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Pop punk is extremely popular and I'€™m pretty sure that trend won'€™t be stopping any time soon. The trouble that comes with this scene though is the same band recycled and repeated happening all of the time. One of those bands though that stands out amongst the rest is Every Avenue. With their classic rock moves and feel on stage, they prove the stereotypes wrong that you have to wear neon all the time while on stage and sing love songs through out their set.

Constantly on the road doing their first full US headliner with Sing It Loud, There for Tomorrow and The Secret Handshake the band shows no signs of stopping and have even been announced for their new tour with the first '€œFearless Records Tour'€. I recently got the chance to sit down with Dave, Josh and Dennis from the band where we talked about everything from some of their craziest tour experiences to why they chose to cover '€˜Take Me Home'€™ for the new Punk Goes to how they normally go about the songwriting process!

Josh: '€˜Somebody turn the lights on'€™

Ready? This is a little soft one to get into it but I just did Sparks The Rescue right after your winter headlining tour, and Alex and Toby told me about this experience where you were branding each other with butter knifes and you had mascara mustaches. So, I know that'€™s pretty crazy but what happened there?
Josh: I actually do have two brand marks on my ass and they'€™re going to be there for life for sure (laughs) but yeah I got branded with a hot butter knife by Toby, I think it was him who gave them to me. They'€™re good friends of ours and we have some fun on tour with those guys.
Dennis: Matt tried to steal a car that night.
Josh: Yep! We had a wild night!
Dave: The French metal band.
Josh: No, it was Russian! We started a metal band, I think it was like me, Jimmie, Toby and Nate. They had mascara mustaches and uni brows.
Dennis: They got pretty big for a minute.
Josh: Yeah, we had a couple songs. There was '€˜Pots and Pans'€™.
Dave: '€œPans and Pots'€.
Josh: You weren'€™t in the band bro! (laughing)
Dave: I was sleeping that night and by sleeping I mean'€¦

Then another little soft one. I know you covered '€œTake Me Home'€ for your cover. How did you choose that song? Were you given choices or how did you go about that?
Dave: Yeah, we had a few choices and that was just the one that we went with. Like '€œYeah, we like Eddie Money'€.
Josh: It was a safer song.
Dennis: It felt like it could be a Every Avenue song some what. So, we went for it.

(At this point in the interview, Jess Bowen of the Summer Set began sound checking drums, along with the rest of the band on stage).
Josh: Shut up! We'€™re doing an interview and you have a broken leg!
Dave: He'€™s going to say '€˜Oh my god, my foot hurts!'€™
Brian of SUMMER SET: Broken foot!
Josh: Same thing. Leg, foot. Wait, your foot'€™s broken? I haven'€™t heard anything about that!
Dennis: I didn'€™t know it was broken at all. I'€™ve never heard him talk about that. Hasn'€™t on this tour.

How has the tour been going so far?
Josh: It'€™s been amazing, so much fun! Like it'€™s cool because I feel like on this tour there'€™s not big egos and stuff like everyone'€™s just hanging out, having fun.
Dave: We know it'€™s going well because it'€™s the fastest tour like we'€™ve ever been on. It'€™s just started and it already is almost over.
Josh: Yeah exactly. I'€™m kind of sad.

Then if you could collaborate with any other band or artist on this tour, so Never Shout Never, The Cab, Hey Monday or The Summer Set, who would it be and what do you think the song would be about?
Josh: I'€™d like to write with Chris, because his style is definitely a lot different than ours but I think it would be cool. He'€™s a good songwriter, I think it would be fun. He writes a lot too so I think it would be fun. All the guys from his band are really, really good musically as well.
Dave: Probably end up getting pretty messed up and not writing anything.
Josh: There would probably be something there.

'€˜Picture Perfect'€™ just came out in November. How, maybe not necessarily sales wise, but how has it been doing with the kids? You guys have been touring so much these past few months for it.
Dave: It'€™s been great! I think it'€™s really cool to see the different reactions from kids and like how they'€™ve been reacting to the songs. Hearing them sing along every night, just like more kids have been singing along and are aware of the record. It'€™s been cool!
Josh: It'€™s been positive!
Dennis: Everyone that we meet says they hate it, but they'€™re lying!
Josh: We know it, in our hearts!

