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Give yourself to Satan, porn, guns, and drugs'€¦ Most rappers rhyme about jewelry and cars. Necro rhymes about devil worshipping, narcotics, kidnapping women, and killing people in torturous ways. A white rapper from Brooklyn, New York, Necro hustled, robbed, and dealt drugs in order to survive. Some skeptics think of white people in hip-hop as peaceful kids from the suburbs. They will learn a hard lesson when Necro uses the end of his shotgun to beat in head until it is a bloody pulp. Though his imaginative depravity may be exaggerated on wax, he will fuck you up. Hey, he is a good guy to have on your side since he will fuck up anyone who is fucking with you.

With the knowledge that he could not depend on anyone, Necro started his own label, Psycho+Logical Records. Filled with drug references and murder, The '€œI Need Drugs'€ LP was sickly twisted, but incredibly entertaining debut LP. On the title track, Necro rhymed from a junkie'€™s point of view over the beat for L.L. Cool J'€™s '€œI Need Love'€. Unlike other hip-hop LPs with a different producer on each track, the albums released on Necro'€™s label were entirely self-produced. On his darker, sophomore album '€œGory Days'€, Necro lyrically dove headfirst into an endless pit of iniquity. Since every hard-hitting beat the LP was sinister, original, and cinematic, his signature sound began to form as he earned respect in the production field. He began to produce for Non-Phixion and others. As a business man, Necro expanded into exploitation film and porn. He released DVD for his albums, movies, and porno flicks. The '€œBrutality'€ compilation featured the legendary, '€œWhite Slavery'€ track. The video (included on his porn '€œSexy Sluts: Been There, Done That'€ DVD) was an S&M feast featuring women used as coffee tables. Hardcore bondage and clit flicking were only the 2 of the video'€™s multiple dark themes and references. His crew is also nothing to fuck with. Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, Goretex, and Sabac Red all released their solo albums on Necro'€™s label. While all of the LPs were aggressively violent, each album (by his crew) displayed the artist'€™s personality as Necro'€™s sound continued to evolve.

'€œThe Pre-Fix For Death'€ LP was mainly a hip-hop album with a heavy metal backbone. The album featured collaborations with heavy metal groups (Slipknot, Hatebreed, Obituary, Voivod, Nuclear Assault, and Skarhead). More than a rapper and a producer, Necro played many musical instruments on the album.

Necro is a white emcee who rhymes about murder through the eyes a serial killer. Throughout his unique and treacherous evolution, Necro was unfairly compared to Eminem. A talented emcee with a dark side, Eminem rhymes about killing his wife and dumping her over a pier. On the other hand, Necro has albums and albums that push homicidal psychosis over the limit.

For an emcee named Necro, he is a prolific human who lives his life to the fullest. His energetic ambition keeps him alive. His success keeps him from sneaking in your bedroom, stabbing you with a rusty screwdriver, raping your mom, and taking all her money. Necro is regarded as the innovator of death-rap. His music will take you down an evil path from where you will never return. His forthcoming release mixes death with sex. Since the golden era, Kool G. Rap, Too Short, 2 Live Crew, and many others wrote hardcore sex rhymes. '€œThe Sexorist'€ is Necro'€™s porn-rap masterpiece. In his music, you will hear things that will haunt your thoughts until the day you die. He has had experiences many people will never be able to comprehend. Earning respect in both hip-hop and metal, Necro continues to grow while remaining true to himself. He is not playing a role or conforming to the bullshit of mainstream music. Basically, Necro is obsessed with all aspects of sex and death. Sex creates life. Death ends life. Necro is taking advantage of his precious time as he walks the thin line between sex and death. Sex and death are common links connecting every living organism. How can we truly live without being fascinated by death and sex? Necro wants you to die! Be careful. If he kills you, prey he does not sell you to someone who will have sex with your corpse.

