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Talented Amber Hayes just released her great single "C'Mon" off her soon to be released same-titled album. Amber is a real entertainer. She recently played the role of Kathy Twitty in the 'Conway Twitty Musical' and just signed a new record deal with FUNL. I had the chance to speak to her about her new album "C'Mon", the Mickey Mouse-club (yes, the same as Justin Timbelake), current sad events (Nashville flooding), and much more!!

Amber Hayes - interview
[Q]: First off, great song "C'Mon". What's the story behind the song??
We wrote "C'Mon" on a writers' retreat in California. We actually wrote it on the way to the beach one day. We decided to write a fun, summertime song and by the time we got back from the beach the song was done! I don't really know who came up with the hook, but we started writing from that and it just happened. I love the Judds and the feel of this song was built around that type of vibe.

[Q]: Will the new album "C'Mon" be in the same style or can we expect something new/else? When can we buy it??
Yes, the other songs on the album will be similiar to "C'Mon," as most of the songs will have fiddle and steel. The lyrics/subject matter will fit in with Country radio and their listeners. The album will be out on August 31st and I'm so excited!

[Q]: You've taken a very different path then your "The Mickey Mouse Club"-collegues. How come??
I was ten when I became a finalist in the "The Mickey Mouse Club" audition process. My mom made it really clear to me that if I chose to move forward and compete in the final auditions, I would have to move to Orlando. We decided to withdraw because of the strain it was going to put on my family. My mom and brother would have had to move to Orlando too, which meant moving away from the rest of my family. My family is really close and keeping us together was more important. I'm glad that we made that decision, because I have always wanted to do Country Music since I was little and I think that the choice to stay in Oklahoma and play fairs, festivals, and Opry's in my area helped me become the Country artist that I am today. Plus, I got to be a kid!

[Q]: How did the role Kathy Twitty in 'It's Only Make Believe '€“ The Conway Twitty Musical' contributed in your pursue as a recording artist??
I was working on my career as a Country recording artist before I auditioned for the part in the Conway Musical. I was actually working on this album - writing and recording - while I was on the road with the musical. When I heard that they were having auditions for the "Conway Twitty Musical," I just saw an opportunity to combine two things that I loved: Country Music and theater. I have been involved in theater off and on since I was young, and I have always enjoyed it. Getting to play Kathy Twitty in the Conway musical was an amazing experience, and it did make me a better performer. Every night I was on stage three-quarters of the show - on big stages, and in front of big crowds. I also got to hear Conway's music every night, so that made me want to be a better songwriter, too. Playing Kathy Twitty, Conway's daughter, I told the story of Conway's life through her eyes and got to tell the story of his musical journey - 55 No. 1 songs and a career like Conway's is inspiring, to say the least!

[Q]: Can we expect to see you in a musical anytime soon? If so, please give us a sneak-preview...?
Right now I am not working or planning on doing theater any time soon, but I am always open to doing it again. I love it! I am focusing on building my career as a recording artist. Although, one of my dreams is to be in a Broadway show one of these days!

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as an artist??
Longevity! I want to be an artist that is around and still touring in 40 years and playing the Opry every chance I get. One of my biggest goals is to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry. I have a love for Country music and a respect for the history of Country music and to be a member of the Opry would be a dream come true.

[Q]: How do you feel about the recent events of Nashville's flooding and the Gulf Oil??
Although I had some minor flood damage to my home, it was nothing compared to a lot of people in Nashville, including my friend, Jeannie Seely. It was so sad to see people lose everything, including some lives. To see the Opry stage under water was hard to stomach. But, the way Nashville responded made me love this town even more. Tennessee is the "Volunteer State," and we certainly lived up to our name. The Gulf is such a disaster on so many levels, and I hope the country comes together and helps each other, just like Nashville did.

[Q]: Which World-Cup soccer team would you like to win the Cup 2010? Why??
Well, I don't really follow soccer too much. Of course, I would have liked to see the U.S. go a little further than they did, but I'm proud of them. I love the NFL, though, and I am a huge Titans fan!

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you??
Recently, I have been on a radio tour, so I have been visiting several stations a day. Those days start pretty early since we normally visit a station during their morning show and then finish up the day with a visit during drive time. We just finished up the first leg of the tour, visiting 24 stations in 10 days, and we are leaving next week for another week of radio visits. I am having a blast! I have waited a long time to get the opportunity to share my music with radio and their listeners. It's really, really an exciting time in my life!

[Q]: Final words??
I just feel so blessed to have a great team of people that believe in me, my music, and my journey. I am looking forward to what is ahead for all of us! I am truly living my dream!

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