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On November 13th Cataracs released their album "Lingerie". This 'musical revolution' has people wondering where they've been all their life. MusicRemedy had the opportunity to talk with Cataracs about the album, Christmas, American Dream, etc...

Jermy Leeuwis (MusicRemedy) asks a question [Q 1]: For people who may not have heard some music from you yet... what can someone who's never heard ofyou expect from your music?

Cataracs answers [A 1]: A musical revolution.

[Q 2]: Your upcoming album is your first Cataracs album release. Tell us about it...

[A 2]: It's going to be a musical revolution. Something that everyone can get into.

Cataracs Interview - continued
[Q 3]: Which song on the album took the longest to complete? Why?

[A 3]: We've recorded a bunch of records that are not our "official" album yet. All the things we've recorded have been for fun. We've just recently really started to sit down and really conceptualize. Lingerie, our last EP we dropped about three months ago really makes sense from record to record as you listen to it.

[Q 4]: In what way has your personal live affected your music? And what about the other way around?

[A 4]: My personal life is my music! We create music that comes from our soul.

[Q 5]: If someone didnot enjoy/like Chromeo and Shwayze, would they still have to listen to Cataracs when keeping in mind your equation [Chromeo + Shwayze = The Cataracs]?

[A 5]: Of course not. We are The Cataracs! Plain and simple. Someone actually just wrote that, Chromeo + Shwayze = The Cataracs

[Q 6]: Which Christmas songs do you like to play at Christmas?

[A 6]: 100 miles and running by NWA and Christmas remakes by Barry Manilow

[Q 7]: To what extent can artists combine their personality into their music?

[A 7]: To every extent! A musician is an instrument.

[Q 8]: Please explain your nicknames, Campa and Cyrano.

[A 8]: Cyrano is a famous guy from a long time ago. Campa came from when i used to wear backpack everywhere I went, a friend would call me "Campa!"

[Q 9]: Any instruments you would like to learn to play on?

[A 9]: The piano and the guitar.

[Q 10]: Do you think success and credibility are mutually exclusive?

[A 10]: Not really. If your majorly successful, even if you had to do something horrible and wack, you still get credit in our book.

[Q 11]: What artists are you listening to at the moment?

[A 11]: T.I.

[Q 12]: Are you living the American dream? Is it anything you hoped for?

[A 12]: No and no. I don't even know what the American dream is anymore. Well actually I love The American Dreams album :)

[Q 13]: How does the weak US economy affect your daily life? How many houses are for your sale in your street?

[A 13]: It just brings everyone a little down ya know? I have like 2-3 houses on my street being foreclosed.

[Q 14]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A 14]: Wake up. Make music. Eat. Make music. Smoke marijuana. Go to Sleep.

[Q 15]: Final words?

[A 15]: Thank you for the questions! and check us out at www.mysapce.com/thecataracs

Cataracs biography
Chromeo + Shwayze = The Cataracs. Your Guilty Pleasure. We could describe the sound of The Cataracs using the familiar terms: '€œcutting edge'€ '€œuniversal,'€ '€œbeyond category.'€ And we wouldn'€™t be lying. But save those cliches for a group who needs them. The Cataracs music and buzz speaks for itself.

The Cataracs are David Singer-Vine, 20 aka '€œCampa,'€ and Niles Hollowell-Dhar, 19, '€œCyrano'€. Both members share vocalist duties with Cyrano acting as the sole producer. The pair have developed a electro-pop sound that combines the dance floor sensibilities of electronic music with pop melodies, a risque edge, and east bay swagger. These divergent sounds are effectively cohesive when brought together by The Cataracs'€™ energy, sense of humor, and undeniably entertaining chemistry.

Myspace exclusively made The Cataracs featured artist last month out of pure love for their booty jiggling jams. Last month also debuted the video to '€œBaby, Baby'€, directed by acclaimed director Taj, best known for Rihanna'€™s '€œPlease Don'€™t Stop the Music'€. This month has been even busier with cover stories in The SF Chronicle, The Oakland Tribune, and The Contra Costa Times, as well as a feature in the SF Weekly. The Cataracs video, '€œMurder She Wrote" has recently debuted on VH1'€™s '€œThe V-Spot'€. Their latest video "Julia" is to debut on MTVU, which was directed by 20 year-old Colin Tiley, a protégé of music video director Taj who has shot videos for Rihanna, NAS and LL Cool J.

Cataracs pres quotes
"What happened to make these kids go crazy? The Cataracs. They're two electo-pop-stars-to-be who were thrilled to be billed as Berkley's 'home-town heroes'." - San Francisco Chronicle (Date Book Cover)

"The Cataracs joyous mix of '80's dance pop and modern hip-hop has made it a hit with clubgoers and has garnered the attention of major labels. Some speculate that a record deal could be right around the corner."- Oakland Tribune (Preview Cover Story)

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