Motion City Soundtrack

Recently I got the chance to attend this summer'€™s Vans Warped Tour and while I was there I had the opportunity to interview Tony from the rock band Motion City Soundtrack amongst others. The band, who has toured with groups like Fall Out Boy and Fun in the past, dropped their latest record '€˜My Dinosaur Life'€™ back in the beginning of this year and since have really made their way back into the public'€™s hearts. With touring since the record dropped continuously and plans announced to play in the UK and Brazil, they show no signs of slowing down and lucky for you guys, we talked about everything from the new record and their touring adventures including their time spent on the Warped Tour this summer.

The boys played the first half or so of the Warped Tour on the main stage in company of bands like All American Rejects and The Bouncing Souls to an audience filled with cheering and dancing kids every day and hopefully that will carry on to their future tours in the US. Pick up the new record and read on for our exclusive with Tony!

You put out the video for the first track off the new full length with '€˜Her Words Destroyed My Planet'€™ which is a pretty crazy concept but if you could pick any other track off the record to do a video for, what would be the craziest concept?
Oh man! For a concept I don'€™t know. I'€™m just going to work my way around what you asked me by just saying that Hysteria is my personal favorite song on the record and I know that it'€™s not going to be a single but if it was my world. That would get a push and it probably would not go very far because I don'€™t think it'€™s a single but it'€™s my favorite!

Then '€˜My Dinosaur Life'€™ is already being cited as one of the biggest albums for this year so it must be pretty exciting. How do you think kids reactions are to the album? Definitely a big record for you guys!
Yeah, it'€™s been great! It seemed like there was such a big gap between when we recorded it and when it came out so it was nice to finally get it out and see how people reacted to it and thankfully it'€™s been really well. I think it'€™s the best reviewed album we'€™ve had so far which is nice but then like while that side'€™s good, let'€™s hope our fans actually like it as well. It'€™s been great, it'€™s selling decently you know and people react well to it when we play the new songs. They'€™re singing along and even from that first night of the first tour we ever had after the record came out. Just a few days later we were on the road and the first night we opened with the first song from the record and they were immediately singing along so that was like a nice '€˜okay this is working already!'€™

If you could tour with any three bands maybe on this line up, who do you think they would be? Could be someone insanely different from you!
From this tour? Well, we'€™re good friends, well we'€™ve known the All American Rejects for a long time and they'€™re great dudes, great band. Love those guys and The Swellers are also good friends of ours. Good band and Alkaline Trio is pretty awesome.

Then your run on this summer'€™s tour is coming to an end soon in Oceanport. How did it go for you guys, maybe what'€™s one of the craziest things you'€™ve seen so far?
Um, it went really well. Probably the most memorable day was probably Houston. It just rained all day long like not an exaggeration. It did not stop once. I think finally when the day was over with then the rain stopped. Like when the shows stopped, the rain stopped and it was not in a parking lot. It was in a field so it was just a mud pit everywhere and when the doors first opened, it was pouring down rain. I thought either the show was going to get canceled or no one'€™s going to be here and neither one of those things happened. Honestly I think that was the best crowd of the tour like the people stuck it out and they were ready to have fun and it was the loudest and most energetic crowd we had the whole tour.

Then you'€™re playing the main stage for Leeding and Reeds this August. How excited are you guys for such a huge opportunity?
Yeah we'€™re stoked! The UK has been good to us like we do good there but we'€™ve never done Reeding and Leeds before so we'€™re really, really excited. It'€™s going to be fun, there'€™s going to be some good bands on it and free instruments.

Finally, I read that you'€™ll be in Brazil with All Time Low next year so it'€™s still a little bit far away but the fans are always getting so excited about bands coming. What are you most looking forward to from that?
Well yeah I'€™m really excited. I love getting to go to places that we'€™ve never been and this will be our first time coming to Brazil and I honestly have no idea what to expect. I'€™m not even sure that I know people that have gone to Brazil so I don'€™t know what to have in store but I know that it seems like people are excited. Like I'€™ve posted things on twitter about it and apparently I have a lot of Brazilian followers because all of these people were writing me back saying how excited they were!
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Simple Plan

Recently I got the chance to attend the Bamboozle Roadshow which included both incredibly historic bands like Third Eye Blind and Simple Plan but also bands just starting out in the music scene like All Time Low and Great Big Planes. Simple Plan is arguably one of the most historic and successful on the tour and clearly showed it at their set that evening. The crowd was huge and hanging on every word they sang including a great reaction to the first track out from their new record '€œYou Suck At Love'€.
I got the chance to sit down with Pierre and Sebastien from the group a few hours prior to their set and we talked about everything from what the young kids are teaching them on this tour to how they feel they'€™ve matured over all of this time. Being the original line up from when they began is something incredibly rare and something that surely makes this band a common favorite. The boys are currently working on their next record and are sure to be back on the road here in the US soon so keep these boys on your radar! They are here to stay!

I know you guys have been around for a while and a lot is going on for you recently but if you were to cover another band on this tour to start, who would it be and what song?
Pierre: I'€™d probably cover a Third Eye Blind song.
Sebastien: Yeah, Third Eye Blind song.
Pierre: Because they'€™re the coolest!
Sebastien: Yeah, they'€™ve got a lot of great songs over the years. It would be fun to do a whole set of just like our favorites. That would be great. The classics!
Pierre: I would do '€˜Motorcycle Drive By'€™.
Sebastien: Yeah that one! '€˜Graduate'€™ for sure, '€˜Jumper'€™. Any thing off the Blue record.
Pierre: What song would you cover?
Sebastien: Oh I would just pick a set list.
Pierre: Look at you!

Then like you said before the roadshow comes to an end tonight, but it'€™s been a while since you'€™ve toured the US. How is it to be back? See these audiences again?
Pierre: It'€™s awesome. It'€™s cool to see kids that we haven'€™t seen in a long time. People that we actually, we remember from those shows. Like hey it'€™s been five years. It'€™s pretty amazing. I think it'€™s good for us and we'€™ve been around the world so much and doing more stuff internationally that it'€™s good to come back here and hit up the US again.
Sebastien: Yeah no we'€™ve always had fun touring here and it'€™s just a little ten day trip but I believe it'€™s an idea of what'€™s to come on this next record touring wise.

I know you have a new record coming out. Is it finished or still a work in progress?
Pierre: The songs are all ready to go. We just have to go in to the studio to record it.

That'€™s exciting! What can fans look forward to with this new record since it has been a while since the last record?
Sebastien: Actually, it'€™s a fun record you know. I think it'€™s a little bit of a mix of everything we'€™ve ever done before so it'€™s definitely a lot of energy, young and fun but also it'€™s an evolution at the same time and it'€™s going to be great. We'€™re playing a new song on this tour. A song called '€œYou Suck At Love'€ and I think it'€™s really representative of what we'€™re doing with this next record.

How do you normally go about the writing process? Is it one person, is it more collective?
Pierre: Well Chuck and I do most of the initial writing and like the melody and lyrics and all of that. The rest of us get together and then that'€™s where it all comes together. Work on parts, make it real!

