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Trisomie 21

T21 aka Trisomie 21 returns after many years with a new LP and line-up. Todd E Jones interview Martin Blorhorn, new member of T21 Trisomie 2...
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Wordsworth, the lyrical juggernaut, releases his debut solo album on Halftooth Records. Todd E Jones interviews the man from Lyricist's ...
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Changes.... just what the doctor ordered. Part of the wave of up and coming artists bulleting through the glamour of stage, and the taste of...
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DJ Krush

DJ KRUSH is interviewed by Todd E Jones. DJ Krush has been one of the most innovative and most respected DJs/producers coming out of Japan. ...
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Vast Aire

Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox) released his debut solo album "Look Mom No Hands". Todd E Jones interviews him! All true and original h...
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All forms of creation have a previous precedent. To say music is no exception to this rule is a massive understatement. To go one step fur...
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