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They may not be on the top of your radars yet, but with all the hype behind this next band We Came As Romans and their amazing live show, they are sure to be soon. With good messages of brotherhood and love for everyone behind their music, one would be surprised to see their live show if it'€™s your first time around with them. Once the band hit'€™s the stage, anyone'€™s preconceptions about a band that talks about brotherhood and love go right out the window. They bring it harder then most bands I'€™ve seen in this industry so far yet still keep it positive like most bands trip up on.

We Came As Romans have been working hard, self booking and promoting shows and even have earned their keep social media wise. The band released their EP Dreams for free and had it available on their myspace to pure volume. Most believe that from the moment that the band took that route instead, that'€™s when they really did blow up and people continue to believe in them. Known as one of the hardest working bands in the scene, they put out their debut '€œTo Plant a Seed'€ just last November and since then to much acclaim, the band has constantly been on the road touring in promotion of the record. Since we talked during the Emptiness tour, they have kept their promise to be constantly on the road and in continuation of their hard work ethic have toured all over the country headlining tours and even heading across the border to Canada. Currently they can be found on the Asking Alexandria '€œWelcome To The Circus'€ tour and are sure to not disappear for the rest of this year!

We Came As Romans Interview

(Q): This is kind of a silly question but since it'€™s Valentine'€™s Day today, if you were a conversation heart, what would it say?

Andy: Um, don'€™t eat me because I taste like garbage. Those are the worst candies in the whole world. Yeah, that'€™s what I would say.
Joshua: You'€™re the kind of candy that sweetens my day. That would be mine but it would be directed towards Louie.
Lou: I'€™d go with '€œF*** me'€.
Kyle: Wow.

(Q): And then if you weren'€™t in this band, what do you think you would be doing?

Andy: Nothing.
Just sitting at home every day?
Andy: Yeah, I can'€™t really imagine myself not being in this band. . I don'€™t want to think about that.
Lou: Probably the same as you. I'€™d be working a job, going to school probably.
Kyle: Trying to do the exact same thing. Going to school, trying to work. Not having as much fun though.
Joshua: I'€™d probably be trying to make it in a different band if I wasn'€™t in this band.

(Q): And I know you guys started off doing a lot of your own self promoting and booking a bunch of your own shows. How do you think that'€™s affected your work ethic today?

Andy: That'€™s definitely like got us to where we are today. Now it'€™s easier for us to do things because we treat it the same. We work just as hard as we ever have, so it'€™s just better that way.
Kyle: There was a bunch of key stuff that we did when we released our '€˜Dreams'€™ ep for free online that really gave us some buzz. Stuff like that really helped us out during the course of everything.

(Q): That'€™s what I was going to ask, I know you did release that EP for free. It was on pure volume I believe. How do you think the internet has affected you guys as a band like has it obviously helped spread the word?

Andy: Releasing that EP for free was like the best thing we ever did. Just from it being online, we have so much recognition from it and then from it being on Purevolume, kids would download it and then it would be on torrent sites. It just spread so far, there were just under 90,000 total downloads so it came out to like 23 and '½ copies of the EP were actually downloaded that month that it was up. It was ridiculous, it was easily like the best thing that we ever did and that of course is like probably the reason so many people downloaded it because they already knew about us on myspace.

(Q):I know you'€™re signed to Equal Vision which is one of my favorite labels so I hope you guys are enjoying it. How did that come about?

Andy: Our old manager, he had sent one of our old demos to our A&R Dan and Dan was like '€˜You know, it'€™s pretty good but if you'€™re going to take this seriously, you really need to get a professional recording'€™ and so right after that, we recorded our EP which when we sent it to them, they were like '€˜You know, we'€™re out of budget for the year. We can'€™t actually talk until the new year'€™. Then the first business day in January, Matt was on the phone with them yet again and then January, I think it was the sixteenth, Dan flew out to where we were at on tour and came and saw us. Then, a week later sent us the contract.

(Q): Who would you say are some of your bigger musical influences, maybe personally or on your sound in general?

Kyle: I don'€™t know. First and least, every single person in this band has different influences. I have my own influences, it'€™s crazy. Nu-metal, dubstep. Josh loves like August Burns Red all really different varieties of music.

(Q): '€˜To Plant A Seed'€™ which I believe is your debut full length just came out like three months ago. How do you think it'€™s been doing so far I mean maybe tour wise and kids coming out?

Andy: It'€™s been really good. I mean since it came out, things just got way better. More and more kids at every show, better tours, better just everything. It'€™s a different world having a CD out, it'€™s a completely different thing!

(Q):If you were to collaborate, I know it'€™s early, only the second day but maybe just from listening to them in the past, if there was another artist on this tour you would want to collaborate with, who it would be and what would the song be about?

Lou: I'€™d probably pick The Word Alive. We did a headliner with them in the summer and since then, we'€™ve all just been like waiting to tour together again and every member of their band can get a long with every member of our band. I guess the song would probably just be about-
Kyle: Broing down! Our band normally writes about like brotherhood and hanging out.
Andy: In the hood. Not really, but you could put that.

(Q):What would you say is your favorite part of touring?

Kyle: I'€™d say my favorite part of touring so far is all these awesome fans coming out. Right off the bat, we opened a tour where these kids are just ready to have a blast. It kind of helps us out too because when I see the kids having fun, it gets me going too. So, I'€™d have to say the fans. Just seeing all of them.
All: Agreed.

(Q): If you were to go on tour with three other bands, who would they be?

Andy: I'€™d have to go with Ke$ha.
Lou: I hate you. That was mine.
Josh: I'€™d pick August Burns Red. Definitely.
Kyle: I'€™d have to say Blink 182 because that would just be huge.
Lou: That is a nice pick. Granted if they weren'€™t on a hiatus, they probably would be down.
That'€™s a pretty crazy tour though. August Burns Red, Ke$ha, Blink 182. That clearly would work.
Kyle: Best tour in the world!

(Q): If you wanted fans to take something, a message or an idea, something that makes them remember you guys, what would it be after seeing you play?

Joshua: Probably just like our whole band and all our songs, all the members of the band is the message that we'€™re all about. It'€™s like the reason that we'€™re on stage, writing music is the whole message behind our band. Basically, it'€™s just all about loving others and being compassionate, respecting people. I guess you could say like generically life but it'€™s really just about finding comfort in your friends and stuff.
Andy : Just to love one another basically. We try to spread that positive message.

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