T.JONES: '€œWhat goes on?'€
NECRO: '€œI'm chilling, handling biz as usual. Living the life.'€

T.JONES: '€œYou're new solo album came out a little while back, 'The Pre-Fix For Death'. Tell us about it.'€
NECRO: '€œ'€˜The Prefix Of Death'€™ was the most rugged album last year. From the first beat that hit the album to the lyrics, it was the most severe brutality for the sicko cats who want more than what Hot 97 has to offer. For heads who look deeper into the bins and search the graves for jewels.'€

T.JONES: '€œThere is a substantial amount of live instrumentation on '€˜The Pre-Fix For Death'€™. How did this happen? How different was it than doing straight up hip-hop?'€
NECRO: '€œIt was planned. The Ill Bill album wasn'€™t. That kind of just happened. I have been playing guitar since 12. So, doing that was just a matter of time. Now, I can do anything when I do hip-hop. I play live bass, guitar, fender Rhodes, et cetera.'€

T.JONES: '€œThe album'€™s of live instrumentation has a heavy metal sound. How did these collaborations happen? How was the recording or production process different than straight hip-hop?'€
NECRO: '€œIt was a little different because metal is so unpredictable. Now, I had to fit a dope metal riff in a 4/4 sequence. I experimented. I'€™m into experimentation and trying new scenarios. I always come up with something ill. If you listen to my verses, I change the flow on every line. No line ever repeats in a Necro verse, like some rappers. I don'€™t write in a format. My format, if there is one, is to be unpredictable. The words create the path and flow, as they are written.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhen recording a song, do you usually go into the studio with pre-written lyrics or themes, or do you hear the beat first and then, write to the beat?'€
NECRO: '€œIt all changes on the day. I wrote mad shit in the studio and came up with great verses. Sometimes, I have to write in the crib. Sometimes, I'€™ll make a beat and start rhyming. There should never be just one format. That creates the same sound over and over. The most important thing I do is '€˜do'€™.'€

T.JONES: "How hard do you work on a verse? Does the verse go through many changes before you decide on the final version?"
NECRO: "It all depends on the verse, but usually it'€™s nailed down fast."

T.JONES: '€œWhen did you start producing hip-hop? How has your production style evolved?'€
NECRO: '€œI started in 1989. I started looping up records. Goretex and Bill would find records in the projects. There was this area in the middle of the PJs, where people throw garbage out. Gore and Bill would find old records and bring them to the crib. We'€™d fuck with them. I was 3 years younger, amazed at the funk I was hearing, and the idea of it coming from old records. Being I played death metal on guitar, I was musically inclined. So, I didn'€™t sleep on it, like fuck that, that'€™s old records. I was like, '€˜Hmmmmm'€¦'€™ That shit sounded dusted. I wanted to hear more, and, boom! I started collecting records. Me and Goretex would battle with loop tapes. We didn'€™t even have a machine yet, but had crazy loops. I had '€˜One Love'€™ looped up 3 years or 4 years before Nas dropped it. I had a Q-tip track also looped up. We were ill like that. I'€™d go to people'€™s cribs and pay them to have them engineer my production.'€

T.JONES: '€œDo you have a favorite sampler or drum machine?'€
NECRO: '€œASR 10. I never used anything else except EPS. ASR 10 ever since. I once robbed a studio and had an MPC. It didn'€™t get me open.'€

T.JONES: '€œHow did you rob the studio? Did you bum-rush it with weapons or did you just sneak it out?'€
NECRO: '€œWe robbed it. Me and a few peeps went in. We made believe we were doing studio. We knew the night guy was a herb. When he was on break, we vic'd like 10 machines. This was when I was a thief. I have robbed people with guns before though, for the record. In that case, it was pure scheming. Young thugs in Brooklyn. All we did was scheme. Schemed for money to eat. Fuck a job!'€

