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Summer time seems to be filled with millions of tours be it the Warped Tour in it'€™s sixteenth year of existence or the Bamboozle Roadshow to the Scream it Like You Mean it Tour to the one that is about to kick off on July 2nd with Scream the Prayer. Headlining it is Maylene and the Sons of Disaster along with For Friday and they'€™re bringing several bands along for the ride.

I'€™ll be giving you interviews with several of the bands on the tour in these next few days from A Plea for Purging, I the Breather, In The Midst of Lions, For Today and more but today I'€™m bringing you ours with Blessed By A Broken Heart. The band was actually on the first ever Scream the Prayer tour and these Montrealers seem to be incredibly excited to be hitting the tour again as I'm sure US fans are as well!

If you could tour with any three dream bands, who do you think they would be?
Definitely Journey, Stryper and Iron Maiden, this would be the most epic tour the world has ever seen!!

How did your band first come together?
Hmm, I have had lots of "sort of bands" but which one qualifies as the first? I guess when I was 16, me and a few dudes from church got together and started learning a bunch of punk songs. We never got to play any shows, but we sure tore up my moms living room. Haha!

How do you normally go about the songwriting process? Is it one person, more of a collective effort?
It usually just comes to us. No effort whatsoever. Nah, its a collective effort for sure. A lot of times we will even write each others parts.Slater writes vocals sometimes, and sometimes I will write drums. Tyler and Sean do a bunch too, and Sean also makes sandwiches for the band..

You'€™re about to start the Scream The Prayer tour. What are you most looking forward to from this experience?
Well we were on the very first STP tour. I can tell you that it was super uplifting and very chill. Looking forward to every aspect of it.

Are there any bands that you'€™re particulary excited to catch/meet on this tour?
I haven't really listened to a whole lot of the bands we are touring with, but I'm for sure pumped to rock the stage with them.

What would you say is your favorite part of the touring experience?
The best part about touring is seeing the faces on the fans when we pull up in our outrageous bus.I'm not going to go into detail, you just need to see it for yourself...haha!

What maybe is the craziest thing you have seen or experienced while on the road?
There is a bridge somewhere in Louisiana that is like 20 miles long with no exits or rest stops. About half way through, Tyler says "Pull over, I have to use the restroom." He expressed that there is NO WAY he can wait, "PULL OVER NOW" So we stopped, and with cars zooming by, he hung his butt over the edge and let out a roar. I look down only to see a couple of boats passing directly under. I don't have to go into detail, I'm sure you have a vivid imagination. After ruining a couple band shirts, we were back on the road.

What can fans look forward to when coming out to one of your live sets?
I'm not going to spoil it, but we have a pretty wild show. Over the top light show, gnarly ninja moves, sweet jams.You don't want to miss it, if you aren't stoked that you watched us, I will personally let you punch me in the face...

What can fans look forward to from your band the next few months? More tours, new music?
After the US tour we will be locking ourselves in the studio to finish up our next record. We are super pumped for everyone to hear the new stuff.

For updates keep checking back on our website.. www.blessed.mu

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