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Lurking just below the '€œartistic'€ world of one beat party anthems that rule our radio world, down below the ceiling of popularity is Atmosphere .

Exploding in such a manner too vivid to for words describe.

Meet Sean Daley aka Slug , lyricist for the underground hip hop formation known as Atmosphere. Equally as talented are Mr. Dibbs the turntablist, and producer Ant-(icon) who round out the trio. Rhyme Sayers entertainment, an independent record company is their home away from the road. Over the last few years as the following has built for this genre, all the major record companies have been courting this Minnesota based act. Always sticking true to their independent roots, they have shunned and stunned most with their thanks, but no thanks attitude toward signing with a conglomerate. With loud drunk women in the background and an impending show to perform, Sean took the time to talk a little about their refusal to sign. '€œIf I was just another guy putting out records on an indie label, I could probably still be frustrated with what'€™s going on. But I'€™m in a position to have a little more control over the direction I go. The next step is to take our label and make it the way that other labels don'€™t make it. So that cats are never frustrated with us, the way you could be frustrated with your major or your indie label.'€

Brother Ali, Micranots and Soul Position are just a few artists that Rhyme Sayers Entertainment have been snatching up, making sure there are still some artists out there touring for reasons of passion. '€œThat'€™s always been our goal, Not to just provide an outlet to put our own shit out, but to help other cats get their shit out, and let them realize what they want to do. Without giving them the stress other labels might give them'€. Interestingly enough the one listener who will least likely enjoy Atmosphere is your everyday commercial hip hop listener. I asked Sean if he thought plastic would be a good description for this type of fan. '€œI don'€™t know it'€™s a matter of taste, I wouldn'€™t say plastic, I'€™m not going to take anything away from what another rapper has to say, but its just more so depends on what mood you'€™re in. You get the same kid who likes Jay-Z and you feed him a bunch of mushrooms, and play my record for him, he might enjoy it. I have a better understanding of how and why people use their music. The majority of people use their music to feel better'€.

With the rise of a new record '€˜Sevens Travels'€™, Rhyme Sayers Entertainment has decided to split distribution with the punk flavored Epitaph Records. As we all know, with more fans usually comes a wave of betrayal felt by fans of old. Sean had some advice for those fans who might feel bitter about Atmosphere'€™s new found fan base. '€œI'€™d pretty much tell them to grow up, and don'€™t worry about it. If you found a cure to a disease would you only share it with your friends?'€ As the Bill Board 200 is filled to the brim with artist genre so vast and diverse you kind of wonder what these artists listen to themselves. Sean mentioned some of his latest favorites. '€œThere'€™s this band from out here (N.Y.) called T.V. on the Radio that I'€™m really into right now, and they kind of sound like Bjork meets Peter Gabriel. Mars Volta, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and Barry White'€œ.

With the loss of 2 Pac, Kurdt Cobain, and all those hippie rockers
from the drug decade known as the seventies, It'€™s never been more evident than now that music is missing a voice of realism. Settling for repetitive self empathetic love songs that belong to only one heart has become a full time habit. Wit and entertainment is perhaps the most notable reasoning for Atmospheres continued rise in the music industry. The backbone of this group has been the constant yearn to entertain their fans with normal everyday conscious thoughts and beats. But what'€™s the backbone and message of the music itself? '€œThe revolution has to start personally. You cant save the world or even your block until you save yourself. Cats need to quit separating themselves from each other when they'€™re all kind of on the same team. Everybody that'€™s got a foot on their neck right now should look around at all the other people with feet on their neck, and realize well were on the same fuckin' page. We need to realize we'€™re all a bunch of like minded motherfuckers trying to get the same shit. But how do you say that to a bunch of 16 year olds. You cant even tell a 16 year old to vote, Theyre too young to vote. (Gnarls in frustration)".

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