T.JONES: '€œHow difficult was it to start Psycho+Logical Records?'€
NECRO: '€œIt was hard. It was work. Ain'€™t nothing easy. I started the label with my own money, from the ground up. Sold a beat for $1,000 and invested in it. Boom! Kept it moving, started making my fans hustle for me. I had over 100 kids hustling CDs for me all over the world on some drug shit. A hustler put me on to the game, some cat from the south. He said, '€˜Yo, this how you gotta rock it.'€™ I was already influenced by Master P. He was an idol at the time I started building my label, not lyrically or musically.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat is the difference between Uncle Howie Records and Psycho+Logical Records?'€
NECRO: '€œBusiness wise, I own Psycho+Logical. Bill owns Uncle Howie. My label has been in business for almost 5 plus years. Bill has been doing it maybe 1 and half years. We are 2 separate entities, even though Bill and Necro are brothers. We rock together. The labels are not together.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat drugs do you do now?'€
NECRO: '€œFood, sugar, knowledge, and sex. That'€™s pretty much it. Working on my goals daily is a drug. It gets me high as a motherfucker.'€

T.JONES: '€œThe very original video for '€˜White Slavery'€™ is about kidnapping women and selling them. Twisted and funny, the video has many scenes dealing with S&M. Are you truly into S&M?'€
NECRO: '€œDefinitely, some original shit, truly. It depends on the day and girl. I never claim to sit around and rock like that, all day everyday, but I be choking bitches, getting rough. I like women in leather. There is a line in that video, like others I have made. People tend to think that it is me in '€˜I Need Drugs'€™. That was about real heroin addicts. '€˜White Slavery'€™ was about the white slave trade. I was telling a true story.'€

T.JONES: '€œYou recently started a porno film company, Sexpert Video. You also made a porno film called '€˜Sexy Sluts'€™. Tell us about it.'€
NECRO: '€œYeah, I made a porno, but for some reason, I don'€™t care to talk about it, to be honest.'€

T.JONES: '€œHow is the porno business different from the hip-hop business?'€
NECRO: '€œIn my mind, different. I got juice in hip-hop. I had nothing in porn. That'€™s why I stopped. When it comes to porn rap, I'€™m the king right now. No one fucks with me. Nobody is dropping anything sexual this year. So, in the realm of porn rap, I rule. In the world of porn DVDs, I don'€™t. I'€™m nothing. I get in where I fit in. Jordan can'€™t rap, so he stays making DVDs. I'€™m the mouth piece for sex. They provide the visuals.'€

T.JONES: '€œYou seem to be a big fan of Horror films. What are favorite horror films?'€
NECRO: '€œI'€™m not really a fan of horror movies. I'€™m a fan of all cinema. A lot of horror sucks, as well as a lot of other movies. I'€™m into exploitation of any kind, as long as it doesn'€™t cross the line. As for favorite horror movies, I've watched thousands. I don'€™t have favorites. Everyone knows I love '€˜Blood Sucking Freaks'€™.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat are some of your favorite exploitation films?'€
NECRO: '€œEverything is exploitation, in my opinion. The Michael Jackson Special, that had him talking about Balloon fights and climbing trees. That faggot, Michael is into playing with kids. He climbs trees, takes balloons, fills them with water, and has fights with his little friends instead of going on dates with women. That was exploitation. It is hard to say what is and what isn'€™t. I don'€™t deal in genres when it comes to art. Everyone else does. On '€˜Street Villains Volume 2'€™, I have a track called '€˜Billy Jean 2005'€™. It is me and Mr. Hyde rapping over the original beat to '€˜Billy Jean'€™. We destroy Michael. Super foul track.'€

T.JONES: '€œYou made some of your own films too. Would you rather be a director?'€
NECRO: '€œI want to do it all. As we speak today, I don'€™t want to be a filmmaker. It'€™s too much work. I'€™d rather blow up as a rap artist first. Tackle one thing at a time. In the future, who knows? Directing is grueling.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat about the films you made?'€
NECRO: '€œI'd prefer not to talk about them. Sorry. I don'€™t like talking about films. I feel I stepped into that world. I'€™m beyond advertising, at this point. I mean my main goal is Necro, as a rap artist, and Psycho+Logical Records, as a label. If anything, the person reading this will be like, '€˜Why doesn'€™t he want to talk about his movies?'€™ I don'€™t give a fuck! I got my eyes on a bigger prize.'€