What was the first CD you bought as a kid?
Sebastien: CD? The first CD for me was Offspring'€™s '€œSmash'€. That was the first one I bought. I think I got this like whole case of Metallica cd'€™s from my dad but Offspring was the first.
Pierre: I think it was a Lagwagon cd. Lag wagon'€™s '€œDuh'€ and it was an import. It was an import so it was like 24 dollars at the record store. It was weird.

The line up has never changed for this band-
Pierre: Yep! Same band from the beginning.
Sebastien: That is rare! Ten years!
Very. So being a band for ten years and being together for so long, how do you think you'€™ve matured being the same group of people with all of this success?
Pierre: I think we just learn more about ourselves every year. We learn how to just pick our battles and when something isn'€™t really that important to you to not fight about it. Also, just understand what we all want to do as a band instead of what we all personally want. You can'€™t be like '€˜Oh I don'€™t want to do this show'€™ '€˜I don'€™t want to do this'€™. We'€™re good at realizing what'€™s best for the band.

And then with this new record, is there going to be more touring like you said?
Pierre: Absolutely! A lot more in the US. We kind of feel like we maybe neglected the US with the last record because we were so busy going around the rest of the world. We really couldn'€™t find a good tour to do here so this time around we'€™re definitely going to put more emphasis on the US. Really kind of come back to our fans who have been waiting for a long time. We'€™re neighbors! It'€™s easy. We should come visit more often.
Sebastien: Canada'€™s just like another state.
Pierre: Yeah.

Over the years, you have done a lot of touring. What'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen?
Sebastien: Something that'€™s always very crazy is when we go to Mexico or South America. We try to do signings but people are very intense. Very crazy there and sometimes when we drive away from the venue, they'€™ll follow us. Running after the cars, banging on the windows. It'€™s surreal you know. It makes you feel like the Beatles almost. The running of the bulls. Have you ever seen that movie 28 Days Later? It'€™s like that movie except they aren'€™t zombies, they'€™re kids and they don'€™t want to eat our brains.

Then when you started this band, did you ever think you were going to get to this point you'€™re at today?
Pierre: I didn'€™t think so. I thought we would be pretty big in Canada, like putting on pretty good shows in our area. That would be cool, that would be awesome. I never though it would be that wide spread around the world.
Sebastien: No, it'€™s always like you can dream about it but you never say kids are going to love us but when it does happen it'€™s amazing.

Well I think that'€™s all I have for you guys. You'€™re fast talkers!
Sebastien: We'€™re quick.
Pierre: We rehearsed!
Sebastien: (laughs) We had your questions forwarded!
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The Rescues

The Rescues just released their full-length album "Let Loose The Horses" in June. The band had a couple of great songs on TV-shows Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives and One Tree Hill. I had a chance to talk with the band and discuss their chemistry, 'more of us'-collabo's, a how-to express beauty, etc...

The Rescues interview
[Q]: First off, great song 'Let Loose The Horses'. What's the story behind the song?

It was actually the first song we wrote for the record. The night before our first writing session, my brother and his wife had to evacuate their home in Boulder because of a brushfire, knowing that they might lose everything. I called my brother the next morning and luckily their home was safe and he told me a story about how the owner of the ranch where they lived had to open the gates and set all the horses free in order to make sure they lived. We all in the band thought that image and metaphor was so moving and the song "Let Loose the Horses" came very quickly after that.

[Q]: Will the new album be in the same style or can we expect something new?

We released an EP back in the spring to give a taste of what the album would be like and then the full length album was released on June 22. It's online and in stores everywhere now. It's bigger in every way from our last record...the lyrical themes are more epic and universal, sonically the arrangements are more subtle and complex and we actually added a fourth member to the band since the last record so you could say we're literally 33% bigger and better since the last record.

[Q]: How did you guys landed your songs on TV? What happened afterwards?

Living in LA has the advantage of being able to meet and develop relationships with music supervisors. We had all had success with having our solo songs licensed so a number of music supervisors were really excited to hear the band and became fans and early believers in us. Those first placements on Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives and One Tree Hill were very successful in getting the word out about the band. We love that it just so happens that our songs seem to fit perfectly behind doctors fighting, people dying and hearts getting broken!

[Q]: How hard/easy is it to create band with all successfull singer-songwriters?

It's both. It's difficult to have four distinct personalities and insure that all of them come through, not only on a record and in a live performance, but even in an interview. Everything is extremely important to each of us, down to the t-shirt colors and sizes, so having four people involved in each of these decisions can be challenging. At the same time, it's exciting to be able to come together and negotiate and compromise and fight for what you believe, as opposed to having everybody say "Uh, I dunno."

[Q]: How would you describe your bands chemistry?

Sublime. Fascinating. We all come at music from different directions. We come at writing from different directions, as well. Even playing live - we've developed a comfort level with each other on stage and in writing that is mostly about trust. I know that the other people in the band will be nailing whatever thing they're about to do in terms of performing a given song, and I know that when we get together to write they'll each be bringing something unique and amazing to the table. We're also, at a very basic level, fans of each other. We love being able to listen to each other sing and play, so in that way we're able to be fans of our own band. Is that weird?

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as an artist?

I just want to be able to have the time and freedom to write and perform and record the music I want, and to go on vacation when I don't!

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

well when we go into record a song, the song is about 90% done. the lyrics are pretty set, though sometimes we'll change a line or a word here and there after hearing the song more flushed out. musically we'll often times write the musical hooks while we're producing the song, though lately when we write we've been focusing a bit more on instrumental hooks during the writing process.

[Q]: What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future?

More of us! Haha. We have toyed with the idea of involving other writers or producers for the future, but for now we're not going to mess with the recipe. We think it's working out well so far. (-:

[Q]: I noticed that you strive to find new ways to express beauty. So here's a real 'school-exam' question: Name three and explain... (one at least please)

Wow. Good one. We like to expose the underbelly of beauty. The imperfections. The tension and release in happiness and sadness. We constantly are somewhere in between. And I think that's usually where you find the most beauty, the truest beauty.

[Q]: Which World-Cup soccer team would you like to win the Cup 2010? Why?

Well, I picked Spain from the beginning, and they won, so i think i win a tapas dinner for two here in LA at a little dive in echo park called Ole! But, for the record, I pick Texas to win the big 12 and I pick the Cowboys to win the super bowl.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

We have been spinning a lot of plates recently. We finished a 7 week tour, then the album came out, so now we are back in LA awaiting the new tour dates and rehearsing for that. We have been editing a video, a concert video, we are just beginning the writing of the new album, the website redesign, interviews, and then we go to lunch.

[Q]: Final words?

