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Necro is a HipHop lyricist, producer, movie director, and is CEO of the independently owned Psycho+Logical-Records. Necro is a hardcore rapper with a brutal lyrical style. His beats are grimy and he directs exploitational films. Necro has just released his second album called "Rare Demo's and Freestyles Volume 1". Last year he released his first album called "I Need Drugs" which blew up, mostly in the underground HipHop scene.

Necro was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in the Glenwood Housing Projects. During the 80's, you could catch Necro either fighting every day or playing some kind of sport. As a kid in the P.J.'s you wouldn't have caught Necro in the Youth Center socializing or dancing that fresh, he was too busy burning ants to death. He lived there for eight years with the roaches from about 6 years old to 14 years old and then he moved to Canarsie. In 1988, Necro started rhyming after being influenced by his older brother Ill Bill, who would constantly kick rhymes in the house. Fiending for props Necro realized he had something original to contribute to HipHop. He would rhyme in the lunchroom everyday until he was kicked out of South Shore High School for fighting.

You are a HipHop lyricist, producer, movie director, and a CEO of the independently owned Psycho+Logical-Records. Damn how do you do it ?

I sacrifice??a lot of young virgins. Hiphop is my life I do it everyday fully its my job my heart I live and die for it so I can do it all

You have been rhyming on radioshows since 1994 but it took a very long time to release your first LP "I Need Drugs". Were you too busy with other productions or were there other problems ?

I dropped a single in 97 and an EP in 98 but they just laced underground heads I was hoping to get signed for so long I did everything I gave my lawyer demos I did this and that and cats just fronted while I was day by day gaining more and more fans so I decided to make my own label and that's why it took so long I feel like I haven't dropped an album yet cuz I never had the money or time to sit down for 5 months and make an album uninterrupted im looking forward to doing that this year then yall cats will get laced with the illest shit ever it's a struggle but im doing it

On your LP 'I need drugs' are 3 freestyles. Many HipHop fans will think that you have put these freestyles on your LP just to fill space and so have a bigger tracklist. Is this true or do these freestyles add some kind of extra value to the LP ?

Whoever thinks that is a fucking asshole and should get smacked. I put the freestyles on there cuz they are dope and I don't care what other niggas do I thought it makes the album dope I might just put freestyles on ever lp I do just to show cats the live steeze I do what I want cuz I want to fuck the world.

On the LP "I need Drugs" you have a song same titled song I need drugs with the same beat from LL Cool J. What was the underlying thought why you did this ?

I heard the track and the concept popped in my head since I know about tracks I was able to lace the song with flavor lyrics some ill wiseass drug shit.

You just released the new LP called "Rare Demo's and Freestyles Volume 1". What was the reason to release such a type of LP ? Do you have so much material ?

There is a lot of shit cats have never heard and every day I got a request for old shit so since there are so many newjacks out now that don't know I was sick in 93 or 94 or 92 or 95 well this shows cats that from the start I was ill I never hopped on to what was cool I did what I wanted and my old shit blows away the majority of cats out in 2001 so it shows you I was on some next shit cuz nobody has done what I dropped in 93 and noone does what I do now im original.

Yo I read that you were influenced by Public enemy, Kool G rap, etcc? All of your examples were black but since you are white I was wondering if you maybe were influenced by a white rapper or another artist from another genre ?

G rap yes pubic enemy no I was influenced by mad white death metal groups mettalica megadeth slayer anthrax mad groups kid I could list them all day.

Have you ever had problems with black HipHop artists dissing you only because you are white?

No one disses me to my face and gets away with it kid but a lot of kids that are black have playerhated on me through my carrear but that's fine a lot of blacks think whites are gonna steal hiphop from them all I can say is I was repping HipHop way before Eminem blew up. Blew up way before a lot of this shit that goes on now.
I was doing HipHop religously way before fucking backpapers. Way before Mos Def came out I was rapping about killing people . I'm no fucking new jack. I never got on cuz yes a lot of blacks playahate as well as whites as a matter of fact. Whites are just as shady as the blacks. It is like every white kid wants to be the man fuck. That shit all of a sudden there is 200,000 white kids that rap like Necro, Cage and Non-Phixion. Cool we are blowing up first though we have paid dues. Fuck anyone that fronts I get respect, simple die slow.

In your interview on HipHopsite.com you said that you and MC Serch couldnot get a long very much and that that one of the reasons was why you arenot a member of Non Phixion. But why not make a group consisting out of you and Ill Bill ? Is there a possibility that you and Non-Phixion will join forces and make one hell of a dope LP ?

We will do stuff of course. No doubt , fuck Serch!

Non Phixion were signed to Matador Records but for some problem they left the label. Why havenot you signed Non Phixion to Psycho+Logical-Records ?

They want a major label, I'm not a major label. I cannot invest half a million into them. They are searching to blow up with a major label. Cool I will blow up independent. Either wat we are down and we will all blow up one way or another.

In an interview on HipHopsite.com you said: "But like I said, you don't really know, but with Landspeed Distribution, I have the freedom to do what I want." But isnot this deal exactly the same as with Fat Beats, because you still never know how many LP's have been sold ?

Yes you are right. Let me tell you since I have learned a lot. That was a like year ago now. I'm doing my own distribution. I still fuck with Landpeed but I am handling my new CD's by myself I'm pressing, selling, shipping and getting paid a lot quicker. Landspeed wasnot good at all. They rather fucked me coz they didnot do what they should have but it is all good. I learned now I do everything myself. That is right you fucks rapping producing directing pimping and distributing fuck it. That is what gotta get done but I'm gonna win nigga I cannot lose.

HipHop is getting more and more international and more commercial. Rappers like Jay-Z, Outkast and Eminem arenot just famous in the USA but also in Europe and other countries. What do you think about that former underground rappers are now commercial (they choose to earn dollars)?

I don't care about other niggas if they get loot. Dope I will get loot as well, you'll see. I willnot change shit I will stay the same but I will have a million fans. Niggas know my shit is gore. There are at least 1 million gore fans. There has got to be.

When I was on your website I read in your bio that you were very popular on the internet. Can you maybe explain why you have become so popular on the internet ?

I don't know I guess cuz the net is the bomb and if shit is good cats will find out. Maybe it is cuz I have been dope for years but cats never knew cuz they never had access to Necro cuz of zo many playahaters. But you cannot playahate a nigga on the net. The net is open to everybody. You see the internet is godly cuz it is faceless and electronic, it is dope. I talk to cats from Brazil to Africa, Norway, UK, Iceland, Brooklyn shit. Hpw the fuck am I not gonna blow up the net. It's a connection with everyone. I fill a niche for brutality that cats cannot get elsewhere. There arenot many that kick it evil and do it good from the heart. I'm uncensored, kid no major label, shit die.

Isnot it possible that you are so popular on internet because HipHop fans downloaded your music in mp3 and loved it ? If so didnot mp3 had a good impact on your sales and popularity ?

It probably did but I don't need it anymore, die Napster die mp3's. I don't need you no more. Thank you now die.

You just released a dope new LP but what can we except from you in the future ?

The World Chico the World!!!

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Additional comments:

Nothing has been changed to this interview. This is exactly what Necro told me.
I want to thank Necro for given me the opportunity to interview him :). Big shout out !

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