T.JONES: "Movie word association. I'€™m going to say a title of a film and you say the first word that enters your mind.'€
NECRO: '€œOkay.'€

T.JONES: "Dawn Of The Dead (original).'€
NECRO: '€œDope.'€

T.JONES: "Dawn Of The Dead (remake).'€
NECRO: '€œHaven'€™t seen it.'€

T.JONES: "Death Wish.'€
NECRO: '€œClassic.'€

T.JONES: "The Godfather.'€
NECRO: '€œMonumental.'€

T.JONES: "Superfly."
NECRO: '€œLittle Child Running Wild.'€

T.JONES: "The Mack.'€
NECRO: '€œFunny.'€

T.JONES: "Star Wars: Episode III Revenge Of The Sith."
NECRO: '€œDisappointing.'€

T.JONES: "Day Of The Dead.'€
NECRO: '€œCool.'€

T.JONES: "Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock)."
NECRO: '€œNext level.'€

T.JONES: "I Spit On Your Grave.'€
NECRO: '€œOk.'€

T.JONES: "Brain Dead (a.k.a. Dead Alive)."
NECRO: '€œDusted.'€

T.JONES: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)."
NECRO: '€œBile.'€

T.JONES: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)."
NECRO: '€œHaven'€™t seen it.'€

T.JONES: "Suspiria."
NECRO: '€œGoblin.'€

T.JONES: "Night Of The Living Dead."
NECRO: '€œCool.'€

T.JONES: "Last House Of The Left.'€
NECRO: '€œCool.'€

T.JONES: "Blood Sucking Freaks.'€
NECRO: '€œThe illest ever.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat is your favorite part of your live show?'€
NECRO '€œThe energy the crowd gives me. Mad love at a Necro show. I feel the energy. That'€™s probably the best, that the kids are into it and very happy to see me. It shows the work pays off and that there are humans who love my shit, as opposed to the haters. It'€™s like stepping out of hell into heaven, like Malcolm X, stepping up to the podium.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat are some of your favorite songs from your catalogue?'€
NECRO: '€œSo many, too many to name. '€˜Pre-fix For Death'€™ has crazy word play.'€

T.JONES: '€œIs Uncle Howie still using heroin?'€
NECRO: '€œI hope not. I don'€™t baby sit him, so I should hope he isn'€™t, but who knows? He is supposed to be clean.'€

T.JONES: '€œDo you ever get criticized for the themes of violence, devil worshiping, or drugs in your music?'€
NECRO: '€œWell, I don'€™t worship the devil. If anything, the devil worships me! I don'€™t deal with that. As for violence, I guess people say that I rap about it too much, but hey, so does TV!'€

T.JONES: '€œHow do you feel about the Eminem comparisons?'€
NECRO: '€œA lot of people say I'€™m better than him. My fans think so. I don'€™t mind comparisons. I respect him. He is one rapper, not the rapper. It'€™s a whole white thing.'€

T.JONES: '€œKool G Rap is another one of your influences. What was it about Kool G. Rap? Who are some of your other influences?'€
NECRO: '€œYeah, I am. So is prodigy, Nas, et cetera. The whole game took a bit from G Rap, Kane, Rakim, and Krs-One. So, I come from that. If I had 4 lyrical fathers, it would be them, as far as hip-hop.'€

T.JONES: '€œWho are some of your heavy metal influences?'€
NECRO: '€œTom Araya, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, and tons of death metal cats. I have an edge on Nas, let'€™s say, because I can rap about street shit. I grew up in the projects just like him, but I also listened to metal. Metal offers a whole different angle, someone might not peep. Some might think its fantasy, but it'€™s just grim reality.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat hurdles did you face being white in hip-hop?'€
NECRO: '€œPeople know white people in the rap world get no respect. All I know is, when people talk to my grill, they are either very respectful or they get punched in the face, no matter who they are or what race. So, I need to focus, look past the hate, and I will win. I'€™m not looking for handouts. I'€™m a straight hustler, more real than most these other cats on the hustle tip. I just got a few more obstacles to overcome.'€