Quit your job. Join a band.
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View From An Airplane

Since I sat down with Nick and Tom from this next band, View From An Airplane, I'€™ve literally watched them blow up in the local Boston scene. From opening for Sparks the Rescue and Gold Motel to The Rocket Summer, their songwriting and live performances have skyrocketed them to the top of the local scene. Along with opening for these bands and writing great songs, they have also collaborated with one of the biggest names in their scene right now in John O'€™Callagahan, the front man for the Maine along with producing their debut EP with legend Ace Enders.
View from An Airplane at first was a solo project for Boston local Nick Conway and has now blown up into a full performing band. They released their debut EP '€œAll The Right Words'€ and have been playing shows all over the area since! Recently I got the chance to sit down with Nick and Tom from the band and we talked about everything from their writing process to their musical influences and their favorite part of the touring experience.

So View From An Airplane just came out of nowhere?
Nick: Yeah, I was walking and it popped into my head. I was like '€˜I should use that as a band name sometime!'€™ because I was just playing acoustically as Nick Conway and I was like maybe I should have a band name sometime and then you know once I decided to make the project a band, it worked!

And then how did you first get together? I know you'€™re still relatively new!
Nick: Through Nate! Nate and I went out to get some coffee, so a coffee date and we had talked about just music and all that stuff and I was like '€˜Yeah, Yeah I want to get a band together'€™ and he was like well I know some guys! So, he introduced me to Dan the drummer and then Brian the guitarist and then he messaged Tom on myspace or face book or something.
Tom: Somebody was like '€˜Hey we like you!'€™ and I looked them up and it was like '€œHey, we need a bass player!'€™ and I was like '€˜Hmm maybe I'€™ll look'€™.
Nick: It was kind of funny the first time he came to practice cause he was like bouncing up to us and we were like '€˜That'€™s him, that gorgeous long hair of his'€™.

You guys are relatively new together in music, I'€™d say. What inspired you to start doing this project?
Nick: Mainly, just being in bands that failed. You know, wanting to be in a band with musicians who want to do it and just trying our best to make a band that can actually not suck. That'€™s pretty much it, he was in bands with kids that, you know were not really 100% into it. I'€™ve been in bands with kids that just talk about wanting to do things but they never actually act on it. Like the second you talk about money and putting money into it, they'€™re like '€˜Ooh! I have other things to pay for.'€™ It'€™s like okay, see ya! That was pretty much to answer your question because it'€™s about nothing but the money clear.
Tom: Just the fame, money and fourteen year old girls.
All these girls here!
Nick: You know how it is.

What made you personally both start getting interested in doing music?
Tom: I was fourteen years old and my friend was like, '€™Hey! This girl that you like, she likes dudes who play instruments'€™ and I was like '€™Oh man! I have no clue what they are but sure!'€™ And he was like '€™You should play bass'€™ because he really just needed a bass player for his band and then I didn'€™t really play for like a year after that, just put that in my pocket and then I don'€™t know. We started playing shows. I think for me it was always the shows. The second I started playing shows it was like crack. It was like I couldn'€™t stop playing shows. It'€™s just fun.
Nick: I started thinking it was just cool. I mean he played bass and I was like '€˜Oh man, that looks cool. I want to play bass!'€™ So, I started out on that and then taught myself guitar and through like teaching myself guitar, started playing shows. After my first show, I didn'€™t want to play anymore after because I was nervous. I got up there, sang and I was like thinking that was one of the worst experiences of my life and not to mention, Nate actually made fun of me after my first show. Like, he was only kidding about it and he actually really enjoyed it.
You took it seriously?
Nick:I took him very seriously, I was like '€˜stupid hardcore kid. I hate hardcore'€™.
Tom: Didn'€™t he wear like short shirts?
Nick: Yeah, with really baggy jeans. Now he wears skin tight things but once I, once people started to really enjoy the shows, that'€™s when I was like '€˜I actually really enjoyed playing'€™ and kind of got over those nerves of singing in front of people.

And then you'€™ve put out your E.P. but it'€™s already been compared to people like Dashboard Confessional and even Early November who'€™s old lead singer Ace Enders actually produced your album so that'€™s kind of crazy. Could you even imagine a response like that, already being compared to those guys?
Nick: No, it still surprises me when like some one says that because the usual comparisons we'€™re used to is Mae and I mean, I love Mae but I got real sick of that one. You kind of want to hear comparisons from different bands, like everyone says '€˜Yeah man! You sound like Mae,'€™ and I'€™m like uh kay thanks. Then someone is like '€˜You know who you sound like?'€™ '€˜Mae?'€™ To hear comparisons of other bands, it'€™s always awesome especially when it'€™s a new band, like a band I'€™ve never heard of like at one of our shows in New York. Someone said we sound like Further Seems Forever from Boston and I was like '€˜'€¦okay!'€™ We'€™ll take that!

How did that come about working with Ace?
Nick: Um, We got in touch with him and he was pumped to record it. We had heard from his manager that he thought it was really good and he wanted to do an awesome job on this. So, working with him was just almost surreal because I listened to the Early Novembers when I was sixteen. I remember seeing them at Warped Tour on one of the smaller stages and seeing Ace'€™s huge hair and going like '€˜Wow, this dude can sing!'€™ and thinking now going like '€˜His voice is insane!'€™ I'€™m jealous but it was unreal working with him. To hear him like sing words that I wrote was like '€˜Wow, I love Ace and he'€™s singing words that I wrote'€™.

And how do you think that'€™s been doing, like kids coming out wise?
Nick: Um, I hope it'€™s doing well. I mean we can'€™t really comfortably walk up to someone and be like '€˜So, did you come for us?'€™ It'€™s just not worth us worrying ourselves you know we'€™ll play a show in front of like one person or we'€™ll play a show in front of a ton of people. In our heads, we like to think that they'€™re there for us because it'€™s just a way to think about it. If you go up there thinking none of these people are there for us, it'€™s just going to be a miserable show. We played with Vanna and we knew that every single one of those kids were there for Vanna but we went out there and we played it like they were there for us! It was fun!
Tom: Got a water bottle thrown at us. That was my favorite part.
That'€™s a good time!

How do you normally go about the song writing process? Like one person, more of a collective effort?
Nick: Um, I don'€™t know. Tom hasn'€™t really been in the band for that long so, he'€™s like a newbie, the squid.
Tom: I still feel like a baby.
Nick: But I'€™m the only one who doesn'€™t drink so sometimes I have to be like the dad. I didn'€™t get my drinking tickets today because I didn'€™t want him to go too overboard. The songwriting for the E.P. was mainly like this. Three of the songs was me, two of them were primarily Dan and I but the new songs are going to be a collaborative effort. It'€™s going to be everyone and hopefully we'€™re going to come up with some rap track next. You know, once we get new brain waves into it. You know, like Cypress Hill but no we'€™re not turning into a rap group.
That'€™s good.
Nick: You know, if it happens.

So, are you guys working on the first full length or are you going to do another E.P.?
Nick: Um, we'€™re hashing out ideas you know. We haven'€™t done anything like demos or anything just yet. We'€™re sort of getting ideas, we want to get a lot of options, lots of ideas then just kind of go through them and pick out which ones could be songs. I stole that idea from Aaron Marsh (lead singer of Copeland). I watched their DVD. He calls his ideas nuggets so I'€™ve got like ten nuggets in my head.

