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T21 aka Trisomie 21 returns after many years with a new LP and line-up. Todd E Jones interview Martin Blorhorn, new member of T21

Trisomie 21 is back and with a new member named Martin Blorhorn. Trisomie 21, also known as T21, is a French cold-wave / new wave band that has explored music ranging from gothic to industrial to ambient to new age. Started in the 1980'€™s, T21 was mainly 2 brothers named Philippe Lomprez and Herve Lomprez. While Philippe did all of the singing, all of the music and most of the lyrics were written by Herve. For years, T21 has been an enigmatic group who rarely did interviews or live performances. Their album '€œMillion Lights'€ is a classic in many people'€™s minds. Their follow up album '€œWorks'€ was a much more commercial success with songs like '€œAnother Move'€ and '€œThe Messenger'€. Each LP by Trisomie 21 displays a growth and maturity. All of their albums possess a deep passion and a magnificent atmosphere of romance. Their last LP '€œGohohako'€ (released in 1997) was rumored to be their final album. It was their final album'€¦ but their final album to be released on Play It Again Sam Records. For years, T21 was silent but due to their official website, some remixes for other artists and some compilation appearances, T21 was back in action. Martin Blohorn first began to work with Herve Lomprez on a side project called Process Of Composition. Their song '€œUnrequired Love'€ was a beautiful track that had the passion and atmospheric quality of other T21 songs. It appeared on the Fun Radio compilation "Ballade Nocturne Vol. 2" alongside respected artists like Massive Attack and Moby. Around 2001, T21 announced that a new album was coming out on a new label. Martin Blohorn was also announced as a new member of the group. I had a conversation with the man and he gave me some insight about the future of T21. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Martin Blohorn, the new member of Trisomie 21.

ONES: '€œHow are you?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œVery well. Thank you.'€

T.JONES: '€œHow did you meet the Lomprez brothers and how did you end up joining Trisomie 21?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œWe have a friend in common and that friend and I met at a party.'€

T.JONES: '€œTell us about Process Of Composition.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œProcess composition was a band only created for one project.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhere were you born?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œSouth of France.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhere do you live now?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œAlways at the same place.'€

T.JONES: '€œTell us about the new T21 album.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œThe new album will be more commercial than 'Gohohako'. We used more vintage sounds and more dance programming keyboards.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat was a typical day of recording like?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œEvery musician in T21 is used to working alone. Hervé and I meet together every week to continue the works.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat are you contributions to the new album?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œMy job is to program the computers and keyboards. I also give my opinions about the choice of sounds.'€

T.JONES: '€œHow much control did Herve have over the new T21 album? Total control? How much creative input did you have?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œHervé works like a artistic director. He also recorded and mixed all the songs. I don'€™t have any limits in T21, everybody gave his own opinion about the evolution of the song.'€

T.JONES: '€œYou will play keyboards in T21. At the beginnings (in the early 80'€™s), T21 used a lot of vintage keyboards. What do you think about the vintage fashion in the Electronic music (in general)?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œVintage is really more interesting than plug-ins. It'€™s really easier to create, to mix, and to finish the song.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat do you think about Vintage analogic emulation (like Korg MS2000, Clavia, Access, Waldorf)?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œThe sounds seems to be better but, in fact it'€™s not really true because all of this synths are very cold. That is the big difference with older keyboards.'€

T.JONES: '€œWill you use vintage keyboard on the next album?'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat is your favorite keyboard?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œRoland JD800.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat other instruments do you play on the new LP?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œS770, D50 Roland, T1, Z1 Korg, Yamaha CS1X, K2000 Kurzweil.'€œ

T.JONES: '€œSince Herve and Philippe Lomprez are brothers, were you ever caught in the middle of sibling rivalry?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œThe meeting with all members of T21 are only for photos and interviews but never in studio, so there are never any rivalries.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat CDs or LPs are you listening to these days?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œThe last album by Killing joke.'€

T.JONES: '€œFavorite TV show?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œI am not interested in TV.'€

T.JONES: '€œFavorite movies?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œThe Matrix.'€

T.JONES: '€œFavorite books?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œProgrammation of the MC68000 Motorola.'€

T.JONES: '€œHeight?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œ1m 80.'€

T.JONES: '€œWeight?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œ85kg.'€

T.JONES: '€œEye color?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œBrown.'€

T.JONES: '€œHair color?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œBrown.'€

T.JONES: '€œAge?'€

T.JONES: '€œZodiac sign?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œGemini.'€

T.JONES: '€œDo you have a favorite T21 album besides the new one?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œI never listen all the T21 albums.'€

T.JONES: '€œDo you have a favorite T21 song?'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat other bands or musical projects have you been involved with?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œI never had any other musical project.'€

T.JONES: '€œWord association time. I am going to say a name of a person or artist
and you say the first word that pops in your head. For example, if I said '€˜The Beatles'€™, you may say '€˜The White Album'€™ or '€˜John Lennon'€™. If I said, '€˜The Rolling Stones'€™, you may say '€˜Lips'€™ or '€˜Sympathy For the Devil'€™. Ok?'€

T.JONES: '€œStereolab.'€
T.JONES: '€œSerge Gainsbourg.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œAlcohol.'€
T.JONES: '€œAir (French Band).'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œHome studio.'€
T.JONES: '€œRolling Stones.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œConcert.'€
T.JONES: '€œThe Beatles.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œSubmarine.'€
T.JONES: '€œHerve Lomprez.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œWorks.'€
T.JONES: '€œPhilippe Lomprez.'€
T.JONES: '€œBruno Objoie.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œClothes.'€
T.JONES: '€œMassive Attack.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œClips.'€
T.JONES: '€œIndochine.'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œBob Morane.'€
T.JONES: '€œGeorge Bush.'€

T.JONES: '€œOn days when things are going very wrong and you are so stressed out, what do you do to calm yourself down?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œI drink a cup of tea.'€

T.JONES: '€œFavorite color?'€

T.JONES: '€œDrug of choice?'€

T.JONES: '€œFavorite food?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œCassoulet.'€™

T.JONES: '€œDo you believe in God?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œSometimes.'€

T.JONES: '€œAre you going on tour with T21?'€

T.JONES: '€œDid you have to learn their older T21 songs? What was that like?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œWe only work on the new album for the moment, so we don'€™t start any reflection about the songs we are going to play on tour.'€

T.JONES: '€œHave you had any formal musical training?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œNo, only my own experience.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat are some of your other interests besides music?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œComputers and electronics.'€

T.JONES: '€œHave you seen the T21 website? What did you think of it?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œYes, of course, I don'€™t have to make any comments on the T21 website it'€™s not my job.'€

T.JONES: '€œAre you married or romantically involved with somebody?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œI am involved with somebody.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat would you be doing if you weren'€™t in Trisomie 21?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œI enjoy playing music with or without T21. It'€™s my favorite activity.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat advice would you give to someone who wants to be a musician?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œIt'€™s very important to forgot the commercial side of music. It'€™s must be only a pleasure.'€

T.JONES: '€œWhat is in the future for Martin Blohorn?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œNobody knows.'€

T.JONES: '€œAny final comments for the people who are reading this?'€
MARTIN BLOHORN: '€œDownloaded music killed the musicians.'€

THANK YOU Martin Blohorn of TRISOMIE 21

Interview by Todd E. Jones

Official Trisomie 21 Site

"She Died For Love"

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