T.JONES: '€œIf you could remake any hip-hop song, which song would you choose?'€
NECRO: '€œ'€˜Baby'€™s Got Back'€™. I was going to make a death metal version of it, but I haven'€™t yet. I might, I might not.'€

T.JONES: '€œWho would you like to work with in the future?'€
NECRO: '€œI wouldn'€™t mind working with Ozzy, James Hetfield, and a lot of old school people. Bob James, Steve Gadd, Lenny White, Billy Cobham, Stanly Clarke. 70's dudes, work on tracks with them. That excites me more than working any rapper in the game. Ill musicians. As far as lyrics, I got it. Me and my crew will suffice.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhere were you during September 11th? How did you deal with it?'€
NECRO: '€œI was in the crib, getting ready to work, probably emailing a distributor or some shit. That shit fucked me up. I called up mom dukes to make sure she was alright because she worked in Manhattan at the time. I shed a tear, once I saw how foul it was.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat do you think the U.S. involvement in the Middle East?'€
NECRO: '€œIt'€™s shady. Bush is making loot with sheiks. Those dudes are trife. Sheiks own 7% of the us. Dudes are trife. They are real gangsters. We are all mini. They are the official criminals.'€

T.JONES: '€œWord association time. I'€™m going to say a name of a group or person, and you say the first word that pops in your head. So, if I say, '€˜Chuck D'€™, you may say, '€˜Revolution'€™. If I say, '€˜Flava Flav'€™, you may say, '€˜Clock'€™, '€˜Crack'€™, or '€˜The Surreal Life'€™. Okay?'€
NECRO: '€œCool.'€

T.JONES: '€œDead Prez.'€
NECRO: '€œRacist.'€

T.JONES: '€œWu-Tang Clan.'€
NECRO: '€œLegends.'€

T.JONES: '€œDel The Funky Homosapian.'€
NECRO: '€œGoon.'€

T.JONES: '€œSlug, from Atmosphere.'€
NECRO: '€œEmo.'€

T.JONES: '€œEminem.'€
NECRO: '€œMichael Jackson.'€

T.JONES: '€œCurtis Mayfield.'€
NECRO: '€œGod.'€

T.JONES: '€œSmokey Robinson.'€
NECRO: '€œSmooth.'€

T.JONES: '€œGorillaz.'€
NECRO: '€œJungle.'€

T.JONES: '€œThe Cure.'€
NECRO: '€œGay.'€

T.JONES: '€œBlack Sabbath.'€
NECRO: '€œOriginators.'€

T.JONES: '€œDanzig.'€
NECRO: '€œCorny.'€

T.JONES: '€œGeorge Bush.'€
NECRO: '€œSmart.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat is there a difference between Necro and Ron?'€
NECRO: '€œMaybe, only a women can find that out. To a guy, I'€™m Necro, always. Girls can see Ron, but Ron is still very abusive, verbally.'€

T.JONES: '€œHow is the business of independent hip-hop? Any advice for someone who is starting out in the business?'€
NECRO: '€œI got no advice for starters. Go get a book. Struggle for 3 years, then holla. That'€™s prerequisite. Break your back for 3 years. The business of indie hip-hop is 90% business and 10% music, maybe just 5%. So, business is business. Great news for you terrible rappers, you can be big even if you suck, because if you handle your business, you'€™ll do well.'€

T.JONES: '€œDo you still freestyle?'€
NECRO: '€œI think free styling is corny, pointless. The idea of free styling is novelty. I kicked written verses on radio. Kicking a freestyle doesn'€™t always mean off the top. There are 2 meanings. Off the top and a verse that is not on an album. I free styled last night on the radio and that could mean I dropped verses on someone else'€™s beat live. So, off the top, I rarely do or ever did. Off the top, to me, is cheesy, unless you'€™re bugging out. Don'€™t get wrong. For fun, it'€™s fun, hanging with peeps, but the off the top battles and all that shit, is overdosage.'€