If you had the option to tour with any three dream bands, who do you think they would be and why?
Nick: Oh man! I knew like the answer to every other question except for the dream bands.Toughest one, uh'€¦uh'€¦uh. It'€™s weird for me because I don'€™t usually listen to this kind of music. If you were to be like '€™What bands do you want to go on tour with?'€
Well, it could be personally too because that happens all the time with bands. It'€™s like look at Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, what he'€™s doing.
Tom: It would be really fun with like Blink 182 just because I want to see how stupid backstage they are. It'€™s really all I want to see is like all the shenanigans they have. I mean, like growing up, Blink 182 was when I was like fourteen years old and they were like blowing up but Blink 182 was one of the bands that were really like gods. In terms of their music, but they really motivated me to really want to do it because of how much fun they were having. Everything they do and like they totally took the whole look at everything. It wasn'€™t like '€œOoh! How we can look pretty today?'€ I just would really like to have fun with them. Um, it'€™s a really hard question.
Nick: I can only think of two.
Tom: What two can you think of?
Nick: Copeland and the Get Up Kids. Blink would be amazing too, I mean I grew up on Blink. It'€™s like a go to answer. Growing up with Blink I mean, because anyone that'€™s a little bit older, they'€™d be like well Blink sucks but we at our age are like their perfect target audience.
That was like our generation.
Nick: I think if I had like a hot tub time machine, I'€™d go back and hang out with them. Just to be like hanging out with them, like the Ramones in the Jacuzzi.
Tom: Dude, I was watching this thing with like the eighties hair metal stuff. I totally should have been born in the seventies so I could have played music in the eighties. It was sick! It was awesome.
Nick: I could believe that!
Like everyone always says Jimmy Eat World and you'€™d be the kid that would say Poison.

What would you say is your favorite part of playing shows and I don'€™t know how much touring you'€™ve done?
Tom: I like waking up in the morning after shows because I feel like right now like we'€™re playing shows and you really want to connect with everybody after but like I have to wake up at six Monday thru Friday. So, if we play Sunday night or any day during the week, I feel like I want to be able to get all my time just hanging out after shows and meeting people but I can'€™t do that during the week. I try, but I can'€™t. There'€™s a limit to it and then touring is awesome because you'€™re meeting new people every night, you'€™re meeting new people from different areas. Everybody is completely different. So, that'€™s my favorite part of touring and the malls! I really like walking around malls. I'€™m down with the malls, malls are always fun!
Nick: Ooh, we'€™re getting the stink eye! (Danny from LANNEN FALL was watching as we did the interview). What'€™s this all about? Hi Danny! I think it'€™s a give in, just playing, doing what we'€™re doing but the part that I think about the most, the happiest part is not going to my crappy retail job. That is the best, like I'€™ve had four days off and played shows three out of four of those days. Supposed to be four out of four, but one got canceled. It'€™s such an awesome feeling! I have maybe ten dollars to my name but it'€™s awesome. I'€™ll make it work!

What can fans look forward to when going to a live show from you guys?
Nick: Um, I think to just have fun. Like, I don'€™t know. I don'€™t really hear a difference because we'€™re in the band . I think they can expect to hear something that's not like everything else? I don'€™t know I mean I'€™m hesitant to say that because then it kind of sounds like we'€™re putting ourselves out there on a limb. Maybe they came to expect to see a pop punk band then find a band that they never thought they'€™d like.
And now they will!
Nick: We don'€™t scream! We don'€™t yell!
Tom: I think my biggest thing at shows is like meeting bands and they'€™ve all played crappy shows for like two people and you have those shows where you'€™re totally down. You don'€™t want to move, you really just don'€™t care. Even if we have those shows where there aren'€™t a lot of people there, We really just kind of give 200 % and like not go too crazy but have fun and make sure people see that we'€™re having fun. You see those bands and you know they'€™re having a bad night and you totally get turned off. You feel like, '€˜they'€™re really bummed right now'€™ and they don'€™t play as well.
Nick: These kids came out to the show to have fun. Just because you know, hundreds of other kids didn'€™t show up doesn'€™t mean they shouldn'€™t have a good time. Like they paid the money, they should get the same show they have when we'€™re playing in front of hundreds of people.

What'€™s the craziest place you'€™ve played?
(both look at each other!)
Both: Palladium!
Nick: As a band, we collectively all agree that we never thought we would play there. Never once thought we would play that stage.
So you played it that night with Vanna?
Both: Yeah!
Nick: It was the stage I saw Blink 182 on for the first time. That was my dream stage to play! It was a dream come true! Unreal.
Tom: I would have to agree. Like me growing up, I went to shows there all the time back in high school and stuff. I'€™ve been there more times than I can remember. Just to finally actually play there was really cool. So weird how different it looks from the stage. You look at the stage and you'€™re like oh my god that looks huge but when you get on the stage, you realize how little the stage is with the entire crowd. Like you'€™re really not that high up, it'€™s insane.
It'€™s so much different than the upstairs. In comparison, the upstairs is like tiny.
Nick: Yeah, definitely it is!

Then let'€™s say what would be your dream venue to play if Palladium is your favorite?
Tom: I'€™m gonna say the Comcast Center.
That can happen, at like Warped.
Tom: No no, I want to play just the Comcast center, like the official stage. Saw Blink 182 there. It holds like 12,000 people or something ridiculous!
Nick: I feel like the arena is the go to answer but even realistic or unrealistic I don'€™t know but House of Blues in downtown disney.
Tom: Oooh!

What would be your favorite treat?
Tom: Like if someone were to bring us a snack? Funfetti cupcakes! Totally, not the knock off fun fetti, it needs to be the real frosting.
Nick: Orange Monster drink! Like that'€™s all you need to do, just bring me a four pack of orange monster and it will be amazing. And you'€™ll save our lives, because we'€™re driving late nights and we'€™ll stay awake! You'€™ll actually be saving my life and ending it because you'€™ll be aiding me getting diabetes.
Tom: And then I won'€™t crash, because he'€™ll be awake so he'€™ll keep me awake.
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Every Avenue

Pop punk is extremely popular and I'€™m pretty sure that trend won'€™t be stopping any time soon. The trouble that comes with this scene though is the same band recycled and repeated happening all of the time. One of those bands though that stands out amongst the rest is Every Avenue. With their classic rock moves and feel on stage, they prove the stereotypes wrong that you have to wear neon all the time while on stage and sing love songs through out their set.

Constantly on the road doing their first full US headliner with Sing It Loud, There for Tomorrow and The Secret Handshake the band shows no signs of stopping and have even been announced for their new tour with the first '€œFearless Records Tour'€. I recently got the chance to sit down with Dave, Josh and Dennis from the band where we talked about everything from some of their craziest tour experiences to why they chose to cover '€˜Take Me Home'€™ for the new Punk Goes to how they normally go about the songwriting process!