At the end of this month, you'€™ll be heading over to the Uk. What are you looking forward to most from these sets?
Dennis: Kids are way crazier. Kids aren'€™t as spoiled over there because they don'€™t really get as many tours and stuff. So, it'€™s like we always have a lot of a fun in the UK.
Josh: It should be warm for once!
Dave: Yeah it'€™s going to be warm. Snake bites, party time. Slam Dunk!
Josh: Kids are more like, they just go to these shows where they don'€™t want to see one band, they want to see the entire show. It'€™s like really cool I think.
Dennis: It'€™s a cool vibe over there.

Then what would you say is your favorite part of touring?
Josh: Being able to play music every night and just like seeing the world with my friends. It'€™s pretty cool that I'€™ve been like able to travel so much just doing what I like to do that I would be doing anyways. Like even if I had a 9 to 5, I'€™d still be playing music every night so it'€™s cool that I get to see the world doing that.
Dave: It'€™s a dream come true! It really is.
Josh: No, it really is. We'€™re all very happy to be doing what we'€™re doing.

How do you typically go about the songwriting process? Is it one person, is it with everyone doing different things?
Dave: For the most part, I think like me, Josh and Jimmie, we always present our ideas to each other and we'€™ll go with an idea if we all like it. Just everyone will put in their input and we'€™ll go from there. Try to have everyone contribute, but there'€™s no set way, like we won'€™t start with like lyrics, or a part of a melody. It'€™s just whoever'€™s idea it is, if we'€™re inspired by it, be like '€˜alright, cool'€™.
Josh: Dennis writes and sells songs for other bands.
Dennis: I'€™ve been getting a pretty penny from that for a while now.
Josh: Don'€™t you write all The Secret Handshake'€™s songs? He'€™s on our upcoming tour. Probably shouldn'€™t say that!
Dave: That was a joke! The music drowned it out.
You guys are so bad!
Dennis: What about that weather?

If you could hit the road with any three dream acts, who do you think they would be?
Dennis: Weezer maybe?
Dave: Weezer definitely.
Josh: Personally, I'€™d like to play with Elvis Costello. That'€™s one of mine, for sure.
Dave: I liked Weezer a lot, that'€™s a good one.

What can fans look forward to from you guys these next few months? There are so many rumors swirling about you guys with a summer tour I believe. There for Tomorrow did tell me, but I didn'€™t want them to get in trouble.
Dave: Yeah, we'€™re doing a summer tour with us, Sing It Loud, The Secret Handshake and There for Tomorrow.
Josh: It'€™s going to be fun!
Dennis: They are in trouble! Especially Maika. I'€™m just kidding.
Josh: We can'€™t wait, we'€™re excited. It'€™s our first full US headliner so we'€™re excited and scared and feels like our first date.
Dave: Yeah. In the car, just can'€™t wait.

Then a little goofy one, what do you think you would be doing if you weren'€™t in music?
Dave: I decided today that I would want to be homeless. I would make a lot of money being homeless.
Josh: I'€™d be an elevator inspector.
Dennis: You would be. I would sell drugs. Lots of drugs.
Dave: I could help with that because I'€™ll be homeless. I could probably do crack.

What was the first show you went to as a kid?
Dave: First big show that I went to was MxPx, Good Charlotte and Ultimate Fakebook.
Josh: They'€™re awesome! Them and Fairweather always used to tour together.
Dennis: They were who I saw Fall Out Boy for the first time with.
Josh: My first concert I think was with the Gaither vocal group. Southern gospel sung by four men who are intently in love with Jesus.
Dave: It'€™s funny because he'€™s not lying.
Josh: My first like show, show was Sugarcult, Auto Pilot Off in eighth grade. Then I went to see like 311 when I was in fifth grade with my mom. She got drunk and I was like '€˜What up mom?!'€™.
Dave: Special blunts?
Josh: Yeah man, I was smoking so much WEED..in fifth grade!

Such a bad ass!

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