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Newly signed to Babygrande Records in conjunction with Orchestral Entertainment, critically-acclaimed MC Jean Grae is getting ready to drop her first release for the label, The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP , on October 7th. We talked with Jean Grae about her new EP and her forthcoming album in this exclusive interview.

Acclaimed as one of Entertainment Weekly?s "Bands on the Brink? in May 2003, and hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as "the best-kept secret on New York?s indie hip-hop scene", Grae is arguably the most gifted and critically well-received female emcee in years. Gritty and raw yet intelligently artistic, Jean?s debut LP "Attack of the Attacking Things" garnered wide critical acclaim, immediately solidifying her place as not only an indie hip-hop icon, but as one of today?s most promising new artists.

With the first single "Hater?s Anthem," The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP also features Cannibal Ox, with whom Grae is touring this fall (see below for dates). Also included is a bonus track - a 45-minute megamix of some of Grae?s hottest freestyles, beats & rhymes. Look for Jean to be featured on an upcoming episode of MTV?s "Advance Warning." A full-length album will follow in 2004.


For people who may not have heard some music from you yet... what can someone who's never heard of you expect from your music?

Something totally different.

Are you pleased with the response you have received so far?

Yes, just to know that more people are listening. I don?t think everyone is completely "getting" it though. A lot of review I read people miss the entire points of songs, or misspell or misquote lyrics. It?s interesting to see since I think I am really clear about my diction and subject matter. That?s annoying at times.

Could you explain the album title "The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP"?

It?s the Bootleg of the actual Bootleg album that we are selling now. The shorter version. Thereby the EP.

How was it to work with Cannibal Ox? Will there be more other artists on your album?

It was quick. Everyone wrote quick. Whole session took about an hour. I was going to have features, I suppose I still wiil, we are holding off til the end. But you never know... Might not even be any knowing me.

Jean Grae

Who would you like to work that you haven't yet, whether it be Hip-Hop, Rock, or any other form of music?

Bach. I suppose that won?t happen.

How did you come to the conclusion to begin a career as a music artist?

I still haven?t. It would take a while to start a whole new career right now though. But honestly, I really haven?t decided what I want to be when I grow up yet.

What did you went through to get your music recognized?

It isn?t recognized yet. A whole lot of silly shit. Which would take entirely too long to discuss.

How do you separate yourselves from other artists?

Well, I don?t see myself as being separate from any artists.. I think I touch on a few topics that have remained untouched in hip hop... I?m not that special .

In the HipHop scene there never have been many female rappers. At the moment you have Heather B, Rah Digga, Lil Kim, etc... Could you give an explanation why man still dominate the HipHop scene?

Because more males rap than females. And you forgot Apani and a few others.

Who has been an example for you [artist, family, etc...]?

My family and just in general, good music. Whether it be soul, rock, rap...whatever. Good music is good music. I don?t make a distinction because of genre.

What are you planning to do in the [near] future?

Go to the gym.

What artists are you listening to at the minute?

Jay Z, Andre 3000.

What's the one music album you love that everyone else seems to hate?

Any Kittie album .

If you ran the industry you work in, you would...

Give myself money. After that I could pretty much work for whatever else I was planning to do. I wouldn?t be lazy with the wish. I?d rather work for change. Money really helps though.

What celebrity/person would you want downloaded onto your hard drive and stored for all time?

Oh my God, that?s horrible.

Do you have anything to say to the MusicRemedy.com?s visitors?

Hey guys. Do ya have the album? No? You should get it then. Especially you Jeff. Yeah, you. I can see you through the computer. Don?t be scared Jeff, it?s just a thing I do.. Now Jeff, go out and get that album.

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