Josh: '€˜Somebody turn the lights on'€™

Ready? This is a little soft one to get into it but I just did Sparks The Rescue right after your winter headlining tour, and Alex and Toby told me about this experience where you were branding each other with butter knifes and you had mascara mustaches. So, I know that'€™s pretty crazy but what happened there?
Josh: I actually do have two brand marks on my ass and they'€™re going to be there for life for sure (laughs) but yeah I got branded with a hot butter knife by Toby, I think it was him who gave them to me. They'€™re good friends of ours and we have some fun on tour with those guys.
Dennis: Matt tried to steal a car that night.
Josh: Yep! We had a wild night!
Dave: The French metal band.
Josh: No, it was Russian! We started a metal band, I think it was like me, Jimmie, Toby and Nate. They had mascara mustaches and uni brows.
Dennis: They got pretty big for a minute.
Josh: Yeah, we had a couple songs. There was '€˜Pots and Pans'€™.
Dave: '€œPans and Pots'€.
Josh: You weren'€™t in the band bro! (laughing)
Dave: I was sleeping that night and by sleeping I mean'€¦

Then another little soft one. I know you covered '€œTake Me Home'€ for your cover. How did you choose that song? Were you given choices or how did you go about that?
Dave: Yeah, we had a few choices and that was just the one that we went with. Like '€œYeah, we like Eddie Money'€.
Josh: It was a safer song.
Dennis: It felt like it could be a Every Avenue song some what. So, we went for it.

(At this point in the interview, Jess Bowen of the Summer Set began sound checking drums, along with the rest of the band on stage).
Josh: Shut up! We'€™re doing an interview and you have a broken leg!
Dave: He'€™s going to say '€˜Oh my god, my foot hurts!'€™
Brian of SUMMER SET: Broken foot!
Josh: Same thing. Leg, foot. Wait, your foot'€™s broken? I haven'€™t heard anything about that!
Dennis: I didn'€™t know it was broken at all. I'€™ve never heard him talk about that. Hasn'€™t on this tour.

How has the tour been going so far?
Josh: It'€™s been amazing, so much fun! Like it'€™s cool because I feel like on this tour there'€™s not big egos and stuff like everyone'€™s just hanging out, having fun.
Dave: We know it'€™s going well because it'€™s the fastest tour like we'€™ve ever been on. It'€™s just started and it already is almost over.
Josh: Yeah exactly. I'€™m kind of sad.

Then if you could collaborate with any other band or artist on this tour, so Never Shout Never, The Cab, Hey Monday or The Summer Set, who would it be and what do you think the song would be about?
Josh: I'€™d like to write with Chris, because his style is definitely a lot different than ours but I think it would be cool. He'€™s a good songwriter, I think it would be fun. He writes a lot too so I think it would be fun. All the guys from his band are really, really good musically as well.
Dave: Probably end up getting pretty messed up and not writing anything.
Josh: There would probably be something there.

'€˜Picture Perfect'€™ just came out in November. How, maybe not necessarily sales wise, but how has it been doing with the kids? You guys have been touring so much these past few months for it.
Dave: It'€™s been great! I think it'€™s really cool to see the different reactions from kids and like how they'€™ve been reacting to the songs. Hearing them sing along every night, just like more kids have been singing along and are aware of the record. It'€™s been cool!
Josh: It'€™s been positive!
Dennis: Everyone that we meet says they hate it, but they'€™re lying!
Josh: We know it, in our hearts!

At the end of this month, you'€™ll be heading over to the Uk. What are you looking forward to most from these sets?
Dennis: Kids are way crazier. Kids aren'€™t as spoiled over there because they don'€™t really get as many tours and stuff. So, it'€™s like we always have a lot of a fun in the UK.
Josh: It should be warm for once!
Dave: Yeah it'€™s going to be warm. Snake bites, party time. Slam Dunk!
Josh: Kids are more like, they just go to these shows where they don'€™t want to see one band, they want to see the entire show. It'€™s like really cool I think.
Dennis: It'€™s a cool vibe over there.

Then what would you say is your favorite part of touring?
Josh: Being able to play music every night and just like seeing the world with my friends. It'€™s pretty cool that I'€™ve been like able to travel so much just doing what I like to do that I would be doing anyways. Like even if I had a 9 to 5, I'€™d still be playing music every night so it'€™s cool that I get to see the world doing that.
Dave: It'€™s a dream come true! It really is.
Josh: No, it really is. We'€™re all very happy to be doing what we'€™re doing.

How do you typically go about the songwriting process? Is it one person, is it with everyone doing different things?
Dave: For the most part, I think like me, Josh and Jimmie, we always present our ideas to each other and we'€™ll go with an idea if we all like it. Just everyone will put in their input and we'€™ll go from there. Try to have everyone contribute, but there'€™s no set way, like we won'€™t start with like lyrics, or a part of a melody. It'€™s just whoever'€™s idea it is, if we'€™re inspired by it, be like '€˜alright, cool'€™.
Josh: Dennis writes and sells songs for other bands.
Dennis: I'€™ve been getting a pretty penny from that for a while now.
Josh: Don'€™t you write all The Secret Handshake'€™s songs? He'€™s on our upcoming tour. Probably shouldn'€™t say that!
Dave: That was a joke! The music drowned it out.
You guys are so bad!
Dennis: What about that weather?

If you could hit the road with any three dream acts, who do you think they would be?
Dennis: Weezer maybe?
Dave: Weezer definitely.
Josh: Personally, I'€™d like to play with Elvis Costello. That'€™s one of mine, for sure.
Dave: I liked Weezer a lot, that'€™s a good one.

What can fans look forward to from you guys these next few months? There are so many rumors swirling about you guys with a summer tour I believe. There for Tomorrow did tell me, but I didn'€™t want them to get in trouble.
Dave: Yeah, we'€™re doing a summer tour with us, Sing It Loud, The Secret Handshake and There for Tomorrow.
Josh: It'€™s going to be fun!
Dennis: They are in trouble! Especially Maika. I'€™m just kidding.
Josh: We can'€™t wait, we'€™re excited. It'€™s our first full US headliner so we'€™re excited and scared and feels like our first date.
Dave: Yeah. In the car, just can'€™t wait.

Then a little goofy one, what do you think you would be doing if you weren'€™t in music?
Dave: I decided today that I would want to be homeless. I would make a lot of money being homeless.
Josh: I'€™d be an elevator inspector.
Dennis: You would be. I would sell drugs. Lots of drugs.
Dave: I could help with that because I'€™ll be homeless. I could probably do crack.

What was the first show you went to as a kid?
Dave: First big show that I went to was MxPx, Good Charlotte and Ultimate Fakebook.
Josh: They'€™re awesome! Them and Fairweather always used to tour together.
Dennis: They were who I saw Fall Out Boy for the first time with.
Josh: My first concert I think was with the Gaither vocal group. Southern gospel sung by four men who are intently in love with Jesus.
Dave: It'€™s funny because he'€™s not lying.
Josh: My first like show, show was Sugarcult, Auto Pilot Off in eighth grade. Then I went to see like 311 when I was in fifth grade with my mom. She got drunk and I was like '€˜What up mom?!'€™.
Dave: Special blunts?
Josh: Yeah man, I was smoking so much fifth grade!

