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Silverstein is normally seen as one of the biggest harder music forces in Canada and over time, I have had the chance to sit down with Shane the lead singer twice and luckily at an extremely historic time for a band. The band is currently celebrating ten years as a band and seem to be moving non stop just as they always have. They just finished a tour with A Day To Remember, headlined their own back in October with Madina Lake and Closure in Moscow to name a few and will be headlining one of the most exciting tours to see this summer along with releasing a live CD/DVD package!
They'€™ll be the headlining act on the Scream It Like You Mean It tour this summer that also plays temporary home to bands like Dance Gavin Dance, I Set My Friends On Fire, Story of the Year and We Came As Romans just to name a few! They also, as we talked about in this interview, released their brand new live CD/DVD that they filmed at a four night stand at El Mocambo that also includes interviews from people who have been on this journey with the band and the members themselves. Lots is going on for this band right now and lucky for me, I got the chance to talk about it all with Shane!

(Q):If you could collaborate with any other band on this tour, who would they be and what do you think the song would be about?
I think it would be cool to do like '€œTake Me Out To The Ball game'€ with August Burns Red. We'€™re all pretty big baseball fans and we got a chance to go to the Mets game in New York yesterday. None of us are Mets fans, but we just love baseball so it was fun to go to that. We'€™ll do '€œTake Me Out To The Ball Game'€, that would be pretty awesome.

(Q):Then how has the tour been going so far, you said before it'€™s been really crazy.
It'€™s been nuts! Like, we'€™ve done a lot of tours in our ten year career but this tour is definitely the most, the highest demand I'€™ve ever seen for a tour. I mean we'€™ve done like huge tours where like twenty thousand people would come an I'€™ve seen just like every show be sold out, but these are like extra sold out to the point where people are just like just wanting a ticket so bad, they'€™re doing anything to get into the show. I'€™ve never really seen that kind of hype or demand for a tour so it'€™s been crazy and people are coming out and lining up like all night. Just camping out and everything so it'€™s been pretty cool. Well, it was Florida so it'€™s not that hard to camp out in Florida but still sick.

(Q):Now, I never asked this question in our last one. What made you actually first start wanting to do music?
Well when I was a kid my family were always music fans. You know, like around the house my mom always would put on like Led Zeppelin records and we were just always listening to Kiss records. My dad'€™s into like the old fifties and sixties rock music and stuff and they always listened to music around the house and my dad plays a little bit of guitar so he played guitar and sings, so music was kind of always around. My whole family can play piano except me too but It wasn'€™t really until I was about, somewhere between 10 and 12 years old, and I heard the band Metallica for the first time with my sister and like right when I heard that, I was just like I'€™d heard it before. It was so familiar to me and like the sound and the music and I really just like wanted to create that somehow and that'€™s when I decided I wanted to play guitar and electric guitars. So, my parents'€™ got me one and I started taking guitar lessons. From then, like my interest in music grew and grew and I got into more and more different types of bands and stuff. Until you know, I got into like starting my own band and punk bands, hardcore bands and here I am today with Silverstein so it'€™s kind of ramped up and it was never like something that I wanted to do as a career per say because I never thought I was going to have an opportunity to. You know, I'€™m sure some bands are like '€™Yeah I always knew I was going to do this'€™, I didn'€™t feel that way at all. I just loved it as a hobby and now to have the chance to do it as a career is great.

(Q):Then your last record, it'€™s been out for just over a year now. How do you think that'€™s been doing through all of these tours and the kids reactions maybe?
Yeah, it'€™s doing awesome! So many people who have come out have told me it'€™s like their favorite Silverstein record and how awesome it is, their favorite record of the year. It'€™s cool because a lot of bands, they seem to start strong and every record, they get a little bit worse. For us to feel like we'€™ve made our best record ever on our fourth record and not only feel that way but actually have the fans agree is a really, really great thing. So, the record is doing well commercially and you know it'€™s kind of cool when people are yelling out your new songs and not your old songs at shows so it'€™s great!

