHarmony'€ is definitely taking it back to the roots a little bit, but with a little more of a folk flare.

Now known as Christofer Drew, as he suggested, and the Never Shout band, they currently find themselves in the studio working on their latest record '€œHarmony'€. With the last record coming out just in January, it seems strange to some people to put out another record so soon, but in our interview he told me that currently he is writing so many songs that he just wants them to get out there. This is becoming a common fad, releasing Ep'€™s/records with fewer tracks but putting out new music more often, as was discussed in an upcoming interview I did with The Spill Canvas who are heading in the same direction.

Read on for more of the interview that included the tour mascot pug, and Chris and the boys busting out songs on the guitar, with Mr. Drew providing background music to the other members'€™ answers!

You'€™re playing all of Warped Tour this summer? What are you most excited for? It'€™s pretty much summer camp!
Chris: Yeah, exactly. Um, I think I'€™m excited to just hang out with the rest of the bands. Hopefully get a sweet tan, get burned the first week and then eventually it will turn into a tan and you know I'€™m just ready to play and grow as a band. Grow with the people in our scene, you know because we have a music scene right now and I hope that you know it can be a time where the scene will come together, maybe do something cool.

Another goofy one about touring to get started. This tour'€™s almost over so if you could collaborate with any other band on this tour, so Every Avenue, Hey Monday, The Summer Set or the Cab, who would it be and what would the song be about?
Chris: Um, I think that I would collab with all the bands and we would play a song about friendship.
Taylor: Yeah! We'€™d play you got a friend in me.
Chris: It would go a little something like this. Okay, you sing the Summer Set'€™s part and then you sing (towards Nick, his merch guy) The Cab'€™s part. I'€™ll sing Hey Monday'€™s part and Never Shout'€™s part.

'€˜Friends are like, friends
(Nathan chimes in)
I like my friends on the Ap Tour,
I want to hang out with my friends till the end,
My friiiiiends.
I want to hang..with my friends'€™.

Chris: It would go a little something like that. Just an idea I'€™ve been working on.

What made you first start getting interested in doing music?
Chris: I don'€™t know really. I played tennis growing up, and that was okay. Then I got an injury, stopped playing tennis as much and my dad let me borrow his guitar, learned a couple songs on that you know. I kind of went from there and just started writing. It was a free way for me to express myself you know what I mean. It was an easy way. I'€™m not usually the best with words, but whenever I get down in front of a guitar, it just kind of flows. Everything just kind of works and makes sense, it just feels natural. I'€™m just going to keep going with it.
Taylor: I don'€™t know like freshman year of high school, something like that was when I first started playing music I guess with Chris. What about you Nick?
Nick: Same story!
Chris: No, tell a story Nick.
Nick: We'€™ve all like known each other for ever, pretty much the same story.

Then '€œWhat Is Love'€ was a 7 or 8 track record. Around there.
Chris: I don'€™t know, 9 or 8 or 10, maybe 6.
Taylor: Anywhere between five and twenty.
Chris: Yeah, it was somewhere in between there.

Not based on sales but how do you think kids are reacting to the record?
Chris: Um, I don'€™t think they like it very much. I think that they wanted some stuff that was a little more traditional to my roots and I gave them kind of the opposite. I just wanted to make like a fifties album which I thought was pretty bold and pretty cool. I'€™ve been getting a lot of negative feedback from it but other than that, if anything it'€™s just given me more will power for this next record just to f***ing kick ass. I'€™m just going to kind of go for it with this next one and just try to blow some peoples'€™ socks off. The last one was more of just an experimentation album from smoking, writing crazy songs.

Is there a goal for that record like maybe this year?
Chris: Yeah, I think we'€™re going to put it out in August. We'€™re going to try to go for two albums a year. Just makes more sense that way because I'€™m writing a lot of songs you know so I want to be able to get them out.

Then you put out a video obviously for '€œWhat Is Love'€ a while ago. If you could pick any other song, what would it be and what do you think would be the craziest concept you could think up for a video?
Chris: I'€™d probably do '€œSacrilegious'€™. I don'€™t know if I would do it to the actual MP3 recording, I'€™d maybe re-record it live with a twenty piece black choir in a catholic church singing it and with a guitar. At the end, having the choir come in and just make it the most sacrilegious thing possible. Piss as many people off as I can.

This is a little crazy, but if you weren'€™t doing music what do you think you would be doing?
Chris: I'€™d probably be pursuing my ping pong career. That'€™s what I'€™m going to go after after this whole music thing is done, all wrapped up.
Taylor(picking up his paddle): There'€™s his paddle right there! That old thing!
Chris: Don'€™t even get me started on ping pong.
Taylor: That thing has seen a lot of games.
Chris: That'€™s my fourth passion.

What was the first CD you ever bought as a kid?
Chris: I bought an Outkast CD! Forgot what the album was called, but I bought it and me and my friend used to play basketball in the playground together listening to that album. It just kind of hit me, you know '€œI'€™m sorry Miss Jackson'€, '€œSo Fresh and So Clean'€, '€œBombs over Baghdad'€. They were really putting out very strong music back then.

Then the first show?
Chris: I think the first show I ever went to was a local band called Everwill. They were playing a show in a basement of a church. Went down there and head banged for about two hours. It was pretty cool. What about you guys?
Taylor: First show? The first show I ever went to, I think, a local show. It was that one Showbread show.
Chris: That was a good show.
Nick: Sugar Ray.
Taylor : Sugar Ray?!
Nick: Or Weird Al. It was one of those two.

What'€™s one of the craziest things you'€™ve seen while on the road or that you'€™ve seen while at a live set?
Chris: Hmm, I don'€™t know. I'€™m never good at these questions because I feel like everything is crazy. It'€™s hard to narrow down. Craziest thing I'€™ve ever done'€¦
Taylor: (starts laughing) There'€™s wacky, there'€™s like weird zany stuff that happens but there'€™s never anything like no body like tried to tip our bus or anything crazy like that.
Chris: Or have they?!
Taylor: Sometimes we can read each other'€™s minds. That'€™s crazy.
Chris: What'€™s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on tour Nathan? Tell me about it, tell it into this microphone!
Nathan: A crazy mom in San Antonio, a soldier mom. There was a soldier mom that said that she fought in Iraq and she had to get on the bus and she demanded it. She was very forceful and I thought it was a full grown man because she was in full body armor and it kind of caught me off guard. Needless to say, Tmac (Taylor) handled it and said '€œNo!'€ and I just kind of shuddered.
Chris: What else happened Nathan?
Taylor: He also had to come get his bag in the middle of the interview. Interview (jabbing the sign on the door) in progress!
Chris: Interview in progress Nathan!
Nathan: Well, that sign'€™s been up there for days.
Chris: There'€™s an interview in progress! Nathan, what are you doing? What are you doing!? Alright, anyway!
Taylor: That'€™s the craziest thing that has happened.

I think that'€™s it, I think we just found it. If you could hit the road with any three dream acts, who would they be dead or alive?
Chris: Wait, one more time. I think, I would want to go hit the road with Jesus, Gandhi and Elvis.
Taylor: That'€™s a good couple of people to have on the road with you.
Nathan: Dream team.
Chris (singing): Jesus, Gandhi, Elvis, come on the road with me. It will be a good time, I swear to you. So, come on out! Come on shout! It will be great, it will be a date!

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