Such a bad ass!
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Amber Hayes

Talented Amber Hayes just released her great single "C'Mon" off her soon to be released same-titled album. Amber is a real entertainer. She recently played the role of Kathy Twitty in the 'Conway Twitty Musical' and just signed a new record deal with FUNL. I had the chance to speak to her about her new album "C'Mon", the Mickey Mouse-club (yes, the same as Justin Timbelake), current sad events (Nashville flooding), and much more!!

Amber Hayes - interview
[Q]: First off, great song "C'Mon". What's the story behind the song??
We wrote "C'Mon" on a writers' retreat in California. We actually wrote it on the way to the beach one day. We decided to write a fun, summertime song and by the time we got back from the beach the song was done! I don't really know who came up with the hook, but we started writing from that and it just happened. I love the Judds and the feel of this song was built around that type of vibe.

[Q]: Will the new album "C'Mon" be in the same style or can we expect something new/else? When can we buy it??
Yes, the other songs on the album will be similiar to "C'Mon," as most of the songs will have fiddle and steel. The lyrics/subject matter will fit in with Country radio and their listeners. The album will be out on August 31st and I'm so excited!

[Q]: You've taken a very different path then your "The Mickey Mouse Club"-collegues. How come??
I was ten when I became a finalist in the "The Mickey Mouse Club" audition process. My mom made it really clear to me that if I chose to move forward and compete in the final auditions, I would have to move to Orlando. We decided to withdraw because of the strain it was going to put on my family. My mom and brother would have had to move to Orlando too, which meant moving away from the rest of my family. My family is really close and keeping us together was more important. I'm glad that we made that decision, because I have always wanted to do Country Music since I was little and I think that the choice to stay in Oklahoma and play fairs, festivals, and Opry's in my area helped me become the Country artist that I am today. Plus, I got to be a kid!

[Q]: How did the role Kathy Twitty in 'It's Only Make Believe '€“ The Conway Twitty Musical' contributed in your pursue as a recording artist??
I was working on my career as a Country recording artist before I auditioned for the part in the Conway Musical. I was actually working on this album - writing and recording - while I was on the road with the musical. When I heard that they were having auditions for the "Conway Twitty Musical," I just saw an opportunity to combine two things that I loved: Country Music and theater. I have been involved in theater off and on since I was young, and I have always enjoyed it. Getting to play Kathy Twitty in the Conway musical was an amazing experience, and it did make me a better performer. Every night I was on stage three-quarters of the show - on big stages, and in front of big crowds. I also got to hear Conway's music every night, so that made me want to be a better songwriter, too. Playing Kathy Twitty, Conway's daughter, I told the story of Conway's life through her eyes and got to tell the story of his musical journey - 55 No. 1 songs and a career like Conway's is inspiring, to say the least!

[Q]: Can we expect to see you in a musical anytime soon? If so, please give us a sneak-preview...?
Right now I am not working or planning on doing theater any time soon, but I am always open to doing it again. I love it! I am focusing on building my career as a recording artist. Although, one of my dreams is to be in a Broadway show one of these days!

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as an artist??
Longevity! I want to be an artist that is around and still touring in 40 years and playing the Opry every chance I get. One of my biggest goals is to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry. I have a love for Country music and a respect for the history of Country music and to be a member of the Opry would be a dream come true.

[Q]: How do you feel about the recent events of Nashville's flooding and the Gulf Oil??
Although I had some minor flood damage to my home, it was nothing compared to a lot of people in Nashville, including my friend, Jeannie Seely. It was so sad to see people lose everything, including some lives. To see the Opry stage under water was hard to stomach. But, the way Nashville responded made me love this town even more. Tennessee is the "Volunteer State," and we certainly lived up to our name. The Gulf is such a disaster on so many levels, and I hope the country comes together and helps each other, just like Nashville did.

[Q]: Which World-Cup soccer team would you like to win the Cup 2010? Why??
Well, I don't really follow soccer too much. Of course, I would have liked to see the U.S. go a little further than they did, but I'm proud of them. I love the NFL, though, and I am a huge Titans fan!

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you??
Recently, I have been on a radio tour, so I have been visiting several stations a day. Those days start pretty early since we normally visit a station during their morning show and then finish up the day with a visit during drive time. We just finished up the first leg of the tour, visiting 24 stations in 10 days, and we are leaving next week for another week of radio visits. I am having a blast! I have waited a long time to get the opportunity to share my music with radio and their listeners. It's really, really an exciting time in my life!

[Q]: Final words??
I just feel so blessed to have a great team of people that believe in me, my music, and my journey. I am looking forward to what is ahead for all of us! I am truly living my dream!
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I'€™ve been on a trend lately covering singer/songwriters and I'€™ve found quite a few extremely talented ones. Be it people who write about young love to death and back again, but the most recent is Christofer Drew and The Never Shout band. That name might be not quite as familiar as NeverShoutNever but it'€™s one in the same. It started off as a myspace phenomenon but since then, the music has tilted all over the spectrum and now we'€™re feeling quite the folky rock vibe which is something I think a lot of fans will appreciate. The music that is sure to be a hit on '€œHarmony'€ is definitely taking it back to the roots a little bit, but with a little more of a folk flare.

Now known as Christofer Drew, as he suggested, and the Never Shout band, they currently find themselves in the studio working on their latest record '€œHarmony'€. With the last record coming out just in January, it seems strange to some people to put out another record so soon, but in our interview he told me that currently he is writing so many songs that he just wants them to get out there. This is becoming a common fad, releasing Ep'€™s/records with fewer tracks but putting out new music more often, as was discussed in an upcoming interview I did with The Spill Canvas who are heading in the same direction.

Read on for more of the interview that included the tour mascot pug, and Chris and the boys busting out songs on the guitar, with Mr. Drew providing background music to the other members'€™ answers!

You'€™re playing all of Warped Tour this summer? What are you most excited for? It'€™s pretty much summer camp!
Chris: Yeah, exactly. Um, I think I'€™m excited to just hang out with the rest of the bands. Hopefully get a sweet tan, get burned the first week and then eventually it will turn into a tan and you know I'€™m just ready to play and grow as a band. Grow with the people in our scene, you know because we have a music scene right now and I hope that you know it can be a time where the scene will come together, maybe do something cool.

Another goofy one about touring to get started. This tour'€™s almost over so if you could collaborate with any other band on this tour, so Every Avenue, Hey Monday, The Summer Set or the Cab, who would it be and what would the song be about?
Chris: Um, I think that I would collab with all the bands and we would play a song about friendship.
Taylor: Yeah! We'€™d play you got a friend in me.
Chris: It would go a little something like this. Okay, you sing the Summer Set'€™s part and then you sing (towards Nick, his merch guy) The Cab'€™s part. I'€™ll sing Hey Monday'€™s part and Never Shout'€™s part.