(Q):Then how did that recording process differ for that album maybe because it was the last for Victory. Did it matter?
Well, the recording process was different but it wasn'€™t different because it was our last with Victory at all. You'€™re right about us being done with Victory. We signed for four records and we'€™re done but at the time of recording the record, we were still doing a record for Victory and like we were still on Victory until now basically. So, the recording process was different because we made the record in Canada at home which we hadn'€™t done since our first record. We did the entire record in one studio where as before we would do like drums in one studio, guitars in one studio, like we moved around. So, we did it all in one studio the whole record and we spent a lot more time on it. So we had, I don'€™t remember exactly how many weeks for tracking, but we had a lot more time. I guess there was a lot of pressure still like there always is to make a great record but I didn'€™t feel the time constraints like I did for '€œArrivals and Departures'€ where it was like looking at the schedule and I'€™m like '€˜Shit, we'€™re a day late and now we'€™re three days late and I still haven'€™t done any vocals. Like I don'€™t want to have to squeeze all my vocals into the last like four days'€™. That was a very big concern where as this record, we were so far ahead of schedule and we had so much time. I'€™d like roll in and I'€™d be like '€™Yeah, I don'€™t really feel like singing today'€™ and it would be like '€™alright, let'€™s go for lunch and let'€™s just work on something else. Let'€™s do like some guitar effect stuff today'€™. We had like this flexibility with this record recording which made it more fun, made it less seem like work and, I don'€™t know, by far the most fun I'€™ve had with recording anything in my life. So, it was great!

(Q):And then, you did a short residency at El Mocambo. How did that come about/how did it end up going for you? I believe it was pulling one full record every night along with some raritys/b-sides/requests.
Well, um we'€™ve been a band for ten years now, it'€™s our tenth year anniversary. We wanted to do something special for that and also with '€˜A Shipwreck In The Sand'€™ being a concept record, we always thought it would make sense to play it in its'€™ entirety. We hadn'€™t had a chance to do that so originally we wanted to do it and do a tenth year anniversary and play the record from start to finish and I was like, '€˜Well, why don'€™t we do all of our records from start to finish?'€™
It worked out! We found a great venue that, I actually when I was a kid, my first show ever in Toronto was at that venue (my first band) and you know a very special venue that I'€™ve seen so many great bands in over the years. It was really cool that it worked out and we were able to do it and then I'€™m sure you know about us filming it.

(Q):That was actually what I was going to ask next. Is that coming out as a live DVD of all the sets?
It'€™s not all of it, it'€™s sort of like. Well okay, we did four nights and each show was like an hour and a half. It would be like six hours or something of music, it would be a lot to mix and a lot for editing. So, what we did is we went through it and we picked like the best. We have like twenty two songs right now that we'€™re looking to put on it, like a compilation of the four shows a long with a whole bunch of other stuff about what we'€™re doing and interviews with some of our friends and fans and people that have been there for the ten years. So, we really wanted to put together like a full package. We didn'€™t want it just to be like a boring like live CD/DVD where it'€™s like one song after another. We wanted to kind of talk about and celebrate you know our career. We got Robby Starbuck, who'€™s an amazing music video director, to do it and his vision was more like he wants to make it as a music video style then like a concert dvd. So, we wanted to make it a little bit more like, I don'€™t want to say artsy because that kind of sounds like a bad word, but like we just want to make it a little bit more special so that'€™s what we did. So, I don'€™t know if it'€™s going to end up being a whole twenty two songs or just going to come back to you know sixteen or eighteen songs but we started with twenty two and we'€™ll see which ones make the cut. It will come out in June! It will be two discs with a DVD and CD.

(Q):Then, what can fans look forward to when coming out to a live show?
Well, I don'€™t know because like now, we'€™ve been a band for this long, we'€™ll kind of play anything. We'€™re not a like play the same set every night like some bands like every band on this tour no offense to them, they play the same set every day and like I could not do that. I would get bored, like I don'€™t want to be just like on a daily grind. It is enough anyways just to travel and play a show, but I don'€™t want it to be like that as much as possible so I want like, especially with a short set, the forty minutes we'€™re up there I want it to be like fun for me and exciting and if a kid comes up to me during the day and is like '€˜Would you play this song?'€™ I'€™m like '€˜Yeah, I'€™ll play that song'€™. You know because I remember being a kid, listening to bands and like they would never play the old songs I wanted to hear and I'€™d be like '€˜Hey could you play this?'€™ and they'€™d say '€˜No, we can'€™t play that song'€™ or '€˜That song sucks'€™. No, it doesn'€™t suck so we try to do that. We were doing some shows lately where we were just taking requests. We'€™d just go up there, we'€™d start the set with like two songs we wanted to play and then the rest of the time We'€™d be like '€˜Alright, what do you want to hear?'€™. It was cool, we would play any song so that'€™s something I think that kind of sets us apart and you know those shows are awesome.

(Q):And then, the new live DVD is going to come out in June. Are you going to keep touring this year? Are there plans around?
Yeah, we have another tour we'€™re going to do in July which I'€™m not sure I can talk about yet unfortunately but I'€™ll give you as much details as I think I can. It'€™s going to be like a package tour. We'€™ll be headlining it and it'€™s going to be a big, almost like a indoor festival kind of line up so it'€™s going to be about a month long and it'€™s going to be playing all the major cities. We have a great line up and it'€™s going to be something we haven'€™t really done before. It'€™s going to be cool!

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