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Just released his first single "Another Classic" (a MR-favorite for no reason) and his debut album "Taking Nowhere Somewhere" is right around the corner. Cimer Amor is a Philly producer and one-half of CAEN Project. He has worked with artists as Sabac Red, Sha Stimuli, etc... I talked to Cimer about his new album, side-projects he is doing, Poynt Blanc-album, and his history.

Cimer Amor Interview
** note: I had the opportunity to talk to him using MSN. So expect a couple of grammar mistakes but heey, it's 'live' so you, as a fan, won't miss a thing. **

Jermy Leeuwis / MusicRemedy: first off, pleasure talking to you - thanks for taking the time
Jermy Leeuwis / MusicRemedy: okido, please introduce us to Cimer Amor: the producer...
Cimer Amor: What would you like to know? Just a graff head - turned my energy to making music.

Jermy Leeuwis / MusicRemedy [Q]: ok - how you did manage to get into the game? education, hobby, etc...?
Cimer Amor: like I said. I grew up a writing graffiti in philly. when I decided to give emcees a try. I didn't really get into producing until one of my people who slipt a mpc with. all he was suspose to do is make beats. when he really didn't, I started to make them myself. before you knew it I realized I was a 10x better producer then emcee. gave up rapping and the rest is history.

[Q]: ok - so you learned all by doing it yourself?

Cimer Amor: My people showed me the basics then I just kept doing myself. Kept opening up windows till I learned the machine (mpc) inside and out.

[Q]: ok - so the new album - when is it going to be released?
Cimer Amor: June 29th. Through Coalmine Records digitally, on every major online music outlet...itunes, amazon, etc as well as fat beats and ughh accesshiphop.com.

[Q]: First single 'Another Classic' is a tight song, will the album bring the same kind of songs?
Cimer Amor: Pretty much. With a little bit of variety in sound. I have introspective tracks like overtime ft rockie reyes, bounce tracks, like chose me ft caen project and hard hitters like Step Aside ft Jakk Frost, Side Effect, Baby Blak, and Daniela Romeo.

[Q]: How can a track on your album featuring CAEN Project in which you play a part?
Cimer Amor: Any track with me and equinox is a CAEN Project song. Since this is my solo album, every track with Equinox on it as a emcee his naturally caen project...even though we are doing separate stuff right now. We are still one in the same.

[Q]: ok, its better recognizable for the fans/consumers?
Cimer Amor: Yes, keeping the brand moving.

[Q]: Any secret stories behind the new album 'Taking Nowhere Somewhere' we'd have to know?
Cimer Amor: No, just kept collecting songs till I felt like I had a solid album.

[Q]: c'mon, no juicy stories?
Cimer Amor: No, just professinal emcees doing their thing. I reached out to the snowgoons for cuts before waxwork left the Snowgoons. Thats why I have waxwork featured on the album and I was already sending my album out...so no time to redo it. but he laced the track anyways.

[Q]: ahh, ok good to know - is reaching out easier since internet?
Cimer Amor: Yes, Snowgoons are peoples with my peoples so it was only natural...I cool with krush unit. Side Effect, Equinox was featured on blacksnow. So it was only natural to connect when they came to the states. Its all mutual respect.

[Q]: aight, is the first single also the best song?
Cimer Amor: I let the fans judge that. The second single ft Jakk, Side, and Black is equally as powerful but in its own right.
[Q]: ok very political answer :-)

[Q]: What's the difference between producing your own album and somebody else?
Cimer Amor: You look to fit the mold of what other people are doing for their albums, what their signature sounds is...for my album is like if you like this beat drop a verse. jakk frost probably would never have picked the beat for step aside for his album but he kills it and flips it none the less. Same for side and blak.

[Q]: Understandable, do you sometimes have to 'teach' artists that another beat fits them better?
Cimer Amor: I wouldn't say teach. Everyone one the album are dope emcees. when I name the song before they get on it like another classic...it guides them to write to the song in that manner.

