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Recently I got the chance to attend this summer'€™s Vans Warped Tour and while I was there I had the opportunity to interview Tony from the rock band Motion City Soundtrack amongst others. The band, who has toured with groups like Fall Out Boy and Fun in the past, dropped their latest record '€˜My Dinosaur Life'€™ back in the beginning of this year and since have really made their way back into the public'€™s hearts. With touring since the record dropped continuously and plans announced to play in the UK and Brazil, they show no signs of slowing down and lucky for you guys, we talked about everything from the new record and their touring adventures including their time spent on the Warped Tour this summer.

The boys played the first half or so of the Warped Tour on the main stage in company of bands like All American Rejects and The Bouncing Souls to an audience filled with cheering and dancing kids every day and hopefully that will carry on to their future tours in the US. Pick up the new record and read on for our exclusive with Tony!

You put out the video for the first track off the new full length with '€˜Her Words Destroyed My Planet'€™ which is a pretty crazy concept but if you could pick any other track off the record to do a video for, what would be the craziest concept?
Oh man! For a concept I don'€™t know. I'€™m just going to work my way around what you asked me by just saying that Hysteria is my personal favorite song on the record and I know that it'€™s not going to be a single but if it was my world. That would get a push and it probably would not go very far because I don'€™t think it'€™s a single but it'€™s my favorite!

Then '€˜My Dinosaur Life'€™ is already being cited as one of the biggest albums for this year so it must be pretty exciting. How do you think kids reactions are to the album? Definitely a big record for you guys!
Yeah, it'€™s been great! It seemed like there was such a big gap between when we recorded it and when it came out so it was nice to finally get it out and see how people reacted to it and thankfully it'€™s been really well. I think it'€™s the best reviewed album we'€™ve had so far which is nice but then like while that side'€™s good, let'€™s hope our fans actually like it as well. It'€™s been great, it'€™s selling decently you know and people react well to it when we play the new songs. They'€™re singing along and even from that first night of the first tour we ever had after the record came out. Just a few days later we were on the road and the first night we opened with the first song from the record and they were immediately singing along so that was like a nice '€˜okay this is working already!'€™

If you could tour with any three bands maybe on this line up, who do you think they would be? Could be someone insanely different from you!
From this tour? Well, we'€™re good friends, well we'€™ve known the All American Rejects for a long time and they'€™re great dudes, great band. Love those guys and The Swellers are also good friends of ours. Good band and Alkaline Trio is pretty awesome.

Then your run on this summer'€™s tour is coming to an end soon in Oceanport. How did it go for you guys, maybe what'€™s one of the craziest things you'€™ve seen so far?
Um, it went really well. Probably the most memorable day was probably Houston. It just rained all day long like not an exaggeration. It did not stop once. I think finally when the day was over with then the rain stopped. Like when the shows stopped, the rain stopped and it was not in a parking lot. It was in a field so it was just a mud pit everywhere and when the doors first opened, it was pouring down rain. I thought either the show was going to get canceled or no one'€™s going to be here and neither one of those things happened. Honestly I think that was the best crowd of the tour like the people stuck it out and they were ready to have fun and it was the loudest and most energetic crowd we had the whole tour.

Then you'€™re playing the main stage for Leeding and Reeds this August. How excited are you guys for such a huge opportunity?
Yeah we'€™re stoked! The UK has been good to us like we do good there but we'€™ve never done Reeding and Leeds before so we'€™re really, really excited. It'€™s going to be fun, there'€™s going to be some good bands on it and free instruments.

Finally, I read that you'€™ll be in Brazil with All Time Low next year so it'€™s still a little bit far away but the fans are always getting so excited about bands coming. What are you most looking forward to from that?
Well yeah I'€™m really excited. I love getting to go to places that we'€™ve never been and this will be our first time coming to Brazil and I honestly have no idea what to expect. I'€™m not even sure that I know people that have gone to Brazil so I don'€™t know what to have in store but I know that it seems like people are excited. Like I'€™ve posted things on twitter about it and apparently I have a lot of Brazilian followers because all of these people were writing me back saying how excited they were!

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