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In the beginning, Alternative Press may have rated their first album just two stars, but in their short time since their 2008 debut record they have grown to be one of the headliners on the spring AP tour along with gracing the cover. Hey Monday, or Cassadee, Jersey, Alex and Mike, from West Palm Beach will be dropping their sophomore record later this month and after writing sessions with such musical legends as Butch Walker, it is sure to be a hit!

From our interview, Casadee, who does a lot of the writing lyrically as the lead vocalist, told me about how it has matured sound wise from their first record, '€™just a little more mature but at the same time, you know they still have that fun pop punk kind of vibe. Still very Hey Monday but you know with a little more dynamic. '€™

After relentless touring for the last two years, opening for bands like Cobra Starship, All Time Low and Fall Out Boy and even headlining their own tour this past summer, they are sure to be just starting their path into the alternative music scene, and they gave us a little view into the steps to success, be it in their music videos to their time on Warped tour this summer. They'€™ll be playing the whole thing!

Hey Monday Interview
[Q]: If you could tour with any three dream bands, who would they be?

Mike: I think collectively we'€™d all say Blink 182.
Cassadee: I'€™d like to tour with All Time Low again .Oh, Fall Out Boy if they get back together ever. Tear.
Mike: It'€™s hard to just pick a couple because we'€™ve been so lucky just to tour with really, really awesome bands that like we would tour with any of those bands again in a heart beat but there are also plenty of bands that we haven'€™t had the opportunity to tour with that we'€™ve heard are like awesome people and we love their music and stuff so we'€™d like to tour with them too. Personally JT for me.
Cassadee: Oh yeah! Huge. Openers right here. We'€™ll take it!

[Q]: Then you'€™ve been on this tour for a while, I think it'€™s almost over. How has it been going?
Cassadee: It'€™s been awesome. The shows have been crazy, kids are just coming to have a good time. They'€™re pumped and it'€™s cool because it'€™s a mix between fans of the bands and then like AP magazine fans. It'€™s a very family oriented kind of tour, a lot of kids coming with their parents and stuff. The bands are great, hang outs have been fun. Everyone'€™s cool so yeah everyone gets along pretty well. It'€™s been a good one.
It'€™s been really good for us as a band. Like any tour that we'€™re not like headlining, we'€™ve only headlined once but we always get new fans from not headlining so that'€™s always a good feeling.

[Q]: This one'€™s a little goofy but if you could collaborate with any other band on this tour, what would the song be about?
Cassadee: I'€™d like to collaborate with Christofer Drew . I would love to work with him because his music is way different then ours. I would love to just write like a kumba ya kind of song with him like a campfire song, I think that would be kind of sweet. Harmony, a duet. Boy girl duet.
Mike: All about poppin bottles and Cristal.

I believe the new album is finished.
Cassadee: Oh it'€™s almost finished. All the recording is finished. It'€™s just a matter of mixing the thing and mastering and all that fun stuff but we'€™re going back and forth about every day but yeah it'€™s going to be awesome. It'€™s going to be really good.

[Q]: So what can kids look forward to? Is it going to be different then the first one? I know you worked with Butch Walker a bit I believe.
Cassadee: Yeah, I actually wrote a song with him and recorded with him and it was just us two. We did a song together and then the rest of the record was with Sam and Dave, the ones that produced the last record. There are more cowrites on this one which was so much fun. I got to write with Rob and Eric who are in a band called the Hooters and they wrote songs like Time After Time and One of Us and then another song with Matt Scannell, the lead singer of Vertical Horizon and yeah it was a really, really good experience and the songs are just a little more mature but at the same time, you know they still have that fun pop punk kind of vibe. Still very Hey Monday but you know with a little more dynamic. The songs aren'€™t so you know go,go,go, there is just like ups and downs and everything. It'€™s going to be great.

[Q]: Then you'€™re playing all of Warped Tour this summer. What are you most looking forward to now that you'€™re playing the whole of it.
Alex: I'€™m looking forward to making new friends. There'€™s going to be so many people on the tour that I feel like we'€™re all going to come out of that tour with quite a few new people that we know each. Supposedly, it'€™s like a rock and roll summer camp. Everyone that you meet is during like the time of your life so you'€™ll always remember those people.
Cassadee: I'€™m excited to see how our crowds are because we'€™ve never played Warped Tour. We played Bamboozles and stuff but never Warped tour so I'€™m really excited to see how the crowds are and they'€™re always pumped. They'€™re hot and sweaty and they'€™re not worrying about getting hot and more hot and sweaty because they already are so they are just going to go crazy hopefully. It will be great.
Jersey: Same stage every day, that'€™s cool too. We'€™ll get used to it like that'€™s going to be so sick.
Cassadee: Yeah we'€™re on Hurley.

[Q]: What'€™s your favorite part of touring? You guys do so much of it.
Jersey: Favorite thing about touring? New cities every day. I mean honestly, I have friends at home that did four or five years of college, are in hundreds of thousands of college debt right now. They wake up at seven o'€™clock every morning, go to work until five, come home and you know they have their weekends off to party and all that and they make the best of it. They have fun but I get to hang out with like some really cool people, play music every night and wake up in a different city the next day, every day. I'€™m seeing things that I never ever thought I'€™d get to see ever in my life so that'€™s just incredible to me.