'€˜Friends are like, friends
(Nathan chimes in)
I like my friends on the Ap Tour,
I want to hang out with my friends till the end,
My friiiiiends.
I want to hang..with my friends'€™.

Chris: It would go a little something like that. Just an idea I'€™ve been working on.

What made you first start getting interested in doing music?
Chris: I don'€™t know really. I played tennis growing up, and that was okay. Then I got an injury, stopped playing tennis as much and my dad let me borrow his guitar, learned a couple songs on that you know. I kind of went from there and just started writing. It was a free way for me to express myself you know what I mean. It was an easy way. I'€™m not usually the best with words, but whenever I get down in front of a guitar, it just kind of flows. Everything just kind of works and makes sense, it just feels natural. I'€™m just going to keep going with it.
Taylor: I don'€™t know like freshman year of high school, something like that was when I first started playing music I guess with Chris. What about you Nick?
Nick: Same story!
Chris: No, tell a story Nick.
Nick: We'€™ve all like known each other for ever, pretty much the same story.

Then '€œWhat Is Love'€ was a 7 or 8 track record. Around there.
Chris: I don'€™t know, 9 or 8 or 10, maybe 6.
Taylor: Anywhere between five and twenty.
Chris: Yeah, it was somewhere in between there.

Not based on sales but how do you think kids are reacting to the record?
Chris: Um, I don'€™t think they like it very much. I think that they wanted some stuff that was a little more traditional to my roots and I gave them kind of the opposite. I just wanted to make like a fifties album which I thought was pretty bold and pretty cool. I'€™ve been getting a lot of negative feedback from it but other than that, if anything it'€™s just given me more will power for this next record just to f***ing kick ass. I'€™m just going to kind of go for it with this next one and just try to blow some peoples'€™ socks off. The last one was more of just an experimentation album from smoking, writing crazy songs.

Is there a goal for that record like maybe this year?
Chris: Yeah, I think we'€™re going to put it out in August. We'€™re going to try to go for two albums a year. Just makes more sense that way because I'€™m writing a lot of songs you know so I want to be able to get them out.

Then you put out a video obviously for '€œWhat Is Love'€ a while ago. If you could pick any other song, what would it be and what do you think would be the craziest concept you could think up for a video?
Chris: I'€™d probably do '€œSacrilegious'€™. I don'€™t know if I would do it to the actual MP3 recording, I'€™d maybe re-record it live with a twenty piece black choir in a catholic church singing it and with a guitar. At the end, having the choir come in and just make it the most sacrilegious thing possible. Piss as many people off as I can.

This is a little crazy, but if you weren'€™t doing music what do you think you would be doing?
Chris: I'€™d probably be pursuing my ping pong career. That'€™s what I'€™m going to go after after this whole music thing is done, all wrapped up.
Taylor(picking up his paddle): There'€™s his paddle right there! That old thing!
Chris: Don'€™t even get me started on ping pong.
Taylor: That thing has seen a lot of games.
Chris: That'€™s my fourth passion.

What was the first CD you ever bought as a kid?
Chris: I bought an Outkast CD! Forgot what the album was called, but I bought it and me and my friend used to play basketball in the playground together listening to that album. It just kind of hit me, you know '€œI'€™m sorry Miss Jackson'€, '€œSo Fresh and So Clean'€, '€œBombs over Baghdad'€. They were really putting out very strong music back then.

Then the first show?
Chris: I think the first show I ever went to was a local band called Everwill. They were playing a show in a basement of a church. Went down there and head banged for about two hours. It was pretty cool. What about you guys?
Taylor: First show? The first show I ever went to, I think, a local show. It was that one Showbread show.
Chris: That was a good show.
Nick: Sugar Ray.
Taylor : Sugar Ray?!
Nick: Or Weird Al. It was one of those two.

What'€™s one of the craziest things you'€™ve seen while on the road or that you'€™ve seen while at a live set?
Chris: Hmm, I don'€™t know. I'€™m never good at these questions because I feel like everything is crazy. It'€™s hard to narrow down. Craziest thing I'€™ve ever done'€¦
Taylor: (starts laughing) There'€™s wacky, there'€™s like weird zany stuff that happens but there'€™s never anything like no body like tried to tip our bus or anything crazy like that.
Chris: Or have they?!
Taylor: Sometimes we can read each other'€™s minds. That'€™s crazy.
Chris: What'€™s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on tour Nathan? Tell me about it, tell it into this microphone!
Nathan: A crazy mom in San Antonio, a soldier mom. There was a soldier mom that said that she fought in Iraq and she had to get on the bus and she demanded it. She was very forceful and I thought it was a full grown man because she was in full body armor and it kind of caught me off guard. Needless to say, Tmac (Taylor) handled it and said '€œNo!'€ and I just kind of shuddered.
Chris: What else happened Nathan?
Taylor: He also had to come get his bag in the middle of the interview. Interview (jabbing the sign on the door) in progress!
Chris: Interview in progress Nathan!
Nathan: Well, that sign'€™s been up there for days.
Chris: There'€™s an interview in progress! Nathan, what are you doing? What are you doing!? Alright, anyway!
Taylor: That'€™s the craziest thing that has happened.

I think that'€™s it, I think we just found it. If you could hit the road with any three dream acts, who would they be dead or alive?
Chris: Wait, one more time. I think, I would want to go hit the road with Jesus, Gandhi and Elvis.
Taylor: That'€™s a good couple of people to have on the road with you.
Nathan: Dream team.
Chris (singing): Jesus, Gandhi, Elvis, come on the road with me. It will be a good time, I swear to you. So, come on out! Come on shout! It will be great, it will be a date!
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Recently, I'€™ve been covering everything from screamo rock to dance pop and I have plenty coming from bands like Haste The Day to Asking Alexandria but currently there is a sweet indie tour happening with Tv/Tv, 2 Am Club and Menya coming across the country and a show couldn'€™t be more fun. With grooves that you can'€™t help but dance to, I knew I wanted to cover this show and talk to the bands that make this party happen. I sat down with lead vocalist of Tv/Tv Josh Ocean at the show the other night and it was clear that a lot has been happening for this band since the last time I got the chance to catch up with them.
With a new record coming out this fall and lots of touring in the plans, this band is sure to be all over your radar the rest of this year. They recently came off a tour with Chicago favorite Empires and are currently rocking the dance clubs on this run. They'€™ll also be recording a live EP that they are giving to fans for free at their upcoming Webster Hall show in New York City on Wednesday night. Check out our interview for what'€™s in the works for all the fans, silly band robberies and their songwriting process amongst other things!

So a little soft one to start, I know you have a new record coming out really soon but if you could do like any other song from one of the EP'€™s or the new one, if you could make a video for one what would be the craziest concept?
Oh the craziest concept? Well, we are going to be shooting our first music video in July which I guess starts tomorrow and we'€™ve been debating the concept and there'€™s been a few but one that we'€™ve been talking about amongst ourselves and thought would be really funny is to just take an eighties party and recreate it as authentic as possible and like not in a joke way but like in a very authentic eighties idea. Like a beach party, something like that.