[Q]: You recently twittered about an article on Huffington Post about music & money. How is that going for you?
Cimer Amor: Being a struggling artists is no joke out here. You have to be willing to pay for good quality music. You have to demand better. There are alot of people with home studio set ups that are putting so called albums out but the sound quality is a little lacking, or you put out 10 millions freestyle over industry beats instead of creating new songs. If you pay for good professional music... it will force people to make more professional music. thee old supply and demand. The easly accessable music now a days is a blessing and a curse.

[Q]: Isnot it no difference then the old days when trading tapes? only difference thats the internet made it easy-accessible and worldwide.
Cimer Amor: Yea, but people were still going into professional studio. Techonology as made independent music more accessable to make but in some ways not all ways its bring the quality down.

[Q]: Yes but that shouldnot be a problem since majority of the consumers seem to dont mind.
Cimer Amor: All I know is I give 110% everytime I do a track...from arranging the beat to selecting emcees to recording it with the one of the industries top engineers. I can't give a half ass effort. hopfully the consumers see that and reward me for that.

[Q]: Yeah, a few years ago South Park has an episode about this topic. A couple of the biggest stars (ie., Britney Spears, Will Smith, Metallica, Jay-Z, etc...) were protesting against file-sharing while earning massive amounts of money. How do you feel about the contradiction?
Cimer Amor: There is always gonna be file sharing you can't stop that, just like people back in the day people were dubbing tapes. life is abou trying to find the middle ground. I just hope people buy my music to support at the end of the day. its the old cause and effect.

[Q]: CAEN project is a classic hiphop duo, i.e., GangStarr, and the recent PaceWon & Mr Green. In what way do you separate yourselves from them?
Cimer Amor: We let the music dictate that. The music sets us a part. Just like metalica and megadeath were both power metal bands, but their personalities shown through in their music which is was separated them apart. simular in aproach but different.

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as a producer?
Cimer Amor: To make quality music...not to be afraid to take chances...not to stay in one lane. have different styles of expression. and to quit my nite job to and make a living off this.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme or pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?
Cimer Amor: I let my personal mood guide me. it will tell me what sample to chop or what notes to play. If I have to force a certain idea sometime it takes me awhile to get in the zone. sometimes its like second nature.

[Q]: For quality music, you follow your heart?
Cimer Amor: yes sir

[Q]: You've done some amazing dope collabo's. Sabac being one of the latest which I think was extremely tight. What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future?
Cimer Amor: Well, I am finishing up and album with side effect at the present moment, and starting to work on a poynt blanc album which is CAEN Project, Rellik, and fellow producer Maddwon. I have to finish up projects with my peoples graff master enem the great, and daniela romeo...each project shows a different side of me.

[Q]: Wow, a lot of things going on - isnot it hard to do so many projects at the same time?
Cimer Amor: Each project is a different aproach... a slightly different sound....allows me to keep coming up with different sounds and stay fresh. although there is an order of priorities to keep me in check. For example, finish up this side effect album is my next priority, but sometimes the beats I come up with really don't fit him but are still as dope I use it for the next project.
[Q]: Ahhh ok, working effectively

[Q]: What is a typical day like for you so close to the release date? Hectic?
Cimer Amor: Yea, pushing to get videos made and making sure your on the internet to promote yourself in the fb twitter worlds. can get hetic...but its what keeps me going... So its welcomed... So I get up around 2pm make a beat, till I have to go to work...i work nite work, so I work in a warehouse, useing my droid whenever possible to keep my self visiable, come home in the morning check my email respond to the people I need to respond to. and start the cycle over again. if i'm able to lose that nite job, it will make things alot easier.

[Q]: same ol, same ol' - like every other person - hassle of life.
Cimer Amor: yes sir.

[Q]: hehe, closing up, last question: any final words?
Cimer Amor: yea look out for my album TAKING NOWHERE SOMEWHERE available on june 29th, on itunes and other digital stores. and give a shout to my cousin locked up doing 30 yrs fed time. FREE EXTRA!

[Q]: ouch!!
[Q]: shout out to your cousin!
[Q]: thanks for the interview, I appreciate it taking the time, hopefully I didnot take too much off your time
Cimer Amor: mos definatly. no problems at all

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