T.JONES: '€œDo you use Protools? Some say it has changed hip-hop. Do you agree? How do you feel about technology?'€
NECRO: '€œI use Protools and shit like that. My engineer knows all that. What has changed? All that Protools are dope. It'€™s just technology. What you do with it, is what matters. In the end, it can't change much. If you suck, you suck. If you'€™re hot, you'€™re hot.'€

T.JONES: '€œBesides metal, you do not usually have collaborations outside your crew. Is there a reason behind this?'€
NECRO: '€œCollabos are cheesy to me. As for collabos, the idea of the way people do it is corny. I'€™m not against it. I'€™m just not impressed with a lot musically. I'€™m into my own movement, me and my fans. I don'€™t look outward. I don'€™t look at the world and try to fit in.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat is hip-hop lacking these days?'€
NECRO: '€œIt'€™s lacking for one, Necro. Only the underground has me. The rest of the world doesn'€™t know. I offer some realness. That is lacking. I'€™m also extremely brutal. That'€™s needed. There is so much gayness. What is there to balance it? Necro is needed badly.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat have you been listening to for the past couple of days?
NECRO: '€œThe past couple of days, I have listened to the first track off '€˜The Sexorcist'€™. It'€™s a banger, so I got it on repeat, and then I go to sleep. I'€™m too busy grinding to listen to music. When my girlfriend comes over, she puts on tons of shit. She had Gwen on, Slayer, Ciera Down, all this shit. She is a goon, so I hear it while she strips for me.'€

T.JONES: '€œHow do you think you have evolved as an artist?'€
NECRO: '€œI'€™m getting better, lyrically. I can drop hot verses, one after the other. I feel I'€™m on a master level, like a black belt of rhyming, or whatever. Maybe that is why I haven'€™t blown up yet. Maybe the gods didn'€™t think I was ready. But now, I'€™m as nice as the best on earth, not to say, I'€™m the best, but I'€™m up there with anyone.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat was the biggest mistake you have made in your career?'€
NECRO: '€œTons, bad marketing. Trying to promote myself to a black audience was a big mistake. Since I put out my first CD, I made a lot of business mistakes musically. Artistically, I have done everything right. My fans love me more than ever.'€

T.JONES: '€œDo you have a favorite weapon?'€
NECRO: '€œGuns, I like a lot. Uzi. My 380, next to me now, is hot. My shottie, right next to me now, is hot too. I like Desert Eagles. They are one of my favorites. I need to cop a Calico and a Heckler. A Koch is something I need. Guns in general, I like a lot, more than knives. I used to like knives more, but now it'€™s guns.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhen was the last time you beat the crap out of someone or someone beat the crap out of you?'€
NECRO: '€œI haven'€™t gotten my ass kicked in years, since a teen. I'€™m too ill, too much of a man, so people don'€™t even fuck around. I look everyone in the eye. People don'€™t want it.'€

T.JONES: '€œPeople think you'll kill them? Maybe worse...not kill him, but make them suffer in some sick way.'€
NECRO: '€œI don'€™t know, but people get the vibe that I ain'€™t having it, like it ain'€™t worth it. Regardless what happens, they're going to feel it. Somehow, someway, you will feel it if you go at it with me.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat is the biggest misconception that people have of you?'€
NECRO: '€œThat I'€™m an animal, an evil, unapproachable person, or even worse, that I might not be real or that I'€™m lying when I say that I grew up in the PJ'€™s. Some magazine people might not believe that this white kid is gully. They tend to have fooled themselves into believing that they are gully. They gassed themselves, but reality is, they haven'€™t been through any drama and would be a pussy in my presence.'€