Then obviously you played the Warped Tour all last summer with a bunch of different bands but if you could pick, now that the Warped Tour is going on again, any band to collaborate with that you toured with on that tour, who would they be?
Well, I really liked 3OH!3 a lot. Those guys were really cool. I really do like their songs, I think that they'€™re doing something really cool. Who else? Definitely the band TAT, we always love those guys and I mean a band like Bouncing Souls I really liked. I love those guys so much.

And then what made you personally start getting interested in doing music?
What made me? I don'€™t know, it'€™s kind of just I'€™ve always been into music like my whole life. I don'€™t know, just going as far back as I can remember. I just always loved music, getting tapes, watching shows.

Then the first single has come out-
Yeah we put a song out. We haven'€™t officially released it. It'€™s definitely going to be, I think '€œMuch Too Much'€ will be the single. Have you listened to it?
I have listened to it!
Do you like it?
I like it!
I'€™m excited to see it live. I got to catch a bit of your live show at Warped last year when I was coming in.
Oh cool! Well we actually have a new drummer and keyboard player now so we'€™re a lot different then we were live and we'€™re actually going to be recording a live EP which we'€™re recording on July 7th at Webster and we'€™re going to be giving that out for free so we'€™re pretty excited about that.

Good! How has the song been doing like how have kids been reacting?
I think people have been reacting really well. I mean we haven'€™t, you know, been pushing it. We kind of just posted it up so people can hear some new stuff but everyone that'€™s heard it has been like '€™wow'€™. It'€™s gotten a very positive reaction, let'€™s put it that way and I'€™m happy with it.

And I know you'€™re really active on Facebook and Ustream and you guys have been really trying to be like active with the fans. How do you think that'€™s affected where you'€™ve gotten to today?
I think it really helps. I mean I think in this day and age in 2010, it'€™s really important to just have a connection because everyone is so used to getting as much information as possible. I mean something like the ustream is really fun for us. We haven'€™t done it in a while because we'€™ve been kind of busy with a lot of other things but we'€™ll start back up.

When can kids look forward to this new record?
It'€™s going to come out in the fall and I know like we originally said Spring and then we said summer but it will definitely be done. Like, it will be out in the fall.

And then, is it different from the EP'€™s? Has the sound changed?
It'€™s completely different. I don'€™t know, what do you think of Much Too Much? Is it a lot different then the past?
I really like Much Too Much. I'€™ve listened to the last EP and I heard a few songs from before like Indie Rock Girl but it'€™s different in a good way.
Yeah. I mean we always liked change and stuff and now that we'€™re making our debut album like we kind of wanted to do it the way that we wanted to do it and we just wanted to make sure it was what we wanted. The new songs really represent us a lot more versus the stuff in the past where we were working with producers that I don'€™t think really hit the nail on the head but we just love recording music. So we'€™re really excited about it.

Then how do you normally go about the writing process? Is it one person, is it more collective?
The writing process, it usually starts with an idea that either I'€™ll have or Doc will have or we'€™ll take both of our ideas and kind of push them together. Then, we kind of do a demo and we bring it to the band and we just kind of all feel it out.

Then I know the recording process for this record was a little crazy. I watched a couple of the you tube videos like recording in an abandoned church and with all these insane tools. How did it go for you? It was obviously different from the ep'€™s.
Oh yeah. Well, we actually recorded parts of it on analog tapes in a church in upstate New York. That was really cool and it was just like a real cool experience to take a step back from like all the digital stuff and it kind of stepped up our game. I mean we love recording so it'€™s been great.

Then you recently did a tour with Empires and before that it had been a while since you'€™ve toured because you'€™ve been working on the record. How did it feel to be back on the road and now going back on?
Absolutely amazing. We love touring so much and Empires are awesome, really great guys. We all became such great friends and it was really awesome. That tour was one that we'€™ll all really remember.

Good! What'€™s your favorite part of touring?
Um, I think there are a lot of favorite parts. One of them is obviously getting to play our music to people.

What'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve experienced or seen while on the road?
Oh man! Um, well today while we were standing outside Good Goose (of Menya) got robbed. He had one of those silly string..silly bands and this kid came over and was like '€˜oh which one is that?'€™ and he pulled it off his wrist and just walked away so that'€™s one of the crazier things we'€™ve seen. I don'€™t know, I feel like we'€™ve seen a lot of crazy stuff. (Turns to the rest of the band who was in the booth next to us) . Yo, what'€™s one of the craziest things we'€™ve seen on the road?
- I feel like we'€™ve seen some crazy stuff. Oh the drag race!
The fast and the furious! Like we were coming home from the Empires tour like the last day. We were coming home over the bridge coming back to Manhattan and all of the sudden like the highway just closed down and there was like, we thought it was an accident because there was all this traffic and like a few cars up ahead. We see this smoke and people running out of their cars'€™ and there'€™s like all this noise. Then we look down both sides of the highway and there'€™s like two cars and they'€™re yelling at each other and we were like, holy shit we'€™re going to see a gang fight or something because we were like up in the Bronx I think or whatever you know. We were on the bridge but we were like '€˜oh my god, what'€™s going on'€™. We were like a few sections apart from it and all of the sudden, the cars start screeching and they go straight off and they shut down the highway. These guys like planned out shutting down the highway and had a car drag race like right in front of us. It was pretty crazy.

Then what can kids look forward to coming out to a live show from you guys? I know you said it changed quite a bit since they probably saw you last.
Definitely, our live show is a lot different. We added a few more players now and I'€™ve kind of focused more on singing, not playing as much guitar. We just have such a great time and the chemistry with the guys in the band right now, we all just feel really great. We'€™re all just having a really great time and I think everyone feels the same way. That'€™s why we'€™re really looking forward to doing the live EP.

What was the first record you bought and the first show you went to?
Oh well the first show I went to, well like the first show show, was one of my favorite bands when I was in high school with Face to Face in 1999. The summer before like high school and the tickets were 9.75 and Alkaline Trio opened for them and Kid Dynamite also played. Kid Dynamite was awesome and it was when they had just released the Ignorance is Bliss album and they played a lot of songs from that and when it was the four of them but then Chad like dropped off and they became a three piece so that was really exciting.
Then like the first concert I went to was like a few summers before. I saw Counting Crows and the Wallflowers. I like loved the Wallflowers.
Then the first CD you bought.
Oh yeah the first CD. Well I remember the first like group of CD'€™s I got for Christmas and they were like Surf'€™s Up music which I guess my mom bought for me probably and the Weezer Blue album. The Weezer Blue album was one of my first like Cds I remember in that I listened to like every song and one I still have. Also, Nirvana Unplugged was one of those first Cds that I like really rocked because I always loved Nirvana.

Do you think it has any influence on what you'€™re doing today musically?
Oh yeah absolutely. Everything that I'€™ve ever listened to has an influence on me for sure.
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