[Q]: Then what can kids look forward to if they haven'€™t seen you play live before?
Cassadee: Um, we have fun up there. A lot of people come up us to after our shows and are like '€˜Oh you guys look like you were having so much fun'€™ and we really do have fun, It'€™s not our job. I mean it'€™s obvious we have to treat it like it is a business at the end of the day but at the same time we have to have fun for it to work and we have so much fun up there. Be ready for, if you'€™re not moving around, someone to say '€˜What are you guys doing? Wake up! Have fun here!'€™ and we just love when kids get into it so we try our best to really get them pumped up and it'€™s very energetic. A good time.

[Q]: Then, how did you all personally get interested in starting music yourselves?
Cassadee: My whole family, they'€™re really into music but there'€™s not really any one that like sings and plays an instrument so my sister just takes voice lessons and she had to go get her adnoids removed so I kind of like took her place and took lessons while she was out and then I just fell in love when I was four years old. Ever since then, I'€™ve just wanted to sing.
Jersey: My first musical instrument was a little muppet babies keyboard that I had when I was like five years old and I learned how to play '€˜Mary had a little lamb'€™ on it. As soon as I did that, my parents were like '€˜Oh, that'€™s cool.'€™ so they bought me this bigger keyboard and it kind of just went from there. I started playing guitar in seventh grade, I was big into like Hanson and pop stuff. I mean, I tried to do that kind of thing in sixth grade and seventh grade, I was just always really serious into it then finally in eighth grade I got into bands like Blink 182 and like those pop punk bands that got me all super hyped on music where I would go to the concerts and it would just be like '€˜Go, that is great you know!'€™ and that'€™s what made me really want to be in like my first real band and stuff. >From there, it just kind of snowballed and I got more and more serious about it and then by the time I got to high school, it was just time to do it.
Mike: It was kind of like the same thing. I can always remember before when I was starting to walk and being in a car with my mom and dad, they always had the radio on. We'€™d stay up at night and listen to songs, but like the eighties and nineties and stuff that you can subconsciously remember hearing as a little kid like always being into music then you know I got older and more into like hearing Dammit by Blink 182 on the radio for the first time. That was in like third or fourth grade, being like Whoa this song is awesome! Then I was on this baseball tournament, and was in New York hanging out with my cousin and he took me to his basement and he had a bunch of equipment and I asked him to play a song on guitar and he did and that was when I was like in fifth grade. Then I was like wow, I want to play guitar and I got one for Christmas and just learned and then started playing in bands and like getting more and more into music then it all just kind of snowballed.
Alex: Like from my family, you know pushing music on me. I think all of us had like musical families somewhat but I started playing music when I was in elementary school like playing guitar and piano and then I got really serious about playing music when I was like twelve or thirteen and I loved it. I knew that'€™s what I wanted to do and then I joined this band when I was eighteen.

[Q]: You'€™ve released multiple videos so far, if you could pick another track off the first album, what would you choose and what would be the craziest concept you could think of?
Cassadee: I think '€˜Should have tried harder'€™ would have been really cool because there'€™s a lot that you could do with that. Like someone trying to get you back by going to outrageous measures like, I don'€™t know. Have you ever seen '€˜My Best Friend'€™s Girl'€™? Like what Jason Biggs does, like sending her flowers and all that stuff. Making faces out of donuts and weird stuff like that, that would be kind of a cool concept. We could do a spin off of '€˜My Best Friend'€™s Girl'€™. That would be cool!

[Q]: A few goofy ones now. What was the first show you went to?
Cassadee: Oh Hanson! It was definitely Hanson. I don'€™t remember who opened but it was definitely Hanson.
Jersey: Backstreet Boys. No joke!
Mike: I don'€™t remember exactly who it was but I was young and I went with my family down to the Jersey Shore sometime over the summer like spring, it might have been like the Jersey Boys, I don'€™t remember. It was just like an older group that was playing on the beach and that was my first show or concert. Then my first real one was I think Blink 182, Green Day and Jimmy Eat world, the Pop Disaster tour.
Alex: The first concert that I ever went to that was my choice was that one. The Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182 and Green Day show in West Palm Beach.

[Q]: Then the first record you bought?
Cassadee: Oh,'€œBlack and Blue'€ by the Backstreet Boys.
Jersey: Donna Lewis.
Mike: I think the first CD I ever bought was, might have been Weird Al Yankovic like '€œRunning With Scissors'€ or something like that then Barenaked Ladies.
Alex: I usually just take a guess at this, but I think I'€™m almost positive that it was like a Led Zeppelin cd like a Best Hits record or something like that.

[Q]: Then, if you weren'€™t doing music, what do you think you would be doing?
Cassadee: Oh man. Um, I'€™d be in college trying to do this but if it never worked out for a job, I'€™d either want to be at a record label or like a recording studio.
Jersey: I was working at a Apple store, so probably still be there.
Mike: I would be graduating college two days ago and having no idea what the heck I would be doing. Probably obviously trying to be in a band or something with music.
Alex: I would probably be flying planes or something. I would probably go to school to fly planes.

[Q]: Then it'€™s kind of goofy, but what would you say is your favorite treat?
Cassadee: I'€™m just going to say food, popcorn and m&m'€™s? With lots of hot butter, yum!
Jersey: Popcorn is definitely one of my favorites. Ramen probably. I even add salt.
Mike: Funny television shows that just kill time. Stuff like that.
Alex: I think my favorite thing is time off.
Jersey: No, it'€™s not! You call me after three days and you'€™re like '€˜Jersey, I'€™m bored!'€™
Alex: Not like three months, like a few days.

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