T.JONES: "What is The Kid Joe doing these days?"
NECRO: '€œKid Joe is corny. He has been fronting on the crew lately because he is a fat piece of shit wife. She found out she got abused on records, so she threatened to throw Joe out of her house. Joe, being a pea brain retard that he is, has become a shady scumbag. So Joe, at the moment, is fronting, controlled by a woman, similar to Captain Carnage. Maybe, it is an Italian thing. Who knows?'€

T.JONES: "Will you put out an album of all metal?"
NECRO: '€œYeah, in the future.'€

T.JONES: "You have produced for some other artists outside Psycho+Logical. Which production are you most proud of?"
NECRO: '€œI guess Cage Radiohead / Agent Orange because it has little assholes still asking, '€˜When are you and Cage gonna do something again?'€™'€

T.JONES: "What was the lowest thing you ever did for money?"
NECRO: '€œRob women's pocket books, dude's mothers.'€

T.JONES: "Are you for or against the death penalty?"
NECRO: '€œI don'€™t care.'€

T.JONES: "You used vocal samples of Charlie Manson on your album. What is it about Charlie that interests you?"
NECRO: '€œCharlie is a Douche bag, but he is so insane that I rock his jargon for humor and for my amusement. Overall, he is a dummy, but one of the most infamous sickos. At times, he makes a lot of sense, but that dude don'€™t influence me. I rock him to make a point that even the insane are smarter than the sane at times.'€

T.JONES: '€œMurderer word association.'€
T.JONES: "Ted Bundy.'€
NECRO: '€œGoretex.'€

T.JONES: "Albert De Salvo (The Boston Strangler)"
NECRO: '€œWhatever.'€

T.JONES: "John Wayne Gacy."
NECRO: '€œFat fuck.'€

T.JONES: "Edward Gein."
NECRO: '€œPiece of shit.'€

T.JONES: "Charles Manson."
NECRO: '€œRetarded genius.'€

T.JONES: "The Son Of Sam.'€
NECRO: '€œGoretex.'€

T.JONES: "Timothy McVey.'€
NECRO: '€œHerb.'€

T.JONES: "Jack The Ripper.'€
NECRO: '€œLegend.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat can fans expect from Necro and Psycho+Logical Records?'€
NECRO: '€œI drop '€˜The Sexorcist'€™ on August 2nd. It is the brand new Necro record aka '€˜The Sexorcist'€™. It is the foulest porn record ever. Definitely, the only ill porn shit to drop in years. I'€™m not taking nothing away from others who have done it like Luke, Kool G Rap, or Kool Keith, but '€˜The Sexorcist'€™ is that foul porn shit.'€

T.JONES: '€œHow is '€˜The Sexorcist'€™ different from your past albums?'€
NECRO: '€œTotally different. The beats are not like any other album. Totally different. More partyish, more sexy, more sexual. It'€™s banging but its fuck music with me spitting foulness on every track. Very dope shit. I also drop Circle Of Tyrants in September. Secret Society in October. We are talking about 4 new albums in 5 months. I'€™ll break it down. This month, June, you get '€˜Street Villains Volume 2'€™. It drops this week. It'€™s the hottest mix-tape on the streets. Nobody'€™s mix-tape is better. Verse for verse, we kill everyone. Next, '€˜The Sexorcist'€™ on August 2nd. It'€™s all sex. Then, Circle Of Tyrants in September. Circle Of Tyrants is Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex, and Mr. Hyde. It'€™s all violence. A whole record of senseless violence. If you want meaning, each line will be packed with jewels. But, for a herb, it will be senseless violence, verse after verse.'€

T.JONES: '€œAny final words?'€
NECRO: '€œYeah. Buy all my shit. Go to www.necrohiphop.com and spend money. Vic who you must and pay me, motherfucker! New albums dropping! '€˜The Sexorcist'€™, Circle Of Tyrants, and Secret Society. Don'€™t forget '€˜Street Villains Volume 2'€™. It is iller than everything. You don'€™t believe me? Go check the rep! DIE!!!'€

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